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                Selected Records from the Pension of 
                John Mort Pension Certificate 148,677

1863:  Army of the United States.  Certificate of Disability for Discharge.
John Mort, a private of Captain Maulsby's Company & quot;C& quot; of the 6th Virginia 
Regiment of United States Vol. Inftry was enlisted by Captain Maulsby of
the 6th Virginia Regiment of U.S. Vol. Infty at Fairmont Va. on the 
seventh day of August 1861, to serve three years; he was born in Frederick
Co in the State of Maryland is thirty nine years of age, five feet nine
& amp; 1/2 inches high,dark complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, and by
occupation when enlisted a cooper.
During the last two months said soldier has been unfit for duty sixty days.  
He has never done duty with his company but was detailed for light duty
with the Quartermaster at this post where he done some duty until four
months ago he became so blind as to be incapable for any duty.  
Station:  U.S. Genl Hospital,Grafton W.V.
Date:  September 25th, 1863.
                                John Kirker, A. A. Surg. U.S.A.

I Certify, that I have carefully examined the said John Mort of Captain
Maulsby's Company, and find him incapable of performing the duties
of a soldier because of Glaucoma of both eyes--the sight of right
eye is entirely gone and that of the left eye much impaired.
The disease of right eye existed previous to enlistment.
He is unable for duty in the Invalid Corps.
                                John Kirker, A. A. Surg. U.S.A.
Discharged, this tenth day of October 1863, at U.S. Genl. Hospital
Grafton W.Va. 
The soldier desires to be addressed at Town Fairmont, 
County, Marion, State W. Virginia.


1897:  Bureau of Pensions, Cert. No. 148,677 John Mort 
Co. C, 6th Reg't. W.Va. Vol. Inf.

No. 1.  Are you a married man?  If so, please state your wife's full
           name, and her maiden name.
           Answer:  Married-Wife's name: Marcella Mort--
           Maiden name Marcela Musgrove.
No. 2.  When, where, and by whom were you married?  
           Answer:  Married in Shepherdstown
           Jefferson Co., Va. February 27th 1849 by Rev. Burgonia.
No. 3.  What records of marriage exists? Answer:  I think there is a 
           record of the license in the office of Clerk of County Court
           in Charlestown, Jefferson Co. W.Va.
No. 4.  Were you previously married?  
           Answer:  Was not previously married.
No. 5.  Have you any children living?  If so, please state their names
        and the  dates  of their birth.  Answer:
            James W. Mort, born December 7th 1849
            Mary E. Mort (now Stewart) born June 1st 1851.
            Lydia A. Mort (now Criss) born April 12 1857.
            John H. Mort born April 10th 1861.
            Alice V. Mort (now Criss) born September 27th 1865.
            Ida M. Mort (now Linn) born August 13th 1869.

Date of reply, December 15th, 1897.             s/John Mort


Widow's Declaration for Pension or Increase of Pension

1900:  State of West Virginia, Count of Marion, SS:  on the 28th day of
March A.D. one thousand nine hundred personally appeared before me
a notary Public of Record within and for the County and State aforesaid
Marzilla Mort aged 74 years, who being duly sworn according to law,
makes the following declaration in order to obtain the Pension 
provided by Acts of Congress granting pension to widows:  
        That she is the widow of John Mort, who enlisted under the name of
John Mort at Fairmont, W.Va. on the 7th day of August A.D. 1861 in
Company & quot;C& quot; of the sixth Regiment of W. Va. Inf. Vols. in the war
of rebellion who while in the aforesaid service incurred injury and
disability and contracted disease from which he never recovered but
which caused his death in Fairmont, Marion County West Virginia on 
the 2nd day of March A.D. 1900, who bore at the time of his discharge
the rank of private in the aforesaid company; that she was married
under the name of Marzilla Musgrove to said John Mort on the 27th day
of February A.D. 1849 by Rev. Begoonoer at Shepherdstown, Va.;
there being no legal barrier to such marriage,
That neither she nor her husband had been previously married,
that she has to  present date remained his widow, that John Mort
left neither child nor children of his own surviving him,
who were under 16 years of age at his death that she has
not in any manner engaged in, or aided or abetted the rebellion
in the United States; that no prior application has been filed by
this applicant.  Soldier was a pensioner at time of his death, that
she hereby appoints, with full power of substitution and revocation,
William Gray, of Palatine, Marion County, West Virginia, her attorney
to prosecute the above claim; that her resident is Fairmont, West
Virginia and her Post Office Address is Palatine, Marion County,
West Virginia 

                                                Linda Zahm RN=6575

                Marion County West Virginia Death Certificate

Name:   Marzilla Mort                   Date of Death:  December 20, 1905
Cause of Death:  Senility               Sex:  Female
Occupation:  Retired                    Consort of:  Widow
Informant R. L. Cunningham, Undertaker  Book 4, Page 100

                                                Linda Zahm RN=6575

                Ashtabula County Ohio Death Certificate

 1.     Place of Death:  County Ashtabula, City of Ashtabula. 48-8010-158
 2.     Full Name James W. Mort, 4325 West Ave,  
 3.     Sex:  Male
 4.     Color or race:  White 
 5.     Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced:  Widower
5a.     If married, widowed or divorced Husband of Clara M.
 6.     Date of Birth:  Dec. 7, 1849.
 7.     Age 81 Years, 5 Months, 15 Days.
 8.     Trade:  Retired.
 9.     Industry:       R. R. Conductor.
12.     Birthplace:  Fairmont, W. Va.
13.     Father's Name:  John Mort               
14.      Birthplace:  Unknown
15.     Mother's Maiden Name:  Marcella Musgrove
16.     Birthplace:  Unknown.
17.     Informant:  Ross Riggs, Ashtabula, Ohio
18.     Burial, Cremation or Removal place:  Newark, Ohio 
        date Mary 24, 1931.
19.     Undertaker Leo D. Brown, Ashtabula, Ohio 
20.     Filed May 23, 1931.
21.     Date of Death, May 23, 1931.
22.     I hereby certify, that I attended deceased from May 23, 1931
        to May 23, 1931.  I last saw him dead on May 23, 1931, death is
        said to have occurred on the date stated above at 8:00 a.m.  
        The Principal Cause of Death and related causes were as 
        follows:  Heart disease.  Was there an autopsy?  No.

                                        Linda Zahm RN=6575

        West Virginia Department of Health
                Dist. No 4461 -015 -1190

 1.  Spencer, West Virginia
 2.  Full Name:  Clarinda Mort
 3.  Sex:  Female 
 4.  Color or Race:  White
 5.  Single Married, Widowed or Divorced:  Married
 6.  Date of Birth:  April 4, 1851
 7.  Age  72  yrs. 10 mos. 9 da.
 8.  Occupation:  Housewife
 9.  Birthplace:  Ritchie Co. W.Va.
10.  Name of Father:  Thomas Nutter.
11.  Birth Place of Father:  Don't Know.
12.  Maiden name of Mother:  Ellen Pratt
13.  Birthplace of Mother:  Harrison Co. W.V.
14.  The above is true to the best of my knowledge:
     Spencer State Hospital Records, Spencer W.Va.
 15.  Recorded:  Feb 5, 1924, G. Vandale, Registrar
16.  Date of Death:  February 4th, 1924.
17.  I hereby certify, that I attended deceased from September 21st,
     1921 to February 4th 1924, that I last saw her alive of February
     4th, 1924 and that death occurred on the date stated above at
     11:55 a.m.  The cause of Death was as follows:  Inanition and
     exhaustion.  contributory:  senility.  W. D. McClungher & amp; R. H.
     Clark, M.D. February 4th, 1924, Spencer, West Virginia.
19.  Place of burial or removal:  Newark O  Date of Burial Feb. 6, 1924.
20.  Undertaker, Vandale Und. Co., Spencer, W.Va.

                                                Linda Zahm RN=6575

My Family Connections, Volume VI:  The Nutters
by Ruth Williams Cornell, Page 39:

274.    Thomas Nutter B. 1822, d. early 1850's.  M. ca 1848 Deborah
Ellen Slocum b. 1829, d. 1905.  d/o Oswald and Rachel (Ross) Slocum

Marion Stewart stated that Thomas was bound or handcuffed and then shot
in the back by Deputy Sheriff Lowther.  The reason was not given.  Tom's
widow lived at the mouth of a small hollow, between the Hillary Part and
the Tommy Boston farm in the Nutter Farm area.
2741.   Columbia A. Nutter b. 1849, m. James Smith.
2741.   Clarinda Nutter b. 1851, m. James Mort. 
                Lived on the Hillary Pratt farm.
1743    Debra Ellen Nutter b. 1852. m. Hartford Kelly 7 March 1878.
She was 3 weeks old when Thomas was killed.  She lived at the foot of
Sand Hill on Marietta Run.  Tom's widow married Jab Hissem and had
Andrew & quot;Bud& quot; Hissem (b. 1862) who never married.

                                                Linda Zahm RN=6575

                1870 Census of Ritchie County W.Va.

85-83   J. L. Elliott           30      Va      Farmer
                Octera          26      Va      Hskpr
                Wm. H. H.        6      WV
                Alice May        3      WV
                Mary J.          1      WV
                John  Crumrine  30      IRE     Miner
                James Mort      20      PA      Miner
                Andrew Burns    45      IRE     Miner
                Nashua Elliotte 28      VA      Farmer

                                                Linda Zahm RN=6575

                        Cemetery Deed

Cedar Hill Cemetery No. 853 to:  James W. Mort, N. 2/3 or S.W. 1/4
of Lot no. one Sec. 16 contianing 73-1/2 sq. ft. .  Sept. 30, 1922.
 Twenty Dollars.  Recored in V 7 p 485.  

14985   1       Clarinda Mort           Feby     7      1924
17514   2       James W. Mort           May     26      1931

                                                Linda Zahm RN=6575

        Ohio Department of Heath - Certificate of Death
                718 - 8318 - 352

 1.  Place of death:  Newark, Licking County
 2.  Usual Residence:  27-1/2 N. 4th, Newark, Licking Co., Ohio.
 3.  Full Name:  Chas. H. Mort
 4.  Sex Male
 5.  Color or race:  W
 6.  (a):  Married
 6.  (b):  Name of wife:  Eliz. C.
 7.  Birth date of deceased:  11 - 3- 1872.
 8.  Age:  71 years 9 months 1 Day.
 9.  Nutter Farm, W. Va.
10.  Usual Occupation:  Ret. B & amp; O Conductor.
12.  Name of father:    Jas. W. Mort 
13.  Birthplace:  W. Va.
14.  Maiden name of mother:  Clara Mutter
15.  Birthplace:  W. Va.
16.  Informant's signature:  Raymond Mort, Newark.
17.  Burial date:  8-7-1944 
     Place:  Cedar Hill    Gordon Speelman (embalmer) 44499
18.  Funeral Director:  Ross Henderson, Newark O.
19.  Date:  8-8-44
20.  Date of death:  Aug 7, 1944  21.  
     Immediate cause of death  Lymphatic due to Leukemia.
23.  Signature: Louis A. Mitchell, M.D., Newark O.
     Date signed:  8-8-44.

                                                Linda Zahm RN=6575

        Ohio Department of Heath - Certificate of Death
                        4501 - 319

 1.  Place of death, Newark Licking County, 
     (length of residence) 70 years.  at Newark Hospital
 2.  Usual residentce;  274 Robbins Drive, Newark, Licking Co., Ohio
 3.  Name:  Elizabeth Eleanor Mort.
 4.  Date of Death:  June 27, 1962
 5.  Sex:  Female.
 6.  Color:  White
 7.  Widowed.
 8.  Date of Birth:  10-2-78
 9.  Age:  83
10.  Occupation:  Hosuewife, at home.
11.  Birplace:  England
12.  Citizen:  USA
13.  Father:  John Henry Wooles
14.  Decima Quinn.
17.  Informant's Address:  Helen Graham, Newark, Ohio.
18.  Cause of Death:  Arteriosclerotic Cardio-vascular disease
     with massive aortic aneurysm
23.  Burial
23b  6-30-62
23c  Cedar Hill Cemetery, Newark, Ohio
24.  Name of Embalmer:  J. R. Green  5657-A
26.  Criss Brothers, Inc. 179 Granville Street, Newark, Ohio.

                                                Linda Zahm RN=6575

                Certificate of Marriage

Mr. Charles. H. Mort of Newark, State of Ohio, Miss Eleaner E. Wooles
of Newark, State of Ohio were by me united in Holy Matrimony according
to the ordinance of God and the laws of the State of Ohio at Newark,
O on the 12th day of July 1899.
Witnesdes:  Mrs. Aurilla Johnson
Arthur E. Johnson
1st M.E. Ch.
Newark, O.

                                                Linda Zahm RN=6575


                CHARLES  H.  MORT

        Charles Henry Mort, 71, retired Baltimore & amp; Ohio Railroad
company conductor, died Sunday afternoon in his home, 27-1/2 
North Fourth Street, after three months' illness.
        Mr. Mort had been retired from the B. & amp; O. service the past
five years.  He entered the service her as a call boy, later going
to the transportation department as a brakeman and then conductor,
He had been with the company 47 years when he retired.
        Born Nov., 5, 1872, in Nutters Farm, W. Va., he was the son of
Joseph and Clara (Nutter) Mort.  His widow. Mrs. Elizabeth Mort,
a son, Raymond Mort of Cleveland survive, also a sister, Mrs. Ross
Riggs of Martinsburg.
        Mr. Mort attended Trinity Episcopal church and was a member of
Acme Lodge, F. and A. M. and the Order of Railway Conductors.
        the body is at the Gutliph & amp; Henderson funeral home and funeral
services will be held there Wednesday at 1 p. m. conducted by Rev.
Thomas P. Simpson.  Burial will be made in Cedar Hill cemetery.

                                                Linda Zahm RN=6575


                Messages Advise of James Mort's Death
                                ----- -----
                Wheeling Hotel Employee Dies Suddenly
                While Visiting in Ashtabula, Ohio
                                ----- -----

        Local friends have been notified of the death late last week at
Ashtabula, Ohio, of James W. Mort, well known Wheelingite and former
hotel attach& eacute; here, who died very suddenly Saturday, May 23, while
visiting his daughter, Mrs. Ross Riggs of 4525 West Avenue, Ashtabula.
He was 81 years old.
        According to notices received here, Mr. Mort had been the guest of
his daughter for five days when stricken with what is believed to have
been a heart attack while at the breakfast table.  He passed away almost
        Mr. Mort had been for 12 years an employee of the Windsor hotel here
and was a member of the local Eagles lodge.  he leaves, in addition to
six grandchildren, one great grandchild and a sister and several nieces
and nephews of Fairmont, W. Va.
        Burial was made in Cedar Hill cemetery beside his wife, who died
seven years, after funeral services Tuesday, May 26 at Newark, Ohio.

                                                Linda Zahm RN=6575


                Dies While on Visit in City
                        ----- -----
        James A. Mort, 81, Succumbs at Home of Daughter
                        ----- -----
James A. Mort, 81, of Wheeling, W. Va., died at 8:30 a.m. today at
the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ross Riggs, 4525 West Av., where he was
        Mr. Mort came to Ashtabula last Monday to visit his daughter and her
family.  His death resulted from a heart attack.
        the body will be taken to Newark, O., probably Sunday, for burial.
Complete arrangements for the funeral have not been made.

                                                Linda Zahm RN=6575


                Conduct Rite at Newark, O.
                        ----- -----
        Funeral for Father of Mrs. Ross Riggs Held Tuesday

   Funeral services for James W. Mort, 81, of Wheeling, W. Va.,
who died here last Saturday while visiting at the home of his daughter,
Mrs. Ross Riggs, 4525 West-av., were held Tuesday afternoon at Newark,
        Rev. Barton, Newark Episcopal church pastor, officiated.  Burial
was in the family lot at Cedar Hill cemetery in Newark.  Mr. Mort,
a retired B. & amp; O. railroad conductor, was 81 years old.  He leaves
two children, six grandchildren and one great grandchild.
        He was a member of the Eagles Lodge at Wheeling, W. Va., and members
of the order were bearers at the rites in Newark.  Mr. and Mrs. Riggs
of this city attended the services.

                                                Linda Zahm RN=6575

Newark Ohio Advocate
Thursday, June 28, 1962 Obituary:

                Mrs. Charles H. Mort

        Mrs. Elizabeth Eleanor Mort, 83, widow of Charles H. Mort, resident
of 274 Robbins Dr., died at 1:45 p. . Wednesday in Newark Hospital,
where she had been a patient since May 13.
        A native of England, born Oct. 2, 1878, in Glouchester, the 
daughter of Henry and Decima (Quinn) Wooles, she had resided in Newark
70 years.
        Her husband preceded her in death in 1944, and surviving are a son,
Raymond W. Mort of LeCrescenta, Califor.; also four grandchildren; 
two great-grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. William C. Woolard of Newark.
        A member of Trinity Episcopal Church she also was affiliated with
Newark Chapter, Order of Eastern Star; Maccabees and the Royal
        The Rev. Thomas P. Simpson will officiate at services at 10 a.m.
Saturday in the Chapel in Criss Brothers Funeral Home and Burial will
be in Cedar Hill Cemetery.  Friends may call after 12 noon Friday.

                                                Linda Zahm RN=6575

                Copy of Birth Record
        Probate Court, Licking County Ohio

Raymond William Mort 

Date of birth:  Year 1900 Month May, Day 7th. Newark, Licking County,
Ohio.  Sex:  Male.  Color:  White.  Name of Father:  Charles Henry Mort.
Mother's Maiden Name:  Elizaeth Wooles.  Resident of Parents:  Newark,
Ohio.  Records of Births, Vol. 3, Page 314.

                                                Linda Zahm RN=6575

                Copy of Birth Record
                State of New Jersey

Name of Child:  Annie Kovacs, sex female, color white, Date of birth
March 26, 1912.  Place of birth:  Phillipsburg, N. J.  Name of father
Emerick Kovacs, birthplace Hungary.  Maiden name of mother Annie 
Balogh, birthplace Hungary.  Age of father 24, occupation Blacksmith.
Age of mother 25 occupation Housekeeper.  Number of children in all by
this marriage 2.  Number of children now living 2.  Name and P. O.
address of professional attendant in own handwriting:  Isaac Borts,
Alpha, N. J..  Date of this report, March 29, 1912.
[Her parents immigrated to this country from Hungary,
Soon after she was born they changed their name to Smith]

                                                     Linda Zahm RN=6575

History of Southwest Virginia 1746-1876
Washington County 1777-1870 by 
Lewis Preston Summers, Page 791:

                J. W. Mort

     Was born in Strasburg, Shenandoah county, Virginia, September
10th, 1855.  Moved to Bristol in 1876.  Was appointed Commissioner
 of the Revenue for the city of Bristol in 1890.  Was afterwards
elected to succeed himself four times in that office, and served ten
years.  Was twice elected a member of the City Council.  Was elected
a member of the House of Delegates from Washington county and the city
of Bristol in 1901.

                                                Linda Zahm RN=6575

1860 Census, Ashland Borough, Schuylkill Co., PA, Page 105:
Adam & amp; Harriet Mort:

754 705 Harriet Maud      33 F                        England
        Adam              43 M Miner           120.00 England
        Adam Job           1 M                        Penna
        Mary Cullaghan    20 F                        Ireland
755 706 George Mort       44 M  Miner 8000.00 8000.00 England
        Frances           32 F                        England
        Violet            26 F                        Penna
        Elizabeth         19 F                        Penna
        Jane              15 F                        Penna

                                                      Yancy Mort RN=6542
                                               B3 Delta Place
                                               Lewisburg, PA 17837-8900
                                               Dec 30, 1996

   Sgt. Yancy James Mort, a distant cousin of us, called from his home
in 1904-B Anderson Loop, Yman, AZ 85365.  Earlier this year while he 
was located at Williamsport, PA, he contracted us.  He came to visit 
with us, as I had his granfather's funeral in Allentown, PA.  He was my 
uncle, who was James V. Mort, Jr., who died on July 15, 1974, at the age
of 83, who served his country in WWI.  One of his sons was Charles Mort,
Yancy's father, who is still living in Orlando, FL.
   I supposed that's enough introduction of myself.  I'm resiging at the
Lewisburg United Methodist Homes, with my wife, Edythe H., we've been
married 51 years ago in Williamsport, PA., a retired U.M. Minister,
having served the Eastern PA Conference for 48 years; came here in 1991,
both enjoying our usual good health, & quot;Thank God& quot;!
   We understand you are interested in the THE MORT FAMILY TREE.
   ADAM Mort was married to Harriet Dobbs.  They had several children
including my grandfather, JAMES VINCENT MORT, who was married to
SARAH JANE CURRY, who had 11 children, including my father, who was
WILLIAM OLIVER MORT, who married ANNA MAE;TILEY, who had 4 children 
including the yougest child, JAMES FRANKLIN MORT.
   I'm the proud owner of a Bible purchased by Harriet Dobbs in 1883,
published by the British Bible Society in 1837 in which is a lock of
hair by Harriet.
   As far as I know:  Adam Mort & amp; Harriet Dobbs had the following
children: boys--Adam, George, Lot, Levi, and James F.; girls--Martha,
Mariah, Emma, and Pearl.  I'm a descendant of Adam, thru James.  My
father was William Oliver, who married Anna Mae Tiley, whose parents
were Esther Thompson and Joseph Tiley.
   The Morts that I knew were residing in Schuylkill County, PA.  I was
born in the only home my parents owned, located at 222 W Railroad St Sreet,
Girardville, PA., my grandmother was the mid-wife, when I came into the 
world, she announced now we have our Jimmie.  Grandfather Mort was always 
wanting his granchildrem's names of boys, after him.  My parents were the
proud of each of us:  Margaret Esther Mort, William Joseph, Clinton James 
and myself.
   Edythe M. Hall was born on January 11, 1920 in Williamsport, graduated
from Williamsport High School in 1937, graduated from Erie Hospital in 
1943, married on September 20, 1945 to James F. Mort in St. John's 
Evangelical Church, Williamsport, PA.
   We have two children:  Timothy James resides in Medford, OR; works for
 NBC-TV on the West Coast, he and Kathleen Discoll were married in 1983, 
I had the wedding in Medford, OR.  They have one children, Ryan Patrick, 
who attends Grace Baptist Christian School, he's 11.  Ou daughter is
LeeAnn Beth Mort, she married Charles Steven Hassis in 1981, resided in
Narvon, PA.  They have 3-children:  Tiffany 13; Justin 12 and Chad 9.
Our telephone Number is 717-522-0464.
I'll bring this letter to a close, wishing you and yours a BLESSED
                                    Love and Pease, Edythe and Jim Mort


George Mort property in Ashland Borough, Schuylkil  County, Pennsylvania.

     The Ashland House was located at the southwest corner of Third
and Center Streets, and no one with the name of Mort owned the land
on which the hotel was erected.
     George Mort, however, did own four lots, each 25' x 125', on
the northwest corner of Third and Brock Streets.
     Attached are four pages from a title search made in 1950. Two
of them show how George Mort acquired title to the land, and the
other two show how his widow and Estate conveyed unto Lewis P.
Garner and William A. Christian.
     Attached also are two pages from a 1957 publication, "The
Ashland Story" by James F. Canfield. The part on "Garner's Iron
Works", top of page 8, shows that the iron works moved to the
Garner and Christian premises.
     The final attachment is a photo of a portion of a map in a
1875 Schuylkill County Atlas which shows the "Garner &  Christian
Machinery Iron Works" located on the Mort land.
John Wildman and Sarah, D.B. 48-600
To   George Mort  Dated Mar 17, 1856
Recorded Mar 18, 1856      Consideration $475. 00
Lot 1, Section 85, in Ashland, on NW corner of Third and Brock, 25' x 
125'. Subject to Brock deed exceptions and reservations.
John Brock   D.B. 67-38
To   George Mort    Dated Aug 17, 1858
Recorded Sep 10, 1861  Consideration $1124. 00
Three lots in Ashland on the west side of Third street, north of 
Brock street, being lots 2, 3, and 4 in section 85 containing in 
front or breadth on Third street aforesaid 75 feet and extending of 
that width in depth 125 feet to a 25 foot wide street. Mineral rights 
M. F. Mort, Administratrix of the Estate  of George Mort
D.B. 120-560  Dated Nov 22, 1871  Recorded Nov 24, 1871
To Lewis P. Garner and William A. Christian 
Consideration: premises and $1  No Warranty
	All those four lots in Ashland on the west side of Third street, 
being the lots marked on the lithographed map or plan of said Borough 
numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 in section 85. Subject to exceptions as in the 
deed from John Brock to George Mort Aug 17, 1858. George Mort on July 1
1868 made an agreement of sales with Lewis P. Garner and William A.
Christian, t/a Garner and Christian for the premises. Mort died 
before giving a deed, so the OC was asked to make an order of 
specific performance which was made Apr 25, 1870 directing a 
conveyance upon payment of the purchase price balance. On Mar 13, 
1871 the court determined that the dower of M. F. Mort, the widow, 
had not been divested by the sale by George Mort in his lifetime and 
that therefore the balance due should be paid to the widow upon her 
executing a deed for her right of dower. 
NOTES:  D.B. 105-261 has the agreement, recorded Dec 7, 1868
OC 14-576 is a proceeding for the sale for the payment of debts
There are voluminous papers in the M-1869 file which show the above 
proceeding, but they do not seem to have been entered in any docket
M. F. Mort, widow and relict of  George Mort, Deceased. 
D. B. 120-563 Dated Nov 22, Recorded Nov 24, 1871
TO: Lewis P. Garner and William A. Christian Consideration $1500. 00
 All dower interest and other interest to the "four above mentioned lots"

                                            Contributed by  Yancy Mort

		         Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid

Name:      MORT, Clifford
Cemetery:  Lakeview, Sarnia
County:    Lambton
Township:  Sarnia
Reference: LB-197-2

Name:      MORT, Eliza Jane
Cemetery:  Woodlawn, Guelph - Blocks D2, D4
County:    Wellington
Township:  Guelph
Reference: WW-4322

Name:      MORT, John
Cemetery:  Lakeview, Sarnia
County:    Lambton
Township:  Sarnia
Reference: LB-197-2

Name:      MORT, Lynda
Cemetery:  Lakeview, Sarnia
County:    Lambton
Township:  Sarnia
Reference: LB-197-2

Name:      MORT, Phyllis
Cemetery:  Lakeview, Sarnia
County:    Lambton
Township:  Sarnia
Reference: LB-197-2


	Tuscarawas County Genealogical Society
	Box 141
	New Philadelphia, OH  44663

Tuscarawas County Original Death Records, Vol. 3 1895-1908 Page 30 #115
Name:		Mort, Miller Thomas Everton
Sex:		Male		White
death:		1898 Aug 25
Age:		26-6-14
Death:		Washington Township
Birth:		Washignton Township
Resident:	Washington Townshi9p
Occupation:	Farmer
Cause:		Typhoid Fever

Tuscarawas County Original Death Records, Vol. 3 1895-1908 Page 43 #243
Name:		Mort, Noah
Sex:		Male		White
Death		1899 July 17
Age		72-6-13
Death		Sugar Creek
Birth		W. Creek
Resident:	Sugar Creek
Occuption	Farmer
Cause:		Congestion of Lungs

Mollie L. Murray
109 Edison St., 
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702-2207.

The following are the parents of Julianna: Michael Mort

   Johannes Michael b 1792 d 4.20.1864 bu: Bethel Lutheran Cemetery (now
known as Mt. Zion Reformed Church, Charlesville, MD.)   He married
Elisabeth Ostertag b 9.5.1796 on 12.2.1818.  Her parents were Frantz E.
Ostertag and Elisabeth Blessing.

Johannes (1792) parents were George Michael b 1753/1756 MD. d July 1817 and
wife, Mary Elis. Beachley.  George (1753/56) was the son of Christopher
Michael and Anna Catherine Thankbonden) who is the son of Franz Luis Michel
and Anna Barbara Lerber.  By the way F. L. Michel and Christoph
vonGraffenried were founders of the new German/Swiss Colony in New Bern, 
N. C. in 1709.  (Craven County)

Children of Johannes &  Elis. (Ostertag) Michael:
        l.  Anna Catherine b 1832 d 1864
        2. Phoebe b 1.9.1820 MD.
                        d 2.3.1881
                    m John A. DeGrange  (another person I need to find
                        4.l.1844                          more info on)
        3.  Maria Ann  b 1.30.1821 MD 
                         d 1.28.1846 OH 
                         m 3.23.1843 Solomon Remsberg
        4. Elisabeth b 3.18.1822 MD.
                       d 4.29.1888                              
                       m Henry Flook on 4.18.1843
        5. William 10.10.1823 MD                          
        6.  Sarah Ann  b 2.8.1825 MD
                          d  10.22.1894
                          m  George W. Summers
        7.  Abraham  b  4.20.1828 MD
                            d  1.26.1897
                       m/l  Caroline M. Hauck 
                           m/2  Rosanna Rodgers Rice  1892 ??
        8.  John H.  b circa 1834
                      d betw. 1877-1913
                      m Sarah Ann Brandenburg  11.8.1860
        9.Anna Catherine b 2.1.1835
                          d 1.11.1918
                          m John W. Castle 4.22.1854

        10   Julianna b 9.30.1833 MD
                        d      ??
                        m  Jacob Mort  3.10.1854

        11.  Ann Rebecca  b 1.7.1837
                                 d 12.5.1913
                             m Laurence Rothenhoefer
         12.  Virginia E. b 2.28.1848
                             d 12.17.1931
`                         m George H. Crum
Mollie L. Murray, 109 Edison St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702-2207.

Warsaw Times Union - 25 Years Ago - Feb. 5 1972 

     The temperature has been staying too near the zero mark for many
people, but for the hearty outdoorsman this makes for good ice
fishing. Elbert L. Morts of Rt. 6, Warsaw, and Boyd Walton of
111 S. Maple St., Warsaw, were hoping to catch some fish through
the ice. 

Times-Union Court News 12-03-1996 Circuit Court Filings 

The following petitions were filed in Kosciusko Circuit Court with
Judge Rex Reed presiding: Complaints 

• Paul B. and Karen S. Hacker vs. Christopher J. Mort, East CR 
100N, Syracuse. Plaintiffs seek an unspecified amount to compensate
for damages resulting from an Oct. 5, 1996, auto accident on their
property, plus interest; court costs; and punitive damages because
Mort allegedly was intoxicated at the time of the accident. 


Times-Union Court News 08-13-1996 County Court 

The following infractions were recently admitted and adjudged in 
Kosciusko County Court with Judge James Jarrette presiding. 

Fined $27 in July were:  . . .  Tristan J. Mort, Syracuse. 


Times-Union Court News 01-14-1997
Circuit Court Judgments 

The following judgments were awarded in Kosciusko Circuit
Court with Judge Rex Reed presiding: complaints 

• Paul B. and Karen S. Hacker vs. Christopher J. Mort. Plaintiffs
awarded $10,626.21 by default, plus interest; $1 in punitive\
damages; and court costs. 


Times-Union Court News 02-18-1997 Circuit Court Filings 

The following petitions were filed in Kosciusko Circuit Court
Judge Rex Reed presiding: Complaints 

• LaDonna Ganger Mort vs. Glenn C. Byers, East Robby Drive,
Warsaw. Plaintiff seeks an unspecified amount for injuries and
damages resulting from a March 8, 1995, auto accident on 
East Center Street, near Lincoln Street, Warsaw. Plaintiff also 
seeks court costs and requests a trial by jury. 


Times-Union Court News 04-29-1997 Superior Court II 

The following misdemeanors and infractions were recently
admitted and adjudged in Kosciusko Superior Court II
Judge James Jarrette presiding.

The following people also paid $323.50 in court costs: 
False Registration – Fined $7 in March was 
Michael D. Mort, 35, Warsaw. 


Times-Union Court News 06-17-1997
Dismissals the following cases were dismissed: 

• LaDonna Ganger Mort vs. Glenn C. Byers. 


Times-Union Court News 08-26-1997

• Ruby Reed died Feb. 24, 1996, at the age of 79,
leaving an estate valued at $144,671.38.
Beneficiary: Hugh Mort, son, North Bonestead Road, Silver Lake. 


PERiodical Source Index (PERSI):  Surname:  MORT

Article Title: Mort-Dennison Bible, Virginia
Periodical: Magazine of Virginia Genealogy
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Topics: Virginia
Issues Per Year: 4x
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Surname: Mahrt
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Publisher: Allen County Genealogical Society
Address: POB 12003, Fort Wayne, IN 46862
Subscription Price: 0.00


Date:      Fri, 22 Aug 1997 18:09:35 +0100
  From:    "Oleg" 

My name is Robert Laidley Mort.
I'm australian but i live in London. I noticed your home page so i thought
i'd drop a line. My brother may be interested hearing from you. His address
is 42 whale beach road whale beach Sydney NSW 2107. My great great
grandfather was Thomas Sutcliffe Mort. He was a rather famous Australian in
fact so there you go! Drop me a line if you like on oleg, but
I'm only going to be here for another 4 days and then ill be back in sydney
for good.


Subject:   Re: Searching for Mort Family Members
  Date:    Fri, 29 Aug 1997 22:46:25 -0400 (EDT)

In a message dated 97-08-29 14:07:44 EDT, you write:
  I found the surname MORT listed in an index connected with your name,
I hope I don't disapoint you, but I have almost nothing on this line. My
Aunt Dorthea, who is still living in Rochester, NY, married Harold Mort (his
second marriage). He died several years ago. I know he had a daughter by his
first wife and two daughters by my aunt. One cousin lives in the Washington,
DC area and I think the other is still in the Rochester area. I don't know if
he had any relatives around or not - I never heard of any. I might be able to
find out something for you if you think still want it.


From:   uid no body []
Sent:   Monday, 8 September 1997 09:20
Subject:        Marriage witness query

Surname: MORT   County: Lancashire Country:England

Sender:Donald Gradeless
Address:Records for the surname Mort.

           The UK Marriage Witness Index Report

Witness:  Charles Raymond     MORT          Meth. Wavertree
Groom:    Reginald Gordon     MORT          Liverpool South
Bride:    Doris Eileen        DODD          LAN 11May1940

  Sue Horton, 20 Masham Street Christchurch New Zealand

Witness:  Joan Winifred       DODD          Meth. Wavertree
Groom:    Reginald Gordon     MORT          Liverpool South
Bride:    Doris Eileen        DODD          LAN 11May1940

  Sue Horton, 20 Masham Street Christchurch New Zealand

When writing to any of the people who submitted these details
please say you found their name and address in the UK Marriage
Witness Index..   And please quote the full entry you are interested
in so that the genealogist can find the marriage in their records.

Submissions to the indexes can be made through:
Queries to the indexes can be made through:

     Subject:  Re: Mort family
        Date:  Sat, 13 Sep 1997 01:56:45 -0700
        From:  Susie Martin-Rott <>
Organization:  Rootbound Genealogy
          To:  "Donald E. Gradeless" <>
  References:  1, 2

I've filled in a little on this one:

|Eliza Jane Atkinson Martin 1866-1925
|  |     (RN=1594)
|  | SEX: F
|  | B: 18 Nov 1866 @ Kewanee, Henry Co., 
|  |    Illinois
|  | M: 24 Nov 1887 to John Martin (RN=1686) @ Kewanee, 
            Henry Co IL (Henry Co Marriage Book 1, Record #2830
|  | D: 24 Apr 1925 @ Lamoni,Decatur Co Ia (buried Rose Hill
           Cemetery,  Lamoni IA with her husband
|  | Children
     1. Harry Martin b. Nov 1891 d. 1956--never married
     2. Nellie B. Martin-b. Apr 1897 m. Woodson HURST
     3. Edith Mae Martin b. abt 1904 d. 1932, Lamoni IA buried Rose Hill
     4. Alice Martin b. 1888 d. 1896

The only one I think may have any living descendants is Nellie Martin
Hurst.  Alice, John and Edith never married.


     Subject:  Re: Mort family
        Date:  Sat, 13 Sep 1997 02:03:26 -0700
        From:  Susie Martin-Rott <>
Organization:  Rootbound Genealogy
          To:  "Donald E. Gradeless" <>
  References:  1, 2

Re: John Martin (RN=1686)
b. 29 Aug 1860, Kewanee, Henry IL
m. Eliza Jane ATKINSON on 24 Nov 1887, Kewanee, Henry, IL Bk 1, #2830
d. 06 Dec 1946, near Lamoni,Decatur, IA; bur Rose Hill Cem, Lamoni IA
Lot 304 (this is a predominately RLDS Cemetery)
Religion: Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints (RLDS)
Father: William Martin (b. 08 Sep 1831 Hall Green STS, England  d 12 Dec
1877 in Kewanee, Henry, IL)
Mother: Martha Tucker b. 25 May 1838 Dudley WOR, England d. 03 Mar 1919
        Kewanee, Henry IL


  Re:  Mary Ann Mort
Date:  Mon, 29 Sep 1997 20:46:26 -0700
From:  Susie Martin-Rott <jrott@GTE.NET>

Here's everything I've got on the MORT/ATKINSON/MARTIN and related
lines. I've not had much time to poke about in it due
to recent floods in our area..

1.  William MORT #5552 b. Tyldesley, Lancashire,England,
    m. Mary PRESCOTT #5553.  Children:
          i Richard MORT #5554 b. 1829. 
         ii Martha MORT #5555 b. 1834. 
    2.  iii Mary Ann MORT #5125 b. 23 Jul 1836.
         iv Sarah MORT #5556 b. 1838. 
          v Eliza MORT #5557 b. 1840, m. unknown THARP #5584.
         vi William MORT #5558 b. 1847, d. 1922. 
        vii Alice MORT #5559 b. 1848,  d. 1916. 

Second Generation

2.      Mary Ann MORT #5125 (1.William1) b. 23 Jul 1836, Tyldesley,
Lancashire,England,  m. (1) 05 Mar 1859, in Worsley,
Lancashire,England,  Abraham ATKINSON #5124, b. 30 Jan 1830, Worsley,
Lancashire,England,  d. 10 Sep 1867, Kewanee, Henry, IL,  m. (2) 1870,
in Kewanee, Henry Co, IL,  George A. HORNER #5563, d. 1871,  m. (3) 02
Apr 1877, in Kewanee, Henry Co, IL,  John B. ATKINSON #5565, b. 1850, 
d. 1912. Mary died 18 Feb 1912, Kewanee Twp,Henry,IL. According to
notes of Judy Keen, Mary Ann m2 Abraham Atkinsons yonger brother John. 
Also noted that all of her husbands "died violently". Note that at time
of marriage to John B. Atkinson, she was listed as Mary A. Atkinson in
the records.  She was not using the name Horner, which according to Mort
researcher Donald Gradeless was her 2nd husband. John: Younger brother
of Abraham Atkinson, Mary Mort's first husband.
Children by Abraham ATKINSON:
    3.      i       James ATKINSON #5560 b. 23 Dec 1860.
    4.     ii      Mary Alice "Polly" ATKINSON #5561 b. 02 Jan 1862.
          iii     William ATKINSON #5562 b. 12 Jul 1864, Kewanee,
                  Henry,IL,  d.16 Oct 1890, Kewanee,Henry,IL. 
    5.    iv      Eliza Jane ATKINSON #3088 b. 18 Nov 1866.
Children by George A. HORNER:
           v       George A. HORNER #5564 b. 1871,  d. 1941. 

Third Generation

3.      James ATKINSON #5560 (2.Mary2, 1.William1) b. 23 Dec 1860,
Alton,Madison,IL,  m. 14 Nov 1882, in Kewanee, Henry, IL,  
Martha Jane CARTER #5566, b. 05 Jul 1857, Wigan, Lancashire,
England,  d. 15 Aug 1947, Collinsville, Madison, IL.
James died 12 Mar 1906, Kewanee,Henry,IL.   3 children
     i  James Abraham ATKINSON #5567 b. 29 Aug 1884, Andover,
        Harrison, MO,  m. 01 Jul 1905,  Emily LAWLESS #5570.  
        James died 06 Apr 1944.
    ii  Ellen Victoria ATKINSON #5568 b. 04 May 1887, Wethersfield,
        Henry, IL,  m. 02 Jun 1915,  Walter Louis GLEICH #5571.
        Ellen died 30 Mar 1951. 
 6. iii Florence Lulu ATKINSON #5569 b. 21 Feb 1890.

4.      Mary Alice "Polly" ATKINSON #5561 (2. Mary2,  1.William1)
        b. 02 Jan 1862, Kewanee,Henry,IL,  m. 03 May 1891,
        in Kewanee,Henry, IL,  William A. FRANCE #5579, b. 17 Nov 1863,
        Kewanee,Henry,IL.   Mary died 1942, Lamoni,Decatur,IA. 4 children
        i   Joseph Ernest FRANCE #5580 b. 17 Mar 1892, Lamoni,
            Decatur,IA, m. 20 Mar 1916,  Harriet KELLY #5588,
            b. 23 Aug 1891, d. Nov 1986, ?Lamoni, Decatur,IA, 508-24-2339 NE.
            Joseph died May 1975, ?Omaha,NE.
        ii  Mary Elizabeth FRANCE #5581 b. 18 Jun 1894, Lamoni,Decatur,IA, 
            m. 22 Dec 1916,  Walter G. BADHAM #5589.  Mary died 17 Jun 1983. 
        iii Thomas William FRANCE #5582 b. 11 Sep 1897,
            Lamoni,Decatur,IA,  m. 05 Mar 1921,  Esther TRAXLER #5591.
        iv  David Wallace FRANCE #5583 b. 30 Sep 1902, Lamoni,Decatur,IA,
            m. 16 Dec 1922,  Ethel FRAZER #5590.

5.      Eliza Jane ATKINSON #3088 (2.Mary2, 1.William1) b. 18 Nov 1866,
Kewanee, Henry, IL,  m. 24 Nov 1887, in Kewanee, Henry, IL, John MARTIN
#3067, b. 29 Aug 1860, Kewanee,Henry,IL, (son of William MARTIN #3063
and Martha L. TUCKER #3065) resided: Lamoni IA, d. 06 Dec 1946, near
Lamoni,Decatur, IA, buried: Rose Hill Cem,Lamoni IA, Lot 304.   Eliza
died 24 Apr 1925, Decatur Co IA,  buried: Rose Hill Cem,Lamoni Ia Lot

       i   Harry MARTIN #3089 b. Nov 1891, IL.
  7.   ii   Nellie B. MARTIN #3090 b. 02 Apr 1898.
      iii   Edith Mae MARTIN #3091 b. 05 Nov 1904, near Lamoni,
            Decatur,IA, d. 08 Oct 1932, Decatur Co IA, 
            buried: Rose Hill Cem, Lamoni IA Lot 304.

Fourth Generation

6.      Florence Lulu ATKINSON #5569 (3.James3, 2.Mary2, 1.William1)
        b. 21 Feb 1890, Kewanee, Henry, IL,  m. 10 Jun 1911, in 
        Peoria, Peoria,IL, Harry Alfred KAAR #5572, b. 14 May 1889,
        Dover Twp, Bureau, IL,  d. 05 May 1918, Kewanee,Henry,IL.
        Florence died 25 Jun 1971.   Harry: 2 children
        i       Joseph Alfred KAAR #5573 b. 13 Nov 1914,
                Kewanee,Henry,IL,  m. 29 Dec 1938,  
                Betty Jane CLARK #5575.  Joseph died 19 Jan 1945. 
     8. ii      Kenneth Ervan KAAR #5574 b. 03 Mar 1917.

7.      Nellie B. MARTIN #3090 (5.Eliza3, 2.Mary2, 1.William1)
        b. 02 Apr 1898, near Lamoni,Decatur,IA,  
        resided: Blythedale MO, m. Woodson HURST #5126,
        b. 12 May 1901, d. Jun 1991, Blythedale,Harrison,MO?
        Nellie died May 1983, Leon, Decatur, IA.   
        SSDI 495-48-3095 issued IA indicates b. 1898,
        Woodson: SSDI-481-54-5333 issued IA.  Last residence
        Blythedale, Harrison, Mo  Children:
          i     Merideth HURST #5176 resided: Hilliard FL.
         ii     Elga Mae HURST #5177 resided: Blythedale MO,
                m. unknown UTTERBACK #5181, resided: Blythedale MO.
        iii     Harry HURST #5178 b. 1891, d. 1956.
                Per Judy Keen, never married.
         iv     Edith HURST #5179 b. 1904, d. 1932, buried:
                Rose Hill Cem, Lamoni, Decatur, IA.
                (Birth death &  Cem info from Judy Keen.)
          v     Alice HURST #5180 b. 1888, d. 1896.

Fifth Generation

8.      Kenneth Ervan KAAR #5574 (6.Florence4, 3.James3,
        2.Mary2, 1.William1) b. 03 Mar 1917, Kewanee, Henry, IL,
        m. 15 May 1942,  Juanita GARRISON #5576.  
        Kenneth died 17 Jul 1990, Hixson, TN,   480-09-7102 Ia.
 9.     i       Judith Ann KAAR #5577.
        ii      James G. KAAR #5578.

Sixth Generation

9.      Judith Ann KAAR #5577 (8.Kenneth5, 6.Florence4, 3.James3,
        2.Mary2, 1.William1) m. James "Jim" SCOTT #5585,
        resided: Kennesaw Ga.  last known living in Kennesaw GA
         i       Katherine Megham SCOTT #5586.
        ii      Patrick A. W. SCOTT #5587.

Not much more than you had before but I have the children of the Martin
/Atkinson marriage.  Don't think you'll have much luck finding living
descendants but if you do, I'd like to hear about it.

Susie Martin-Rott


Forwarded message:
Subj:    Re: Mort ancestors in my Hampton line
Date:    97-09-17 23:10:20 EDT
From:    NeCee525

Hello Mr. Gradeless,

I am doing research on my family name..."Hampton". I have found some Mort
ancestors as well. Here is the information I have:

Jacob Mort b.1788 d.24 Nov 1859 m. Susan ? b. 1799 d. 4 Sep 1879
child: Levi Mort b.1827 in Fulton Co. Penna
d. 13 Dec 1864 in U.S. General Hospital, Annapolis, Md.
enlisted in the Civil War at Chambersburg, Penna. on 8 Mar 1864
mustered in at Harrisburg, Penna on 10 Mar 1864 rank: private
with the 112 th Pa. Artillery, Co. F 2 Regiment Pa. 
Heavy Artillery captured at Petersburg, Va. on 17 June 1864

m. Rebecca Matthias on 13 Sep 1849 at the home of Levi's parents
          b. 9 Oct 1827 to John Matthias and Barabara Evans
          d. 2 Feb 1917 Decorum, Penna.
children: William Harrison Mort b. 18 June 1852
          Agnes Belle Mort b. 10 Nov 1854 in Shade Gap, Penna.
                 m. 18 Apr 1871 to Lewis H. Hampton
                 Lewis's parents were Lewis and Esther (Foreman)
                 Hampton.  children:
                 William A. Hampton b. 11 July 1871
                                    d. 1 May 1941
                 David McGinley Hampton b. 27 Mar 1873 
                                        d. 13 Apr 1954
                 John Harrison Hampton b. 13 May 1876
                 James L. Hampton b. 3 Jan 1877
                                  d. 5 Sep 1959
                 Thomas C. Hampton b. 8 Feb 1879      
                                   d. 26 Aug 1953
                 Samuel Newton Hampton b. 28 Aug. 1880
                                       d. 1 May 1961
                 Esther Ella Hampton b. 28 Jan 1882
                 Alfred Hampton b. 8 Feb 1883
                                d. 21 May 1959
                 Hattie Hampton b. 15 Jun 1887
                                d. 27 Sep 1961
                 Margaret Rebecca Hampton b. 15 Apr 1889
                                          d. 16 Jan 1974
                 Annie May Hampton b. 3 Nov 1891
                                   d. 13 Mar 1970
                 Goldie Armina Hampton b. 21 Jun 1893
                                       d. 15 Feb 1973
                 Cambridge Minnick Hampton b. 27 Mar 1895
                                           d. 13 Aug 1981
                 Minnie Hampton b. 6 July 1897
                                d. 1996
        Sarah Jane Mort b. 1 Oct 1857
        John Alexander Mort b. 7 Jan 1860
        Margaret Ellen Mort b. 9 Nov 1862
        Mary Elizabeth Mort b. 8 July 1850

I hope this information is useful to you. I know there are
somethings I forgot to put in, but I can send them to you later.
Please also forward this to anyone that may be working on this
same line. I would love to talk with them or exchange information.
Also I have many pictures of some of these people. Thank you

Sincerely,                      Denise Adams

Feel free to forward any information to my 
email address NeCee525 or by snail mail to  
Denise Adams, 844 22nd Street, Altoona, Pa. 16601


Subject:   Re: Fwd: Re: Mort ancestors in my Hampton line
   Date:   Fri, 19 Sep 1997 12:24:35 -0400 (EDT)

Dr. Gradeless, 

      I wanted to thank you for responding to the letter I sent: Mort
ancestors in my Hampton line. I am the great great grand-daughter of Lewis H.
and Agnes Belle (Mort) Hampton. Yes you have my permission to post all
letters I send to you with information concerning the Mort's in my family
tree. If you need any further information concerning the Hampton's (since
Agnes and Lewis had quite a few children....14 to be exact!!) please feel
free to ask, and I would gladly submitt that information also. I also have
pictures of Lewis and Agnes B. (Mort) Hampton and their children and
children's children. In case you or anyone else would be interested in them.
I also have Levi Mort's civil war records, and also know the location of
where he is buried and also of where his wife is buried.  Lewis and Agnes
were married on 18 Apr 1871, She died 28 Feb 1922 in Shade Gap, Huntingdon
Co. Penna. and she is buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Shade Gap,
Huntingdon Co. Penna. with her husband. 
        Would you please put me in connection with the person or persons that is
currently doing research on this part of my line. I would love to share
information with them and talk with them. Again, thank you for responding to
my letter so quickly.

                                                   Denise Adams

From Yancy Mort ---

Without further interruption, I present the pension file of John Mort Pvt.
96th Regiment Pa. Volunteers 1861-63:



JOHN MORT of Captain John Boyle Company D of the 96th Regiment of the
United States Infantry was enlisted by Lt. Byre of the 96th Regiment of Pa.
Vols. At Pottsville Pa on the 23rd day of September 1861, to serve 3 years;
he was born in Manchester England is 45 years of age, 5 feet 5 inches high,
light complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, and by occupation when enlisted a
miner. During the last two months said soldier has been unfit for duty 60

STATION: Convalescent Camp, Va.
DATE:       Feb. 5th 1863

I certify, that I have carefully examined the said JOHN MORT of Captain
Boyle’s Company, and find him incapable of performing the duties of a
soldier because of: disease of the heart contracted in the Service.

Discharged this 13th day of February 1863, at Convalescent Camp Virginia. 


I Harvey M. Bower who has been a J.O.P. at Enon Valley Pa. at least ever
sice the year 1875 do hereby certify that I solemnized the marriage between
THOMAS K. DAVIS and MARY ANN MORT on the 4th day of 
October 1879 the record of which is written in my marriage records
number 137 and reads: “October 4th A.D. 1879 at 10 o’clock am in 
sitting room of residence Enon Valley Pa. personally appeared before me
Thomas K. Davis and Mary Ann Mort both of the village of East Palestine
Ohio and were by me legally joined in marriage.”
                                                        Harvey M. Bower


State of Pennsylvania, Snyder County

Personally appeared before me a J.O.P. in and for said county of Snyder
Aaron Reber aged 61 years who being duly sworn, deposeth and says as
follows; I am now living in this county, have lived in this county 2 years.
I lived in Schuylkill County for some years. I was living in Tuscarora,
Schuylkill Township in Schuylkill County Pa., while I was acting as J.O.P.
I remember JOHN MORT and also MARY ANN McMILLEN.
 I married them on the 24th day of November 1852 in Tuscarora,
Schuylkill County Pa. Mrs. Mort’s name
was Mary Ann McMillen before she was married to John Mort. I am informed
that she is now a widow; and further saith not, except that I have no
interest in this claim for pension in any way.
                                                        J.H. Hartman  J.O.P.


MARY ANN MORT, widow of JOHN MORT private Co. D 96th Pa. Vols. Residence of
claimant Columbiana County, and State of Ohio; Post Office, New Lisbon;
Attorney, R. Downing Middleport Ohio; Rate of pension $8 per month,
commencing July 22, 1863 the date of Soldier’s death, and two dollars per
month additional for each child, as follows:
		FRANCES         born May 16, 1854
		GEORGE          born April 25, 1856
		JOHN M.         Born Feb. 21, 1860
Payment on all former certificates covering any portion of the same time to
be deducted.
Admitted, May 20, 1879
Approved, May 22, 1879   J.M. Curtis, Reviewer


State of Pennsylvania
Schuylkill County

Personally appeared before me one of the J.O.P.s in and for Schuylkill
County, ADAM MORT, who being duly sworn deposeth as follows. I am a brother
of JOHN MORT, deceased, who was a private in the 96th Regiment Pa. Vols. I
was in the 84th Regiment Pa. Vols. Our Regiment, the 84th, was lying in
Alexandria Virginia when the 96th Regiment under Gen. McLellan returned
from the seven days fight in retreat. My brother John Mort, when I met him
first about one week after he arrived in Alexandria, was in the hospital at
Alexandria. He was in very bad health at the time, and suffering from
chronic diarrhea. He was so weak that he could not stand alone when I saw
him. I received my discharge at Alexandria and left there for Washington to
receive my pay, and left my brother John in the hospital at Alexandria.
When I received my pay I started home to Ashland Schuylkill County, Pa. My
brother John returned home some weeks after that. He come home much
reduced, weak, and sick. The diarrhea stuck to him until he died, about a
month or six weeks after he returned (July 22, 1863 date of death as per
Doctor John H. Yocum, attending physician). He never worked after he
returned. His physician’s name was Doctor John H. Yocum. He attended to him
in his last days of illness. I don’t know where Doctor Yocum lives now. I
have not seen him for 10 years. I was at the funeral of my brother John
Mort when he was buried with the Honors of War. I know Mrs. Mary Ann Mort,
his widow. I was at the wedding when Mary Ann and my brother John were
married at Tuscarora, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania by Aaron Reber,
J.O.P. His widow, Mrs. Mary Ann Mort is still living and has three children
living, Fanny, George, and John. Fanny Mort was born on the 16th day of May
A.D. 1854. George Mort, the second child, was born April 25th 1856, and
Jno. Mort was born February 21st 1860. In answer, I am in no way interested
in the result of the application of Mrs. Mary Ann Mort in Pension Claim
no.181,225. I expect no benefit from the result in any way.

Sworn and subscribed this 23rd day of February A.D. 1878          
             Adam Mort
John McCarty J.O.P.


State of Pennsylvania
Schuylkill County

Personally appeared before me onr of the J.O.P.s in and for Schuylkill
County, Mrs. Mary J. Wetzel, wife of Daniel K. Wetzel, who being produced
by the claimant as a witness, and after being duly sworn, deposeth as

I am 42 years of age and have lived in the Borough of Ashland, Schuylkill
County, Pa. for 27 years. I am aquainted with Mrs. MARY ANN MORT, widow of
JOHN MORT, deceased; now living in the state of Ohio, and have been
aquainted intimately with both Mrs. Mary ann Mort the claimant for pension
in number 181,225 and also her husband, John Mort, now deceased for 27
years and upwards. They having lived the most of that time in the place
Ashland and close neighbors of mine. I knew Mrs. Mort before she was
married to John Mort. I remember well the time that John Mort enlisted in
the military service of the Untied States. It was in the year of 1861. He
appeared to be enjoying good health at the time, and was considered a
healthy man. I can’t tell how long Mort was in the service of the United
States, but he was absent some 18 months before he returned home. When he
returned home, he came home weak and sick with chronic diarrhea. I had
heard repeatedly from his brother GEORGE MORT that John Mort, husband of
the claimant, was sick in the Army and that he was suffering much from the
disease. This I heard from different ones. I can’t tell exactly how long
John Mort lived after his return home, but it was not many months. I would
say only about 4-5 months. He died as I was informed and believe from the
said disease. He was buried in this place. He was buried by the soldiers
with Military Honors. I know that Mary Ann Mort, widow of John Mort is
still a widow and has 3 children living. I have no interest in this case. 

Sworn and subscribed before me
Mary J. Wetzel
this 23rd day of February A.D.1878
John McCarty

From Yancy Mort:

Yesterday I received some info from a funeral home in E.
Palestine Oh. with another Mort (not related) that they buried. That man
was Edgar Allen Mort (born 10/21/1916 Pa., died 7/24/1996 Oh.), son of Roy
F. Mort, son of James R. Mort, son of William Mort and Nancy Varner. It
would appear that Roy F. Mort (Burnt Cabin Morts) moved out there to
Columbiana Co. I spoke to Roy F.'s  son Robert Mort yesterday, who says he
remembers his father and George Washington Mort Jr. (my line) were friends
back in the early 1920's. He remembers where George lived in Youngstown,
and that his father and George would go out and drink it up on many a
night. He also mentions that they called one another distant cousins,
though through our research we've definitely proven otherwise, as the Burnt
Cabin Morts were from Md., and mine were from England and immigrated
1838-1842 or so (via Naturalization papers on my Adam Mort). Just thought
that was a neat little tidbit of information, that our two Mort families
knew one another quite well, through these two boisterous men.


From:   Bob Mort -(

Hello Dr. G.,

        I stumbled onto your page and was surprised at the research you
have done. I am interested because I am a Mort. (An only child). To add
a few limbs to your tree, my grandfather was William Oliver Mort and
grandmother was Anna Tiley. they lived in Girardville, PA then Mahanoy
Plane, PA and then back to Girardville. They had 4 children, William,
Margaret, James and Clinton. I believe my uncle Rev. James F. Mort had
written you with this information.
        My father was Clinton James Mort. He married Dorothy Lorraine
Delcamp on January 24, 1942. (Dorothy Lorraine Delcamp Mort was born in
Shenandoah, PA. My mother died on October 31, 1994, aged 78 years 3
days). I am the only child from the marriage. My name is Robert Clinton
Mort. Born April 16, 1943. I was raised in Ashland, PA.
        I first married Dianne Rose Miller (daughter of Merlin &  Rose
Miller from Helfenstein, PA). the marriage resulted in 2 children.
Janelle LaRue Mort born June 21, 1966 and Robert Joseph Mort born May
28, 1968. Janelle now resides in Garden Grove, CA and Robert resides in
Apopka, FL. the marriage ended in divorce in 1968.
        I then married Phyllis Irene Morgan (Daughter of Arthur Barnett
Morgan and Verna Mae Heller from Lancaster, PA). Marriage ended in
divorce in 1980.
        I then married Mamie Nancyj Smith (Daughter of Betty Smith from
Lancaster). Again this marriage ended in divorce in 1988.
        I then married Jonnie Carol Lyons (daughter of Arthur Francis
Lyons and Mary Ruth Davis from Jonancy, KY). With this marriage came 4
step children, Ovid Edward McKee born Jan 28, 1977, Beverly Dee McKee
born January 8, 1978 and twin boys Curtiss Wayne McKee and Kurtiss
Blaine McKee born May 27, 1979. Jonnie and I are still married.
        My Mother (Dorothy Lorraine Delcamp) was the daughter of Clyde
Arthur Delcamp (died August 28, 1973) and Clara Matilda Ossman (died Nov
        I hope that this information is useful to you.

Robert C. Mort        Bob
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