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Allen County, Ohio Will Testators Index #2 G-M Surnames

Name of Testator:      Residence:    County #, Vol #, Page #
BOWSHER, ISRAEL        SHAWNEE         2-G-518
BOWSHER, JOHN          *               2-C-16

HARPSTER, ANTHONY      CAIRO           2-D-75
HARPSTER, JACOB        CAIRO           2-D-442
HARPSTER, PETER SR.    *               2-A-401

MORT, JANE             *               2-C-167
MORT, MARY EMILY       *               2-C-195

Herkimer County, New York Will Testators Index #6 MI-Q Surnames
MORTS, JOHN         GERMAN FLATTS   22-30-21
MORTS, JOHN M.      COLUMBIA        22-37-205

MAURATH, MORT posting by John L. Maurath on Wednesday, July 1, 1998

Is it possible for anyone to tell me how many towns along Hwy.21 in Jefferson County had printed newspapers in the year 1934? And, are these archived anywhere in any historical depository or elsewhere, that I can access? My Great-unlce, Leo George MAURATH and his friend "Buss" MORT , were travelling from one party to another, late on the night of Friday, November 9, 1934, or that Saturday. They had been drinking, and Leo (who was driving his '29 Roadster with rumble seat), tried to make a sharp turn which he had missed, and rolled the car. Buss was thrown clear, and Leo was crushed under the car and died one week later in City Hospital in St.Louis. This accident happened somewhere along Hwy.21 in Jefferson County, and I'm trying to find out where it happened, and a newspaper account of the incident. Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please respond to Thank you so much!

John L. Maurath — Email:

More . . .

Leo Maurath was good friends with Buss Mort . Leo was my Grandfather Maurath's kid brother. Their sister, Carmelite (nee Maurath) Trueman (aka "Carme"), is still alive at 92 years old, and was recently placed in a nursing home. She had her mind up until recently. But, I've "interrogated" her many times over the years about the story, as she and her husband Ollie were at the same party with Leo and Buss the night of the accident.

They were all drinking, dancing and having good fun. Aunt Carme said Leo and Buss left the party to go pick up Leo's red-headed girlfriend, and were going to come back to the party or go to another party. Leo had been living with his older sister Carme, as he was estranged from his Father. (Leo's Mother had died in 1928, when he was 17 years old). Leo was very nice-looking and well-built, but was kind of a tough guy, as he always seemed to get into fights with the Italians on Dego Hill in St.Louis, which was near where he lived. His Father was supposedly very strict with him. His Father, Louis, lived to be 97, and died in 1962.

Anyhow, they were heading up Hwy.21 in Jefferson County, Missouri late on Friday night, when Buss noticed that Leo was about to pass his turn-off, and made him aware of it. Leo tried to negotiate the turn anyhow - and in doing so, he was going too fast and the car overturned, throwing Buss clear, but pinning Leo underneath, with the car rolling several times ( the car was about a 1929 Ford Roadster, with the rumble seat in the back). Leo was taken to St. Louis City Hospital #1 on LaFayette St. in St.Louis. Aunt Carme said "every bone in his body was broken". Leo died one week later. Aunt Carme's Father blamed her for the whole thing, and she has carried that burden with her, her whole life.

The coroner's reports I received, tell a different story than the one related above to me by Aunt Carme. Discrepencies. I'll mail them all to you and let you decide. This is an interesting story, but very sad. There's probably a lot more that no one will ever know about, until we die.

John Maurath

Jean Blake Dalrymple — — With the compliments of the ROBERTSON COUNTY REVIEW, Robertson County, Ky.

The TRIBUNE DEMOCRAT, 26 August 1948

Charles B. COLLINS, native of Robertson County, died at his home in Winchester, Ohio, last Saturday afternoon following an illness of over five years. He was the son of the late George and Louisa COLLINS, pioneer citizens of this county and was born Jan. 19, 1866, and at the time of his death was aged 82 years, 6 months, and 2 days. On March 18,1897, he was married to Miss Emma Duncan MEADOWS of this county. To this union there were born five children, namely, Osley, Brenton, Bonnie, Leslie and Margarette.

Mr. COLLINS is survived by his wife and four children, Margarette having passed away when a young girl. The deceased leaves three grandsons, Charles MORT, Richard MORT , and William COLLINS; three granddaughters, Mrs. Richard STEVENSON, Miss Janice MORT , and Mrs. Ann GRIFFITH and one great-grandson, Ranell STEVENSON; one brother, William COLLINS, and two sisters Miss Kate COLLINS and Mrs. Betty BENTLEY of Mt.Olivet. The family moved from the Sardis vicinity in 1919 to Winchester. Mr. COLLINS was a successful farmer and one of the leaders in the operation of Penn Grove Campmeeting when he resided here. Funeral services were held at the Mt. Olivet Methodist Church Tuesday afternoon, conducted by the Rev. G.G. KITSON. Internment in the Mt.Olivet Cemetery.

Portrait and Biographical Record of Muskegon and Ottawa Counties, Michigan, pub. 1893, Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, IL. , page 206


an enterprising and successful general agriculturist, and son of the first German settler of Chester Township, Ottawa County, Mich., was born March 2, 1853 on the farm where he now resides, and is the only son of Philip and Elizabeth Fahling, both natives of Germany. The parents were married in the Old Country, but soon afte remigrating to America located in Ohio, where they remained three years. From the Buckeye State journeying to the farther West with oxen, they came to Michigan, fording and swimming rivers on the way. Arriving in the Wolverine State in 1844, they two years later in 1846, entered from the Government the farm of one hundred and sixty acres upon which they now live. The land was then heavily timbered but, persistently worked upon, has been brough under a high state of cultivation, and to the original acres have since been added others, until the homestead now contains two hundred and eighty acres of valuable land, improved with buildings of a superior character, commodious, of modern architecture and finely arranged. When the parents located in Michigan the father had $300 and the wife $140, money which they had made in Ohio. The father, working on a far for $10 per month, had saved it all, and now, with Conrad Kritzer, made the first settlement in Chester Township. The first white child born in the township was the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Fahling, Margaret, now Mrs. Klink, of Alpine Township, Kent County.

When the Fahlings located in Chester Township they were obliged to do all their trading in Grand Rapids, and as they had no horses the grist was brough upon their backs all the way home, there being no roads over which their oxen might have hauled the stuff. Their nearest neighbor was John Coffee, five miles south from their place. Desiring to fill their beds with straw, they were obliged to transport the same a long distance on their backs. The first shanty erected by mr. Fahling, Mr. Kritzer assisted in putting up, as did also Adam Lachman, a young man who had accompanied them from Ohio. It was built in three days, no nails being used in the construction, with exception of a few in the door. Mr. Fahling and Mr. Kritzer with their families lived together fthree months, and then Mr. Kritzer built a similar house for his family. These early pioneers, enduring sacrifices and great privations, toiled unceasingly that their children might in the days to come reap the benefit. The father through incessant toil contracted consumption, and at the early age of forty-five years passed away, in 1860, leaving a widow and five children to mourn his loss. Two little ones had preceded him to the better land. Margaret, Mrs. Klink, is the eldest-born; Elizabeth is the wife of Chris Peters, of Casenovia Township, Muskegon County; Philip is our subject; Christiana, deceased, was the wife of Fred Rister, of Chester Township; and Mary, deceased, was the wife of John Mortz of Big Rapids. The mother, married in 1862 to Henry Ritz, resides in Sparta Township, Kent County, and by her second husband has one son, John, a citizen of Sparta Township.

Our subject was educated in the free and Lutheran schools of his home neighborhood, both his parents being of the Lutheran denomination. Reared to farming life and work, he was but eight years of age at the time of his father's death, and continued to live with his mother and stepfather until mature age, upon his twenty-first birth purchasing one hundred and four acres of the old homestead on which he was reared.

Upon December 31, 1881, at the age of twenty-eight years, Philip Fahling married Christina Rister, a native of New York and a daughter of Jacob Rister, who in the early days came to Michigan and here prosperously engaged in farming. Unto our subject and his estimable wife had been born three children: Mary, Philip, Jr., and Charley. Mr. and Mrs. Fahling are both valued members of the Lutheran Church and are active aids in good work. Politically, our subject, as was his father before him, is a strong Democrat and an ardent advocate of the "the Party of the People." Financially blessed with an abundance of this world's goods, Mr. Fahling is ranked among the energetic and ambitious agriculturists of Ottawa County, and hsi recognized as a leading man of public spirit, ever ready to do his full share in all matters of mutual welfare and enterprise.

Glasgow Daily Times, Wednesday, 29 July 1998, p. 8.

Name: James Thomas Mort 
Residence: Columbia Avenue, Glasgow, KY
Died: Wednesday, 29 July, 1998, T. J. Samson Hospital, Glasgow, 72.
Occupation: Retired truck driver for Kroger
Military: Veteran of WW II.
Wife: Cindy Mort 
Daughter: Patricia Detter, OH
Father and mother-in-law: William and Goldie Jessie, Glasgow
Brothers and sisters-in-law:
Anothony and Anita Edmunds
Terry Hudleston
Tammy Owens
David and Bessie Jessie
Jimmy and Sandra Bulle
Marty and Connie Jessie
Several nieces and nephews.
Services: 1 pm Saturday, Hatcher & Saddler Funeral Home, burial Happy Valley Memorial Gardens, Glasgow.

Glasgow Daily Times, Wednesday, 29 July 1998, p. 8.

The Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Transcription Project Index MORT, ADA 1895c - 1 NOV 1920 25 CF001 MORT, ARTHUR 1894 - 22 NOV 1962 CU025 MORT, AXLE 1900 - 28 FEB 1977 76 PV003 MORT, BERTHA E 1891 - 1969 CU025 MORT, JANE 1865c - 24 APR 1930 65 CF001 MORT, KAREN ANN (INFA 1960 - 15 NOV 1960 CU025 _________________________ CF001 MOSHASSUCK CEMETERY CENTRAL FALLS LONSDALE AVENUE CU025 NEW DIAMOND HILL CEMETERY CUMBERLAND RESERVOIR ROAD PV003 SWAN POINT CEMETERY PROVIDENCE BLACKSTONE BLVD
FromTanjla Vasquez: 1. JOHN D.1 MORTS1 was born July 1852 in Ohio1. He married LOUISA JANE COE1 March 09, 1880 in Boone County, Iowa, daughter of WILLIAM COE and BETHANA HARDEN. Notes for JOHN D. MORTS: In the 1900 census of Hancock County, Bingham Twp., Iowa had a servant living with him, John Kloke, born 1865 in Germany. More About JOHN D. MORTS: Occupation: corn labor1 Notes for LOUISA JANE COE: She was living in or around Minot, ND in 1923 when her sister Mina died. Perhaps with her daughter Ollie (Olivine?) (Lewin?). Marriage Notes for JOHN MORTS and LOUISA COE: Boone County microfilm 321 of marriages, W.W. King, witness, H.W. Millard, minister of the gospel, officiated MORTS, John Marriage Wife: Louisa J. COE Marriage Date: 09 Mar 1880 Recorded in: Boone, Iowa FHL Number 1034319 Dates: 1878-1895 Children of JOHN MORTS and LOUISA COE are: i. EVA2 MORTS1, b. February 23, 1882, Boone County, Iowa1; d. May 1969, Cedar Rapids, Iowa1; m. DELAPE1. Notes for EVA MORTS: [Brψderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 3, Social Security Records: U.S., SS Death Benefit Records, Surnames Beginning with D, Date of Import: 18 Apr 1997, Internal Ref. #] ii. NELLIE MORTS1, b. 18841. Notes for NELLIE MORTS: died perhaps in a school yard accident, real name Edna? 2. iii. AGNES MABEL MORTS, b. August 03, 1885, Dodge Township, Boone Co, IA; d. September 07, 1965, Woolstock, Iowa. iv. ANNA MARIE MORTS1, b. Abt. 18871; m. DECKER1. v. WILLIAM MORTS1, b. November 18891. vi. CHARLIE MORTS1, b. October 18911. vii. OLLIE (OLIVINE?) MORTS1, b. April 18971; m. LEWIN?1. Generation No. 2 2. AGNES MABEL2 MORTS (JOHN D.1)1 was born August 03, 1885 in Dodge Township, Boone Co, IA1, and died September 07, 1965 in Woolstock, Iowa1. She married EUGENE FRANCIS ROCHET1 September 1, 1901 in Sexton, Kossuth Co., IA, son of FRANCOIS ROCHET and ROSIAH VILMOT. Notes for AGNES MABEL MORTS: [Brψderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2, Ed. 3, Social Security Records: U.S., SS Death Benefit Records, Surnames Beginning with R, Date of Import: Sep 11, 1996, Internal Ref. #] [harden.FTW] Burial: Woolstock Cemetary1 Cause of Death: heart attack Medical Information: glaucoma Occupation: cook for Woolstock, Iowa School, Social Security #: 481-30-52211 Notes for EUGENE FRANCIS ROCHET: According to the 1900 census, he was born in 1864 and came to the US in 1883. He said he was a naturalized citizen by 1900. He came to the US when he was 17. These numbers don't add up. He was living with George Sanford family in 1900 in Boone Twp, Wright County, Iowa. He was single and his occupation was listed as a tiler. More About EUGENE FRANCIS ROCHET: Burial: Woolstock Cemetary1 Occupation: contractor, Woolstock, Iowa1 Children of AGNES MORTS and EUGENE ROCHET are: i. LOUISE ROSE3 ROCHET, b. January 14, 1903, Woolstock, Iowa; d. October 07, 1995, Sioux City, Iowa. More About LOUISE ROSE ROCHET: Burial: Memorial Gardens, Sioux City, Iowa Cause of Death: stroke Medical Information: the last summer of her life, had a heart attack and two strokes, she also had colon cancer diagnosed and operated on at age 90 Occupation: teacher in Woolstock and Iowa Falls, Iowa ii. INFANT ROCHET, b. December 25, 1909, Woolstock, IA; d. December 26, 1909, Woolstock, IA. Notes for INFANT ROCHET: microfilm records of Wright County, Iowa, born in Dayton Township, was one day old when he died. iii. VIRGINIA MAY ROCHET, b. May 06, 1914, Woolstock; d. April 16, 1922, Woolstock, Iowa. Notes for VIRGINIA MAY ROCHET: Buried at Woolstock Cemetery with Eugene and Agnes Rochet, funeral Woolstock United Church on 4/17/1922, officiated by Will A. Pip. Source microfilm records of Woolstock Methodist Church Funeral at Woolstock United Methodist Church More About VIRGINIA MAY ROCHET: Burial: April 17, 1922, Woolstock Cemetary Cause of Death: Infantile Parilysis Medical Information: another name for Polio 3. iv. BARBARA JEAN ROCHET, b. April 29, 1928, Woolstock, IA; d. May 16, 1986, Sioux City, IA. Generation No. 3 3. BARBARA JEAN3 ROCHET (AGNES MABEL2 MORTS, JOHN D.1)2 was born April 29, 1928 in Woolstock, IA2, and died May 16, 1986 in Sioux City, IA2. She married (1) WARREN JAMES WOOD2 May 31, 1947 in Cedar Rapids, IA, son of WILLIAM(?) WOOD and SERENA INMAN. She married (2) LARRY TED JOHNSON 1966 in N. Sioux City, NE. More About BARBARA JEAN ROCHET: Burial: Memorial Gardens, Sioux City, Iowa2 Cause of Death: Heart attack Notes for WARREN JAMES WOOD: [Brψderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2, Ed. 3, Social Security Records: U.S., SS Death Benefit Records, Surnames Beginning with W, Date of Import: Sep 10, 1996, Internal Ref. #] Children of BARBARA ROCHET and WARREN WOOD are: 4. i. TANJLA RAE4 WOOD, b. August 15, 1948, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. ii. BRETT JOEL WOOD2, b. May 04, 19522. Generation No. 4 4. TANJLA RAE4 WOOD (BARBARA JEAN3 ROCHET, AGNES MABEL2 MORTS, JOHN D.1)2 was born August 15, 1948 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa2. She married (1) RONALD LEE CHAPMAN2 September 18, 1968 in Phoenix, Arizona. She married (2) MARK STEPHAN VASQUEZ2 November 07, 1987 in Littleton, Colorado. More About TANJLA RAE WOOD: Medical Information: diagnosed with Hypothyroidism at age 50. Children of TANJLA WOOD and RONALD CHAPMAN are: 5. i. RONALD LEE5 CHAPMAN, b. May 25, 1969, Luke AFB, Glendale, AZ. ii. JEFFREY WARREN CHAPMAN2, b. April 09, 19722. Generation No. 5 5. RONALD LEE5 CHAPMAN (TANJLA RAE4 WOOD, BARBARA JEAN3 ROCHET, AGNES MABEL2 MORTS, JOHN D.1)2 was born May 25, 1969 in Luke AFB, Glendale, AZ2. He married REBECCA SUANNE WILSON2 January 03, 1996 in Knoxville, TN. Child of RONALD CHAPMAN and REBECCA WILSON is: i. BETHANY JANE6 CHAPMAN2, b. March 12, 1998, Eglin AFB Hospital, Florida2. I have been in touch with a gentleman from Florida about the heart disease that seems to plague the Lima Ohio Morts - my mother died very suddenly at age 56 so I am very interested to see if there is a possibility I am related to that branch - I just turned 50 last August. Thanks so much. FromTanjla Vasquez:
From: Kim Hammer - We had some brief correspondence about a year ago on our common interest of George and Matilda Margaret (Bowsher) Mort of Allen County, OH. Recently I discovered a marriage record of one of their daughters in Putnam County, while researching the Bowsher/Bird family, that I thought might interest you. Putnam Co., OH Marriage Record, Vol. 9, p.514, #3130 D.D. Mort and Rosetta Bird, May 28, 1913 D.D. Mort 31 years on 8 July 1912 residence - Lima, OH place of birth - West Cairo, OH occupation - engineer father - George Mort mother - Margaret Bowsher not previously married Rosetta Bird 22 on 29 Nov. 1912 residence - Ottawa, OH place of birth - West Cairo, OH occupation - domestic father - Joseph Clinton Bird mother - Amanda Allstetter not previously married Note: The groom's name is not given, only the initials D.D. I assume this must be David Mort. Rosetta Bird and David Mort were BIRD/BOWSHER cousins and Rosetta's mother and father were BIRD/BOWSHER cousins. You sent me a list of George and Matilda Margaret (Bowsher) Mort's children (?from census record and pension record) as: 1. Manda Jane 'Jane' Mort - b circa 1877 2. Laurie May 'Lora' Mort - b circa 1879 3. David Mort - b circa 1880 4. Gertrude 'Gertie' Mort - b circa 1883 5. Lena Elnora Mort - b circa 1884 6. George Berlin 'Bearl' Mort - b circa 1890 ? George also had these two children from other wife/wives? 1. Sherman Sylvester Mort - b circa 1867 2. Mary Mort - b circa 1875 I am not sure if Manda Jane Mort b circa 1877 is Matilda Margaret (Bowsher) Mort's daughter? I found the following Allen Co. birth record (Vol.1, p.16): Bowsher, (no first name given), female born - Feb. 3, 1877, Monroe Twp. father - none given mother - Matilda Bowsher residence - Monroe Twp., Allen Co. My guess is that this is Amanda Jane. George may have been the father, but he and Matilda Margaret Bowsher weren't married until Oct. 31, 1878. Your thoughts? Have you any further information on this family? Would you like a copy of the birth and marriage record? From: Kim Hammer - Findlay, OH
From: Ed Harne, Frederick, MD: Thanks for the Mort Data. Below is ancestor data for David F. Nigh, son of Lydia Mort. *********************************************************************** 1. David Franklin Nigh b. 9-Jun-1841, Leitersburg, Md., occupation Farmer, Co.Commissioner, m. (1) 24-Apr-1864, in Greencastle, Pa., Mary Jane Beaver, b. Nov 1841, Pa., occupation Housewife, d. 7-May-1909, Leitersburg, Md., buried: Mausoleum in Rose Hill Cem., Hagerstown, m. (2) 23 Apr 1913, in Trinity Lutheran Church, Hagerstown, Md., Anna P. Trader, b. abt 1871. David died 6-Aug-1918, buried: Mausoleum in Rose Hill Cem., Hagerstown. Was a Washington County Commissioner during early 1900's (elected in 1905) Based on his obit. and other sources, he remarried after his wife's death. Step-children Mrs. Olie Trader & Mrs. T.T.Lankford, Hagerstown? Annie P. Nigh 48yrs? with Lankford (N. Mulberry St) as mother-in-law in 1920. Parents 2. Samuel Nigh b. 10-Nov-1809, Hummelstown, Pa., occupation fence maker, farmer, m. Lydia Mort, b. abt 1816, Maryland. Samuel died 22-Jun-1891, Leitersburg, Md. An obit in the 28 Mar 1872 Waynesboro Village Record lists a Mr. Daniel R. Nigh, dying at his residence in Clearspring, Md., son of the late Samuel Nigh of Hagerstown, aged 42yrs, 10mths, 2 days. (Is this an additional son? Doubtful as this Sam Nigh was still alive and the age would be difficult with Lydia Mort as the mother) Samuel may have been the first in his line to use the Nigh spelling. 3. Lydia Mort b. abt 1816, Maryland. Grand Parents 4. John Henry Nigh b. 18-Dec-1785, near Lebanon, Pa., occupation Farmer, m. Elizabeth ?. John died ??-___-1847, Letterkenny Twp., Pa. 5. Elizabeth ?. Great Grand Parents 8. John Nicholas Neu b. 6-Jun-1742, Germany, m. 26-Mar-1771, in Dauphin Co. or Lebanon Co, Pa., Eva Catharine Ridisiehl, b. 3 Feb 1756, d. 17 Nov 1825. John died 4-Nov-1800, near Palmyra, Dauphin Co., Pa. 9. Eva Catharine Ridisiehl b. 3 Feb 1756, d. 17 Nov 1825. Great Great Grand Parents 16. Johan Adam Neu b. abt 1718, Germany, m. (1) Eve Elizabetha Henn, b. abt 1720, Germany, d. abt 1756, m. (2) Veronica Barbara Koemmet, d. aft 1783. Johan died 3 Mar 1783, Derry Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa. Brother was John Nickel Neu . "A Genealogy of the Nye Family, Vol III - Nyes of German Origin" assembled by R. Glen Nye, Ed. by Mrs. Buford C. Curtis, 1965. p.45-46 Johan Adam Neu, father of John Nicholas Neu, came to America in 1749 from Germany aboard the Ship Priscilla. The ship left Europe from Rotterdam and stopped at Cowes, England before proceeding to the port of Philadelphia, province of Pennsylvania where it landed on Sept. 11, 1749. Capt. William Muir was the officer in charge on the "Ship Priscilla". There were 293 persons on the ship, including 77 who signed the list. The official record for their arrival reads as follows: "Monday, Sep. 11, 1749. At the Court House at Philadelphia. Present: Joshua Maddox, Esquire. The foreigners whose names are underwritten, imported in the Priscilla, Capt. Wm. Muir, from Rotterdam, and last from Cowes, in England, did this day take the usual oaths to the Government. By list 77; Persons 293." Among the names on the list were: Johan Nickel Neu / Johan Adam Neu....their names appearing next to each other. The list did not include the names of children, but John Nicholas and his brother William born on Aug. 19, 1746 in Germany mush have been on the ship with their parents. Also, there mush have been another son, John, on the same ship with Johan Adam Neu, because mention is made of a son, John, later in the will of Johan Adam Neu. Seven children of Johan Adam Neu and his wife, Eve Elizabeth, were baptized at the "Hill" Church between 1751 and 1766. The next official record of Johan Adam Neu is the warrant he took out, dated Feb. 10, 1757, for 100 acres of land situated in Derry Township, Lancaster Co., Pa. That was warrant No. 94. The warrant listed the name as John Adam New. The survey of that land was made on Feb. 25, 1757 but the land was not bought by Johan Adam at that time. The survey was returned on Oct. 25, 1765 for a larger piece of land instead of the 100 acres mentioned on the original warrant. The tract was finally patented to John Adam Neighs on Oct. 26, 1765 for 259 acres and allowance. John Adam paid forty pounds, five shillings and nine pence lawful money for the land plus a quitrent. The quitrent amounted to "one half penny sterling for every acre of the same or value thereof in coin Current according as the Exchange shall then be between our said Province and the City of London." It was to be paid on the first day of March every year at the town of Lancaster. John Adam's wife, Eve Elizabeth, must have died because there is a record of a marriage of John Adam Neu and Veronica Barbara Koemmet performed by Rev. John Casper Stoever. In the History of Dauphin and Lebanon County published by William Egle, John Adam Ney of Derry Township is listed as having died in Feb., 1783, leaving a wife, Veronica Barbara and 8 children. At the Lancaster County Courthouse the will of John Adam Neu also lists a wife, Veronica Barbara and the same 8 children. The will was written on Dec. 14, 1782. In the County record book at Lancaster, the date under which the registrar's name appears in March 26, 1783. Children: John - Must have been born in Germany. Dates unknown. John Nicholas Neu - Born June 6, 1742 in Germany. Died Nov 4, 1800. William Neu - Born August 19, 1746 in Germany. Died January 1805. Mary Elizabeth - Born April 30, 1751. Baptized May 16, 1751. Sponsors were Nicholas Wederts and wife Mary Elizabeth; also Elizabeth Catherine Stroeher. Frederick - Born February 9, 1753. No date given for the baptism but the sponsors were Christopher Wegman and Margaret Neu. The sponsors were to have been Matthias Bohr and wife, but on account of high water the others acted in their stead. Mary Christina - Born October 27, 1759. baptized October 28, 1759. Sponsors were Matthias Bohr and wife. Anna Margaret - Born April 11, 1761. Baptized April 12, 1761. Sponsors were Michael Malfir (Maulfair) and his wife. John Peter - Born September 29, 1762. Baptized Oct. 10, 1764. Sponsors were John Peter Feltin and wife Mary Catharine. John Michael - Born in 1764., Baptized November 11, 1764. No sponsors given. John Henry - Born July, 1766. Baptized July 2, 1766. Sponsors were Henry Firnsler and wife Juliana. All of the above children except Mary Christina and Anna Margaret are listed in John Adam Neu's will. 17. Eve Elizabetha Henn b. abt 1720, Germany, d. abt 1756. E.E. Henn was born in Germany and traveled to America with her husband and children. She apparently died early, as her husband Johan Adam Neu remarried. The children listed with this wife of Johan Adam Neu are only a guess. The first three are a safe bet. The forth and fifth children could be from his second marriage.
From: Ed Harne, Frederick, MD: Below are three generations of Lydia Mort's descendants. I am descended from Lydia as follows; Lydia Mort, David Franklin Nigh, Ida Kate Nigh, Ada May Barkdoll ( my grandmother). I have photos of David F. Nigh's family if you are interested. Ed Harne ******************************************************************** 17-Mar-1999 Descendants of: Lydia Mort 1 Lydia Mort b. abt 1816 m. Samuel Nigh b. 10-Nov-1809 d. 22-Jun-1891 Samuel: An obit in the 28 Mar 1872 Waynesboro Village Record lists a Mr. Daniel R. Nigh, dying at his residence in Clearspring, Md., son of the late Samuel Nigh of Hagerstown, aged 42yrs, 10mths, 2 days. (Is this an additional son? Doubtful as this Sam Nigh was still alive and the age would be difficult with Lydia Mort as the mother) Samuel may have been the first in his line to use the Nigh spelling. 2 John W. Nigh b. ??-___-1834 d. ??-___-1893 m. Emily Jane Slick b. 1842 d. 1864 m. abt 1869 Mary Elizabeth Fridinger b. 1841 d. 1923 John organized and directed the Leitersburg Band. He fought in the Civil War with Cole's Cavalry, Co. C., Pennsylvania Home Brigade. Mary: Mary is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in the plot of her daughter and son-in-law Emma and Mayberry Patterson. 3 Samuel D. Nigh b. abt 1860 d. 1863 3 Charles Perkins Nigh b. 1870 d. 1940 1900 Census V43 Ed. 88 Sh 2 Ln 87 Charles P. Nigh was born in April 1872 his wife Sara P? was born Nov 1866 in Md. and daughter Mary C. was born Jul 1895 in Md. - I have no validation that this Charles P. Nigh as the one in the Census - A 1920 Census (Hagerstown) has Charles P. Nigh 49 yrs.; wife Ninetta? 47 yrs; Paul B. Nigh 9 yrs; David C. Nigh 3.5yrs - all born in Md. 3 John Richardson Nigh b. 9 Mar 1872 d. 1949 m. Louisa May Socks b. 1877 d. 1948 No Children. Louisa: No Children. 3 Carrie Grace Nigh b. 27 Jan 1874 d. ?? Mar 1927 m. John Clinton Shannon d. 1930 4 James Gordon Shannon 3 Emma Helen Nigh b. 15 Sep 1877 m. Mayberry Irwin Patterson d. 1925 Managed the Patterson Hotel at Franklin and Potomac Streets, Hagerstown, Md. 4 Helen Jane Patterson b. 14 Sep 1915 d. 27 Sep 1915 4 Mayberry Irwin Patterson Jr. b. 30 Dec 1917 m. Mary Louise Messersmith Per "Nyes of German Origin": M.I. Patterson Jr. divorced his first wife (Mary L. Messersmith) and remarried and also divorced his second wife. He and his second wife had no children. 3 Anna Maude Nigh b. 1879 d. 1879 3 Frank Clayton Nigh b. abt 1883 d. 1937 m. Harriett L. Metz b. abt 1886 4 William F. Nigh b. abt 1906 Died before Feb 1997. 4 Pauline H. Nigh b. 31-Jan-1907 d. 17-Feb-1997 m. Marshall Reed m. Charles E. Crampton Jr. d. 1968 Pauline H. Crampton Pauline H. "Polly" Crampton, 90, of 11 W. Baltimore St., Hagerstown, died Monday, Feb. 17, 1997, at Homewood Retirement Center, Williamsport. Born Jan. 31, 1907, in Hagerstown, she was the daughter of the late Frank C. and Harriett L. Metz Nigh. She was preceded in death by her first husband, Marshall Reed; and by her second husband, Charles E. Crampton Jr., in 1968. She was a member of St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Hagerstown. She is survived by one sister, Dorothy Seibert of Hagerstown; one brother, Holland R. "Doc" Nigh of Hagerstown; three nieces; and three nephews. She was preceded in death by three sisters, Jane Gordon, Louise Cline and Mary Long; and two brothers, John Nigh and William Nigh. Services will be held at the convenience of the family. Burial will be in Rose Hill Cemetery, Hagerstown. Arrangements are by Gerald N. Minnich Funeral Home, 305 N. Potomac St., Hagerstown. 4 Holland R. Nigh b. abt 1910 m. Alethea Magdalene Eckstine b. 10 Jul 1906 d. 6 Sep 1998 Lived in Hagerstown in 1997. Believe to be the same person listed in the 1920 Census as Richard R.H. age=10 Alethea: Alethea M.E. Nigh Alethea Magdalene Eckstine Nigh, 92, of 307 Garlinger Ave., Hagerstown, died Sunday, Sept. 6, 1998, at her home. Born July 10, 1906, in Hagerstown, she was the daughter of the late David and Fannie Strock Eckstine. She was a member of St. Mark's Lutheran Church since 1921. She is survived by her husband, Holland Ragan Richard "Doc" Nigh; two daughters, Rose Marie Barger of Hagerstown and Harriett Betty MacAdoo of Louisville, Ky.; three grandsons; five great-grandchildren; nieces, nephews and cousins. She was preceded in death by one brother, Earl S. Eckstine. Services will be Thursday at 2 p.m. in the chapel of Douglas A. Fiery Funeral Home, 1331 Eastern Blvd. North, Hagerstown. The Rev. Daniel S. Eshleman will officiate with the Rev. David B. Kaplan and the Rev. Kirk L. Barger assisting. Burial will be in Rose Hill Cemetery, Hagerstown. Visitation will be at the funeral home Wednesday from 7 to 9 p.m. Memorial donations may be made to St. Mark's Lutheran Church, 601 Washington Ave., Hagerstown, Md. 21740. 4 Louise V. Nigh b. abt 1912 Married a Mr. Cline and died before Feb 1997. 4 Jane M. Nigh b. abt 1915 Married a Mr. Gordon and died before Feb 1997. 4 Mary V. Nigh b. abt 1918 m. Russell W. Long, Jr. Married a Mr. Long and died before Feb 1997. From Irvin Muritz: Mary Nigh married Russell W. Long, Jr. and had a son Michael who had a daughter. 4 Dorothy Nigh m. Sadler Seibert, Jr. b. 12 Apr 1911 d. 14 Apr 1968 Married a Mr. Seibert and resided in Hagerstown in 1997. From Irvin Muritz: Dorothy Nigh married William Sadler Seibert, Jr. (4/12/1911-4/14/1968)of Hagerstown and had no children 4 John Nigh Died before Feb 1997. 2 Samuel T. Nigh b. 30-Aug-1836 d. 9-Jan-1911 m. unknown Washington County Marriages - An Index 1799-1860 lists Sam Nigh marrying Mary Lowman on 12/31/1860. Waynesboro Historical Society marriage records taken from the local newspaper lists Samuel Nigh marrying Martha Lowman on 1/1/1861 at Kurtz's Hotel by Rev. Rescorl (Waynesboro Village Record 1/3/1861) 3 Edward B. Nigh b. ??-Jan-1863 d. 5-May-1865 3 Emma K. Nigh b. ??-___-1866 m. F.E. Hause 3 Joseph Nigh b. ??-___-1868 m. Emma 3 David Fredrick Nigh b. ??-Sep-1870 m. Mary J. 3 Lewis Franklin Nigh b. ??-Feb-1872 m. Margaret McKarran 3 James Houghton Nigh b. ??-Apr-1876 m. Glenna 3 Albert Nigh b. ??-___-1878 d. 12-May-1944 m. Della Thar 3 Charles Arthur Nigh b. 16-Sep-1880 d. 1-Sep-1951 m. Myrtle Harlow 4 Charles Elwood Nigh b. 29-Jun-1904 d. 8-Aug-1961 4 Margaret Nigh b. 8-Sep-1906 d. 10-Jun-1989 m. Paul Stelzer 4 Albert Clarence Nigh b. 4-Oct-1909 d. 29-Jan-1975 m. 10-Jul-1929 unknown 4 Evelyn Nigh b. 14-Sep-1911 d. 7-Dec-1935 m. Moats 4 Maxine Lillian Nigh b. 6-Feb-1918 m. Omer Bledsoe 4 Ruth Marval Nigh b. 24-Dec-1919 m. Forrest Chamberlain 4 Robert Gail Nigh b. 17-Jun-1921 d. 22-Jan-1981 m. Mary Louise 3 Keller M. Nigh b. ??-Oct-1882 m. Rose 2 Susan Nigh b. abt 1839 m. Jacob Lowman b. abt 1839 3 Catherine Lowman b. abt 1858 3 John W. Lowman b. abt 1859 2 David Franklin Nigh b. 9-Jun-1841 d. 6-Aug-1918 m. 24-Apr-1864 Mary Jane Beaver b. Nov 1841 d. 7-May-1909 m. 23 Apr 1913 Anna P. Trader b. abt 1871 Was a Washington County Commissioner during early 1900's (elected in 1905) Based on his obit. and other sources, he remarried after his wife's death. Step-children Mrs. Olie Trader & Mrs. T.T.Lankford, Hagerstown? Annie P. Nigh 48yrs? with Lankford (N. Mulberry St) as mother-in-law in 1920. Mary: Abstracted from Obit: Mrs. Jary Jane Nigh, Wife of County Commissioner David F. Nigh, after a long illness, died of pneumonia this morning at 6:30. a model wife, mother and sister. She was an upright woman and a doveted helpmate and a wide circle of loving friends regret her death. She and her husband by hard work and attention to every detail of home and farm life achieved success together and brought up a large family of children and through it all she was the same un affected, loving, and Christian character.......... Anna: Since she has children named Trader - it is probably her previously husband's surname. Both were listed as widowed on their marriage license. 3 Ida Kate Nigh b. 27-Jan-1865 d. 26-Jan-1928 m. 20-Dec-1887 Joseph N. Barkdoll b. 20-Dec-1866 d. 5-Sep-1899 Joseph: Married by Rev. V. Miller at David F. Nigh's residence, Leitersburg, Md. Obit: J.N. Barkdoll, farmer on Williamsport Pike, nr Half-Way died 2pm Tues at Johns Hopkins Hosp. of stomach trouble, 33 yrs old. He was taken to Baltimore Mon by Dr. Miller. Died as he was lifted to the operating table. He leaves a wife, daug. of David Nigh, and 6 kids, the oldest 11 yrs. The remains were returned to Leitersburg by his bro. Wm. Was a memb. of the Farmer's Alliance. 4 Wilber Earl Barkdoll b. 30 Jul 1889 d. ?? Jan 1971 m. Daisy Irene Hartle b. abt 1889 d. 27-May-1991 Had three sons. Was renting his Antrim Twp. home in 1920. Daisy: Daisie Irene Barkdoll, 103, formerly of RFD 3, Hagerstown, died Monday, May 27 at the Fahrney-Keedy Memorial Home, Boonsboro. Born near Waynesboro, Pa. She was a member of Christ's Reformed Church, Hagerstown. Survived by three sons, 11 grandchildren and 12 great- grandchildren. She was preceded in death by one sister and four brothers. 4 Harry Loy Barkdoll b. 27 Mar 1891 d. 6 Apr 1892 This child is based on two brief obituaries found in Helen Kaiser's notebook. The intact obituaries, transcribed in the attached text document, were not dated. Helen's notes also provided the dates of birth and death. A little Child is Burried. The infant son Harry Loy, of Mr. Joseph Barkdoll of near Litersburg, aged 1 yr. 10 days, was burried Friday at 10 o'clock in Green Hill Cemetery, Waynesboro. The services were conducted by Rev. Mr. Cook of Waynesboro. Mr. Barkdoll is the son-in-law of Mr. Dan'l (sic) Nigh of near this city, who with Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Gilbert attended the funeral. ********** BARKDOLL - Near Leitersburg, Md. on the 6th inst. Harry R.(sic), son of Joseph and Ida Barkdoll, aged 1 year and 10 days. The little crib is empty now; The little clothes laid by; A mother's hope, a father's joy, In death's cold arm doth lie. Go little pilgrim, to thy home; On yonder blissful shore; We miss the here, but soon will come Where thou hast gone before. J.S. 4 Herman David Barkdoll b. 9-Sep-1892 d. 9-Nov-1971 m. 24 Oct 1912 Katherine Alice Shiffler b. 6 Oct 1896 d. 25 Aug 1978 Had 16 Children. SSN # 215-36-6422 Was residing with his grandfather, David F. Nigh in the 1900 Census. 4 Ada May Barkdoll b. 16-Feb-1894 d. 5-Apr-1982 m. 7-Nov-1912 Cyrus Stouffer b. 15-May-1892 d. 1-Oct-1961 4 Albert F. Barkdoll b. 8 Feb 1896 d. 20-Oct-1961 m. Hazel Beard b. 18-May-1900 d. 25-Oct-1983 Resided in Blue Ridge Summit, then later moved to Quincy and Zullinger. "Nyes of German Origin" states that Albert and Hazel had 2 sons and 4 daughters. Hazel: Obit: A resident of Piney Mt. Home, Fayetteville, formerly of 209-C Elder Ave., died at 2:30 am. She had been in failing health for a number of years and entered the home last Dec. She been at the Hospital since 10/15 when she suffered a stroke. She and her husband lived in Blue Ridge Summit, then later in Quincy and Zullinger. She lived at the Elder Ave residence for 10 yrs. She was a protestant. She had 11 grand children at the time of her death. 4 Mary C. Barkdoll b. 30 Apr 1897 d. 24-Jun-1900 Died of measles and pneumonia. In the moment preceding her death, Mary reportedly said, "I'm coming Papa. I'll hold the baby." Refering to her recently deceased father and baby brother. 4 Joseph H. Barkdoll b. 29-Jul-1899 d. 19-Jan-1900 Had difficulty with feeding from the time he was born and would consistantly spit up his milk. A brief obit was found in Helen Kaiser's notes reads as follows: INFANT: Joseph H. Barkdoll, son of Mrs. Ida K. Barkdoll, died near Halfway on the Startzman Farm, aged four months. 3 Annie B. Nigh b. 18-Dec-1866 d. 14-Feb-1927 m. Otis Smith b. 14 Mar 1867 d. 7 Dec 1936 Obit: Died at her home, 426 North Locust St., Monday evening at 5:20 from paralysis, after an illness of two years. Raised in the Leitersburg district and was a member of the Leitersburg Lutheran Church since childhood. Besides her husband she is survived by two daughters, two sisters ( Ida Barkdoll and Lydia Layman) and brothers Charles, Albert and W. Keller Nigh. 4 May Smith m. Charles Boyd Holtzman Married Charles Boyd Holtzman and lived in Hagerstown, Md. in 1927. They had no children. 4 Edna Smith m. Austin W. Toms Married Austin W. Toms and lived in Hagerstown, Md. in 1927. They had no children. 3 Lydia May Nigh b. 21-Aug-1869 d. 2-Feb-1940 m. 18 Dec 1895 Harry M. Lehman b. 31 May 1868 d. 22 Oct 1930 4 Iva May Lehman b. 27 Feb 1897 d. 8 Oct 1950 m. 1 Sep 1925 Wayne S. Crider d. 8 Oct 1950 Iva May and her husband Dr. Wayne Crider were killed in an aircraft accident. Wayne: Iva May and her husband Dr. Wayne Crider were killed in an aircraft accident. 4 Mary Katherine Lehman b. 8 Dec 1900 d. 1981 m. 12 Aug 1926 Walter L. Fiery No Children. 4 Alma Hazel Lehman b. 29 Mar 1903 m. Daniel J. Montague 4 Edna Blanche Lehman b. 28 Mar 1905 4 Ruth Helen Lehman b. 17 Mar 1907 m. 8 Aug 1935 Robert E. Miller 4 Frances Luella Lehman b. 12 Jul 1909 m. 12 Nov 1931 Ralph M. Long 3 Charles Beaver Nigh b. 21-Nov-1871 d. 20-Mar-1953 m. 20 Jan 1891 Arena Neikirk b. 12 Jan 1869 d. 6 Mar 1949 Obit: Was a well-known retired farmer and stock dealer. Died in Paramount yesterday afternoon at his daughter's home. He lived his entire life in the area and was a member of the Trinity Lutheran Church and Men's Bible Class. Had 3 daughters - Iva P.Jun 1892 b. Md.//Ethel M. Aug 1893 b. Md.//Erma abt 1902 b. Md. - I don't know who their spouses are as listed with daughter Nigh 1,2,3(Erma). 4 Clyde E. Nigh b. 15 Jul 1891 d. 24 Jul 1891 4 Iva Pearl Nigh b. 1 Jul 1892 d. abt 1965 m. Walter C. Wolfe d. bef 1965 Married Mr. Walter Wolfe and resided in Paramount in 1953. 4 Ethel Marguerite Nigh b. 16 Aug 1893 d. 6 Oct 1972 m. Ernest Dayhoff b. 1 Apr 1891 d. 19 Feb 1984 Married Mr. Ernest Dayhoff and resided in Paramount in 1953. 4 Carl Keller Nigh b. 30 Jul 1894 d. 10 Jan 1982 Resided in Hagerstown in 1953. 4 Albert D. Nigh b. 20 Nov 1895 d. 18 Sep 1896 4 Charles Howard Nigh b. 2 Feb 1897 d. 20 Apr 1982 m. Martha E. DeLauter Resided in Hagerstown in 1953. 4 Victor Calvin Nigh b. 16 Sep 1899 d. 28 Oct 1959 m. Katheryn Hammersla b. 30 Dec 1903 d. 22 May 1997 Katheryn: Mrs. Katheryn H. Nigh of Courtland St., died May 22, 1997 at Moses Cone Hosp. There was no funeral. She was survived by daughters Beverly Turner, Orlando, FL; and Dorothy Cranford of Greensboro; ten grandchildren, 14 great grand children and one great-great-grandchild. Hanes-Lineberry North Elm is assisting the family. In Lieu of flowers, memorials may be sent to Hospice at Cone Hospital , 1200 N. Elm St. Greensboro, N.C. 27401. Note: not sure if Hammersla is a middle name or surname. 4 Erma Nigh b. 3 Feb 1901 d. 1 Sep 1985 m. Paul Buterbaugh d. 6 Jul 1994 Married Mr. Paul Buterbaugh and resided in Paramount in 1953. Note an Irma Buterbaugh was born in 03 Feb 1901 and died in Sep 1985 - per SSN Death Registery. Paul: A Mr. Paul Buterbaugh was born on 6 Jul 1895 and died on 03 Feb 1994, per the SSN Death Registery. 4 E. Leroy Nigh b. 7 Feb 1903 d. 8 Sep 1980 Resided in Baltimore, Md. in 1953. Then moved to the south in later years. Erronously listed as a Catholic in his obituary - (Janet Dayhoff) 4 George B. Nigh b. 8 Apr 1905 d. 16 Feb 1982 Resided in Winston-Salem, NC in 1953. 4 Ray Ellis Nigh b. 1913 d. 30 Jan 1996 Longest living of 12 children. 4 Velma Catherine Nigh b. 1 Aug 1908 d. 5 Jan 1916 Obit: Velma Catherine the eight-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Nigh died at her home along the Leitersburg Pike yesterday afternoon at 3:30 of dyptheria after an illness of one week. Besides her parents she is survived by the following brothers and sisters; Mrs. Walter Wolfe, Leitersburg Pike; Mrs. Ernest Rayhoff (sic), near Smithsburg; Irma, Carl K., Howard C., Victor, Leroy, George and Ray, all at home. The funeral will be this afternoon at the grave by Rev. J.S. Simon, Interment in Rose Hill Cem. 3 Edward B. Nigh b. 17-May-1873 d. 17-Mar-1918 m. Fannie Funk b. 7 Oct 1870 d. 20 Dec 1930 This couple had no children - per "Nyes of German Origin" p.70 Confirmed by his obituary. He was a member of the Lutheran Church of Leitersburg, Md. He lived along the Leitersburg Pike about 3 miles north of Hagerstown. Fannie: This couple had no children - per "Nyes of German Origin" p.70 3 Albert C. Nigh b. 4-Jul-1875 d. 1967 m. Ethel Hill Wheeler b. abt 1889 4 Doris W. Nigh b. abt 1908 d. 24 May 1998 m. Leon Zahn d. 1965 Per Helen Kaiser's notes married a Mr. Zahn. Obit citation from internet: Zahn, Doris (NIGH); 90; Hagerstown MD>Columbus OH; Blade; 1998-5-26 Leon: Rev. Zahn was the director of the Lutheran Welfare Society of Northwest Ohio. 3 William Keller Nigh b. 2-Sep-1877 d. 5-Mar-1940 m. Sally Mowen Obit: Since 1933 a member of City Council from the 4th ward, W. K. Nigh died yesterday at 4:30 pm. at the Washington Co. Hospital from a heart attack. Stricken at his office in the rear of his home 42 North Ave. late Monday pm and rushed to the hospital. In business for 20 yrs Mr. Nigh was a Republican member of the City Council. He was a man of high integrity and pleasing personality. Survived by a wife, 2 daughters, & 2 brothers (Chas. & Albert). 4 William Keller Nigh Jr. m. Elizabeth Mary Henry 4 Ruby Nigh m. William J. Gilbert Married William J. Gilbert and lived in Hagerstown in 1940. 4 Lucille Nigh b. 26 Jun 1912 m. Irvin K. Bloom b. 15 Nov 1908 Married Irvin K. Bloom and lived in Hagerstown in 1940. 3 Emma L. Nigh b. 13-Nov-1879 d. 28-Aug-1923 m. Norris W. Sheffler Based on her daughter, Freda's obituary Emma Nigh apparently had two sons and two daughters. 4 Vera C. Sheffler Married a Mr. Berger and had several children. 4 Freda M. Sheffler b. 25-Apr-1911 d. 19-May-1991 m. 4-Nov-1942 Donald J. Helman Obit: Lived her early life in Leitersburg, Md. area, moving to Waynesboro in 1942. She lived at 4684 Orphanage Rd., Waynesboro, Pa. for the past 28 years. She was a member of the Five Forks Brethren in Christ Church. In addition to her husband, she is survived by several nieces and nephews. She was the last of her immediate family. She was preceded in death by one daughter, one sister and two brothers. 4 Frank N. Sheffler Unmarried. 4 Norris W. Sheffler Jr. Married and lived in Washington or Oregon. Number of children not known. 2 Catherine Nigh b. 21-May-1847 d. 9-Jul-1929 m. Samuel F. Lowman d. ??-Mar-1925 Obit: Died on Tuesday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. William Cook, from heart trouble and old age infirmities. Her husband died four years ago last March. Mrs. Lowman spent her entire life in the Leitersburg vicinity and for many years was a member of the Lutheran Church in Leitersburg. She was survived by 19 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. She was the last of her immediate family. 3 Daughter1 Lowman Married a Mr. Cook and lived in Waynesboro in 1929. 3 Daughter2 Lowman Married William Hebb and lived in Leitersburg, Md. in 1929. 3 Harvey J. Lowman Lived in Quakertown, Pa. in 1929. 3 S. Keller Lowman Lived in Pittsburg, Pa. in 1929. Ed Harne,

FromThomas J. Rosenberger — Descendants of John Wesley Rosenberger 1 [1] John Wesley Rosenberger b: 1830 in Shenandoah Co., VA d: 3 Jul 1863 in Gettysburg, PA +Mary Ann Burner b: Abt. 1829 in Shenandoah Co., VA m: 18 Dec 1851 in Page Co., .. VA d: Dec 1857 in Newport, Page Co., VA ........ 2 David P. Rosenberger b: Abt. 1852 ........ 2 Mary E. Rosenberger b: 11 Aug 1853 in Page Co., VA d: 11 Mar 1947 in Shenandoah Co., VA? ........... +Daniel Lafayette Shomo b: 27 Dec 1825 in Shenandoah Co., VA m: 10 Feb 1879 in Shenandoah Co., VA ........... d: 14 Sep 1893 in New Market, Shenandoah Co., VA ........ 2 Joseph A. L. Rosenberger b: 30 Nov 1855 *2nd Wife of [1] John Wesley Rosenberger: +Elenora Malinda Shomo b: 11 Aug 1832 in New Market, Shenandoah Co., VA m: 1 Jan 1861 in Shenandoah Co., VA d: 10 Dec 1914 in New Market, Shenandoah Co., VA ........ 2 Lelia Harris Rosenberger b: 7 Mar 1862 in Page Co., VA d: 24 May 1898 in New Market, Shenandoah Co., VA ........... +Benjamin B. O'Roark b: in Rockingham Co., VA? m: 14 Mar 1882 in Shenandoah Co., VA

This data is all well documented from a variety of sources which I can send if you need it. John Wesley Rosenberger was KIA as a Sgt. of Co. H, 33rd VA Reg, Stonewall Brigade, at Culp's Hill, Gettysburg. PA on 3 Jul 1863. He and 1st wife, Mary Ann Burner, lived on a 30 Ac. farm near Newport, Page Co. prior to the war and where Mary Ann died in 1857. You will note that a daughter from this marriage, Mary E., was Daniel Lafayette Shomo's 3rd wife, and Daniel's sister Elenora Malinda Shomo was John Wesley's 2nd wife! Elenora was living on the Page Co. farm at the time of John Wesley's estate sale in 1864. I note that your records mistakenly had Elenora Melinda as Daniel's 3rd wife.

Daniel Lafayette Shomo was a member of the CSA Staunton Artillery. Prior to the war, he was a gun smith in New Market, and after the war, he was a carpenter who built many buildings in New Market. Some of the Shomo family were the Toll House keepers at Tenth Legion about 1850 and the Benjamin O'Roark family lived at and kept the Toll House at the Massanutten Gap outside of New Market.


FromThomas J. Rosenberger —

Here is what I have pieced together on the SHOMO line to date:

Descendants of Jean Chaumontet

1 Jean Chaumontet d in Chaumont Savoy France
. 2 Prosper Chaumontet
... +Christofle Clavel m 19 Apr 1678 in Norcier Thairy hamlet near Chaumont France
.... 3 Jean-Francois Chaumontet b 1 Feb 1681/82 d 24 Oct 1747
...... +Anne Claudine Chappet b 1688 m 28 Jul 1705 in Saint-Julien Savoy France 
........d 26 Jun 1728
....... 4 Joseph Chaumontet/Shomo b 17 Nov 1723 in Saint-Julien Savoy France 
..........d 1786 in Bern Twp Berks Co PA
......... +Anna Maria Fricker m 1751 d 1765 in Bern Twp Berks Co PA
........... 5 John Shomo b 1752
........... 5 John Bernard Shomo b 1753
........... 5 Anthony Shomo b 29 Dec 1756 in Berks Co PA 
..............d Mar 1812 in New Market Shenandoah Co VA
............. +Elisabeth Rebecca Obold b 26 Jun 1767 in Berks Co PA 
................. m 1786 d 22 Dec 1842 in New Market Shenandoah Co VA
.............. 6 Johannes/John A Shomo b 29 Aug 1787 in Shenandoah (now Page) Co VA? 
..................d 21 Nov 1869 in Shenandoah Co VA?
................ +Elisabeth Mort b 16 May 1792 in Maryland m 10 Apr 1809 
..................d 1857 in New Market Shenandoah Co VA 
................. 7 Joseph Washington Shomo b 3 Oct 1811 in New Market Shenandoah Co VA
................. 7 Catharina Anna Margaretha Shomo b 25 Nov 1813 in 
....................New Market Shenandoah Co VA d 1888
................... +Solomon P Reamer b Abt 1813 m 22 Sep 1841 in Shenandoah Co VA
.................... 8 John D S Reamer b 9 Oct 1843
.................... 8 Mary E V Reamer b 9 Apr 1845
.................... 8 Frances C M Reamer b 4 Oct 1847
.................... 8 Solomon C C Reamer b 25 Sep 1849
................. 7 Johannes Anthony Shomo b 1 Jun 1816 in New Market VA 
....................d 26 Dec 1851 in Smith Creek Shenandoah Co VA
................... +Lydia O'Roark m 9 Jan 1843 in Shenandoah Co VA
................. 7 Heinrich Jacob Shomo b 5 Dec 1818 in Shenandoah Co VA 
....................d 18 Apr 1884 in Roanoke Roanoke Co VA
................... +Mary Ann Brewer m 3 Jan 1843 in Shenandoah Co VA
................. 7 Henrietta Elizabetth Shomo b 12 Feb 1821 in Shenandoah Co VA
................... +Daniel J Hunsaker m 4 Mar 1844 in Shenandoah Co VA
................. 7 Maryann Rosannah Shomo b 28 Jun 1823 in Shenandoah Co VA 
....................d 9 Feb 1895 in New Market Shen Co VA
................... +William Webster Breedlove m 16 Mar 1847 in Shenandoah Co VA
................. 7 [1] Daniel Lafayette Shomo b 27 Dec 1825 in Shenandoah Co VA 
....................d 14 Sep 1893 in New Market Shen Co VA
................... +Amanda Salyards m 4 Mar 1852 in Shenandoah Co VA d Bef 1871
................... *2nd Wife of [1] Daniel Lafayette Shomo:
................... +Caroline Burkholder b 1846 m 25 Apr 1871 in Shenandoah Co VA
................... *3rd Wife of [1] Daniel Lafayette Shomo:
................... +Mary E Rosenberger b 11 Aug 1853 in Page Co VA 
....................m 10 Feb 1879 in Shenandoah Co VA
................... d 11 Mar 1947 in Shenandoah Co VA?
................. 7 Jarutia Adalade Shomo b 3 May 1829 in Shenandoah Co VA 
....................d 5 Mar 1915 in New Market Shenandoah Co VA
................... +Jeremiah Higgs m 29 Jan 1852 in Shenandoah Co VA
................. 7 Elenora Malinda Shomo b 11 Aug 1832 in New Market 
....................Shenandoah Co VA d 10 Dec 1914
.................... in New Market Shenandoah Co VA
.................... +John Wesley Rosenberger b 1830 in Shenandoah Co VA 
.....................m 1 Jan 1861 in Shenandoah Co VA
.................... d 3 Jul 1863 in Gettysburg PA
.................... 8 Lelia Harris Rosenberger b 7 Mar 1862 in Page Co VA 
.......................d 24 May 1898 in New Market Shenandoah Co VA
...................... +Benjamin B O'Roark b in Rockingham Co VA? 
.......................m 14 Mar 1882 in Shenandoah Co VA
.............. 6 Capt Joseph Shomo b 27 Dec 1789
.............. 6 daniel Shomo b 25 Nov 1792 d 1852
................ +Dianna Reamer b 10 Sep 1803 in Berks Co PA 
..................d 1882 in Barbour Co VA
................. 7 Elim William Henry Shomo b 11 May 1822 
....................d 1909 in New Market Shenandoah Co VA
................... +Elizabeth Frances Louderback b 1825 
.....................m 1844 in Page Co VA d 1896
.................... 8 Catherine Shomo b 1849 d 1926
...................... +John William Gaines b 1841 d 1910
.............. 6 William Elone Shomo b 17 Oct 1806 d 3 Feb 1893
................ +Elizabeth Susan Titlow m 12 Oct 1831
................. 7 Thomas J Shomo b 1832 d 1916
................... +Martha Jane Beaver b 1832 d 1902
..................... 8 Samuel Luther Shomo b 1869 d 1945
....................... +Ida Florence Spitzer b 1871 d 1945
......................... 9 Glen Keller Shomo b 1898 d 1977
........................... +Eva Lillian Brown b 1897
............................. 10 Glen Keller Shomo Jr
............................... +Rosemary Elinor Burkett
............................. 10 [2] Carolyn Brown Shomo
............................... +John Adam Mitchell Jr b 1918 d 1970
............................. *2nd Husband of [2] Carolyn Brown Shomo:
............................... +Leroy Vernon
............................. 10 Joann Shomo
............................... +Hamilton Scherer Gambill
............................. 10 Richard Neil Shomo
............................... +Jo Ann Driver b 1932 d 1966
............................. 10 Phillip Douglas Shomo
............................... +Miriam Rowland
................. 7 daniel Godfrey Shomo b 1833
................... +???
..................... 8 Lizzie Shomo
....................... +Isaac Schaeffer m 8 Jan 1886
................. 7 Sophia C Shomo b 1835
................. 7 Ann Maria Shomo b 1837
................. 7 Caroline Charlotte Shomo b 1839
................. 7 William David Shomo b 1841
................. 7 Barbara S Shomo b 1843
................. 7 Elizabeth Susan Shomo b 1847
........... 5 Joseph Shomo b 1759
..... 3 Joseph Chaumontet
..... 3 Etienette Chaumontet
..... 3 Pierre Louis Chaumontet
..... 3 Francois Chaumontet
..... 3 Pierre Marie Chaumontet
..... 3 Jean Chaumontet
..... 3 Jean Claude Chaumontet
.. 2 Ayma Chaumontet
.. 2 Francois Chaumontet
This is from many different sources The ancestry of Anthony Shomo (1756-1812) and some of his descendants is from three FTM World Family Tree disks: Vol. 2, Tree # 3477; Vol. 8, Tree # 1845; Vol. 22, Tree # 2135, and is undocumented. Notes indicate that Anthony and his father, Joseph, fought in the Rev. War. Many Shomo Reamer (Riemer) and Rosenberger births and baptisms are documented in the 1983 Stewart and Wust publication, DAVIDSBURG CHURCH BAPTISMS 1785-1845. This Davidsburg Lutheran Church split in about 1821 to become St. Matthews Lutheran Church and Emmanuel Lutheran Church. These two churches came back together in 1956 as Reformation Lutheran Church.

Much interesting and valuable information concerning the New Market area and families has been found in William A. Good's 1992 book, SHADOWED by the MASSANUTTEN, which containes newspaper articles and obits, family histories, gravestone inscriptions, and many court records.

Another tremendous source is Judy Campbell's website, Mt. View Research,, which you need to visit if you are not already aware of it.

FromThomas J. Rosenberger —


FromThomas J. Rosenberger —
Below are some bits and pieces concerning the list of names that you sent earlier and that I have found in the resources that I have here at home.

The Shomo, Tidler(Titler), Hottel, Hilbert(Halbert,Hilbart), Reamer(Riemer), Breedlove, Henkel, and Higgs(Higs) families are all found in the early records of New Market, VA between 1792 and 1810. The first reference to a Mort is a Mary Mort found in the 1820 census as a head of household in New Market. A Mary Mort (77, F, W, born PA) is found in the 1850 census household of Samuel (52, M, W, Hatter, born VA) and Margaret (52, F, W, born VA) Tidler in New Market. The 1810 census household of John Shomo in New Market contains one male (John?) and one female (Elizabeth Mort?), both 16-26. The 1850 census household in New Market of John Shomo (62,M,W, Joiner, born PA) includes Elizabeth (51, F, W, born MD), Daniel L. (24, M, W, Joiner, born VA), Jerusia (22, F, W, born VA), Eleanora (17, F, W, born VA), and a George W. Buzzle (11, M, W, born VA). I would suspect, from the above, that Margaret Tidler and Elizabeth Shomo were sisters and that Mary Mort (born PA Abt. 1773) was their mother. I would also think that this Mort family was in the vicinity of New Market by 1810. John Shomo was noted as the bondsman for the marriage of Samuel Tidler and Margaret Mort on 8 Jan 1822. The births of seven of the children of Samuel and Margaret Tidler, between 1822 an 1835, are noted in the Davidsburg Church records. Anna Maria Mort, daughter of Abraham, married J. A. Hottel on 11 Mar 1850 in Shenandoah Co., and John Mort married Barbara Ann Kneisley in Shenandoah Co., on 19 Dec 1850. A John Mort married Harriet Henkel, daughter of George, on 22 Feb 1822 in Shenandoah Co.

The births and baptisms for all of the children on John and Elizabeth (Mort) Shomo are shown in the Davidsburg Church records from 1811 through 1832. Catharina Ann Marie Shomo, daughter of John, married Solomon Reamer, son of Daniel, on 22 Sep 1841, bondsman Henry Shomo. Mary Ann Rosannah Shomo, daug hter of John, married William Breedlove on 16 Mar 1847, Nathaniel O'Roark bondsman. John and Elizabeth Shomo were the sponsors at the Davidsburg baptism 11 Jan 1811 of Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Jacob and Maria Anna Hilbart. Was she Mary (Mort) Hilbert, and a sister of Margaret and Elizabeth?

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Family Records of Letitia Mort Bradley
daughter of David & Letitia (Hughes) Mort
From:Carole Warnecki:
16. Michael Daniel BRADLEY 4, G Grandfather. Born on Apr 7, 1860 in Lilly, Pa. Michael Daniel died in Lilly, Pa. on Jul 7, 1927, he was 67.5 Buried on Jul 11, 1927 in St. Brigids Cemetery, Lilly, Pa. Occupation: Coal Miner. Religion: Catholic. In 1894 when Michael Daniel was 33, he married Mary Ann CALLAHAN 4, G Grandmother, daughter of James CALLAHAN (1850-) & Elizabeth FARREN (1850-). Born on Jan 14, 1870 in Lilly, Pa. Mary Ann died in Lilly, Pa. on Mar 15, 1944, she was 74. Buried in St. Brigids Cemetery, Lilly, Pa. Occupation: Domestic. Religion: Catholic. Alias/AKA: Molly. They had the following children:
 79	i.	James Patrick BRADLEY (1892-1940) 
80	ii.	Patrick (1891-1957)
81	iii.	Michael (1900-)
82	iv.	Anastasia (1907-1987)
83	v.	Gerald
84	vi.	Lizzie
85	vii.	Margaret
86	viii.	Susan
87	ix.	Stuart
88	x.	Mildred
79. James Patrick BRADLEY 5, Grandfather. Born on Feb 11, 1892 in Pa. James Patrick died in Piper Coal Mine, Lilly Pa. on Aug 28, 1940, he was 48. Buried in St. Brigids Cemetery, Lilly, Pa. Occupation: Coal miner. Religion: Catholic. Soc. Sec Num: 190-10-6995. On August 28, 1940, Jim Bradley was killed in a mining accident in Piper Coal Mine, Lilly, Pa. His fatal injuries included a crushed skull, broken neck, broken back, fractured right leg. He was laid out at his home on Main Street, Lilly, Pa. James Patrick married Letitia MORT , Grandmother, daughter of David MORT & Letitia HUGHES . Born in 1896. Letitia died in Niagara Falls, NY. on Jun 2, 1959, she was 63. Buried in St. Brigids Cemetery, Lilly, Pa. Religion: Catholic. After Jim Bradleys death, Letitia (Let) married Mr. Morgan and she died in Niagara Falls, NY. She is buried next to Jim Bradley at St. Brigids, Lilly PA. They had the following children:
244	i.	Gerald Joseph BRADLEY (1914-1995)
245	ii.	Catherine BRADLEY
246	iii.	William BRADLEY (1915-1984)
247	iv.	Mary BRADLEY (1919-1979)
244. Gerald Joseph BRADLEY, Father. Born on May 9, 1914 in Lilly, PA. Gerald Joseph died in Landover Hills, MD. on May 5, 1995, he was 80. Occupation: Coal Miner, Hotel Worker. Religion: Catholic. Alias/AKA: Piney Also known as Buzz. On Sep 7, 1935 when Gerald Joseph was 21, he married Grace Rita McALEER, Mother, daughter of Michael Vincent McALEER (1886-1957) & Nancy Regina BOLGER (1889-1934), in Cumberland, MD. Born on May 16, 1916 in Lilly, PA. Religion: Catholic. They had the following children:
392	i.	James BRADLEY (1941-)
393	ii.	Nancy Letitia BRADLEY (1943-)
394	iii.	Carole Ann BRADLEY (1952-)
395	iv.	Barbara Lee BRADLEY (1955-)
396	v.	Mary Jane BRADLEY (1960-)
245. Catherine BRADLEY, Aunt. Born in Lilly, PA. Catherine married Charles CONWAY. Born on Mar 30, 1914. Charles died in Buffalo, NY. on Apr 9, 1981, he was 67. Soc. Sec Num: 193-05-6270. They had the following children:
397	i.	Donald CONWAY
398	ii.	Catherine CONWAY
246. William BRADLEY, Uncle. Born in 1915 in Lilly, PA. William died in Niagara Falls, NY. in May 1984, he was 69. Soc. Sec Num: 134-07-5132. William married GERALDINE. Born on Jun 12, 1922 in Lilly, PA. died in Niagara Falls, NY. on Jun 2, 1991, she was 68. Soc. Sec Num: 175-18-6666. They had the following children:
399	i.	William BRADLEY
400	ii.	Judith BRADLEY
247. Mary BRADLEY, Aunt. Born on Dec 13, 1919 in Lilly, PA. Mary died in Sep 1979, she was 59. Soc. Sec Num: 162-16-1645. Alias/AKA: Mooch. Mary married Charles McEWAN. They had the following children:
401	i.	Rodney McEWAN.
402	ii.	Choddy McEWAN.
403	iii.	David McEWAN.
404	iv.	James McEWAN.
405	v.	Mickey McEWAN.

From:Carole Warnecki

FromGary Nigh — A Genealogy of the Nye Family — Volume III NYES OF GERMAN ORIGIN Assembled by R. GLEN NYE, San Diego, Calif., member So. Calif. Genealogical Society Technical editing by MRS. BUFORD C. CURTIS, Fort Worth, Tex. member Texas Genealogical Society Published under the auspices of The Nye Family of America Association Inc., 1965 PAGE 57 FOURTH GENERATION 2. SAMUEL NIGH (Henry 1), born near Hummelstown, Pa. on Nov. 10 or 11, 1809. He was baptized at the Bindnagle Evangelical Lutheran Church near Palmyra, Pa. on Mar. 3, 1810. His sponsors at the baptism were Jacob Stroh and his wife. The church records there give his birth date as Nov. 11, 1809. His father's name, Henry, is given in the church records, but no given name is listed for his mother. Samuel moved with his father's family to Letterkenny Township, Franklin Co., Pa., where he was reared and obtained a common school education. In early manhood he was employed at brick-making and farm labor at Waynesboro, Pa. From there he removed to the Leitersburg District of Maryland where he resided until his death. He married Lydia Mort. They had 5 children. Samuel was a Whig and later a Republican. He died June 22, 1891 and is buried with his wife at the Lutheran Churchyard in Leitersburg, Md. Children: * 9. John W. Nigh, 1834-1893. * 10. Samuel T. Nigh, No dates. * 11. David Franklin Nigh, 1841-1918. 12. Susan Nigh, no dates. She married Jacob Lowman. 13. Kate Nigh, no dates. She married Samuel F. Lowman. PAGE 68 FIFTH GENERATION 9. JOHN W. NIGH (Samuel 2, Henry 1), born in 1834 in the Leitersburg, Md. district. Was married (1st) to Emily Jane Slick, born in 1842. It is thought they had one son, Samuel. Emily died in 1864. John was married (2nd) to Mary Elizabeth Fridinger, born in 1841. John organized and directed the Leitersburg Band. He fought in the Civil War with Cole's Cavalry, Co. C. , Pennsylvania Home Brigade. John and Mary had 6 children. He died in 1893 and is buried in the Lutheran Churchyard in Leitersburg, Md. with his first wife. Mary died in 1923 and is buried in Rose Hill Cem., Hagerstown, Md. in the plot of her daughter and son-in-law Emma and Mayberry Patterson. Children: 34. Samuel D. Died in 1863. He was 2 yrs., 11 mos. and 27 days old. He is buried in the Lutheran Churchyard, Leitersburg, Md. *34A. Charles Perkins, 1870-1940. 35. John Richardson, born Mar 9, 1872. Married to Louisa May Socks, born in 1877. They had no children. She died in 1948. He died in 1949. They are buried in Rose Hill Cem. , Hagerstown, Md. 36. Carrie Grace. She was born Jan. 27, 1874. Married to John Clinton Shannon. They had one son, James Gordon Shannon. Carrie died in Mar., 1927. John died in 1930. They are buried in Rose Hill Cem., Hagerstown, Md. 37. Emma Helen, horn Sept. 15, 1877. Married to Mayberry Irwin Patterson. They had 2 children. Mr. Patterson died in 1925 and is buried in Rose Hill Cem., Hagerstown, Md. Emma manages the Patterson Hotel at Franklin and Potomac Sts. in Hagerstown, Md. Children: i. Helen Jane Patterson, Born Sept. 14, 1915. She died Sept. 27, 1915 and is hurled in Rose Hill Cem., Hagerstown, Md. ii. Mayberry Irwin Patterson, Jr., born Dec. 30, 1917. He was married (1st) to Mary Louise Messersmith. Theyhad one daughter, Christina Anne Patterson, born Jan. 8, 1942. He and Mary were divorced. He was married (2nd) to ___________ They had no children and are now divorced. 37A. Anna Maude, born in 1879. Died in 1879. *38. Frank Clayton, 1881-1937. 10. SAMUEL T. NIGH (Samuel 2, Henry 1), born in the Leitersbury, Md. district. Little is known of him except that he left Leitersburg after the end of the Civil War and settled in Springfield, Ohio. He was married and had two children, one of whom is not known by name. Children: 39. Albert, Married. Lived in the Springfield, Ohio area at one time. 39A. Daughter. Married. 11. DAVID FRANKLIN NIGH (Samuel 2, Henry 1). He was born on June 9, 1841 in the Leitersburg, Md. district. In 1864 he was married to Mary J. Beaver, daughter of Philip and Ann (Snodderly) Beaver. In 1889 they moved to North Bellevue, a tract of 275 acres near Hagerstown, owned by the Hamilton estate, which David then operated. In addition to farming, he also was engaged in raising thoroughbred stock, Including Holstein Friesians. In 1905 David was elected one of the County Commissioners of Washington Co. , Md. and served 2 terms. He was a Republican. David and Mary had 8 children. She died on May 7, 1909. He died Aug. 6, 1918. They are buried In the mausoleum in Rose Hill Cem., Hagerstown, Md. Children: 40. Lydia May, born Aug. 21, 1869. She married Harry M. Lehman, born May 31, 1868. They were married on Dec. 18, 1895 and had 6 daughters. He died Oct. 22, 1930. She died Feb 2, 1940. Children: i. Iva May Lehman, born Feb. 27, 1897. She married Dr. Wayne S. Crider on Sept. 1, 1925. They had 3 children. Iva May and Dr. Crider were both killed on Oct. 8, 1950 in an aircraft accident. Children: a. Dr. John R. Crider, born Oct. 3, 1927. Married Jan. 15, 1950 to Marilyn Weber. They live In Sheridan, Wyoming and have 7 children. Children: Karen Ann Crider, born Nov. 13, 1950. John Adair Crider, born Aug. 6, 1952 Michael Lehman Crider, born July 7, 1954. Kyle William Crider, born Apr. 6, 1956. Kelley Wayne Crider, born Dec. 4, 1957. Neal Stuart Crider, born May 7, 1960. A twin. Nelson Myles Crider, born May 7, 1960. A twin. b. Mary Jane Crider, born Jan. 9, 1929. She married Thomas Steele Young, the 3rd, on April 25, 1953. They reside at 1911 Alta Oaks Ave. , Arcadia, California and have 4 children. Children: Stephen Wayne Young, born Jan. 22, 1955. Douglas Stewart Young, born July 18, 1956. Judith Ann Young, born Nov. 20, 1957. Thomas Steele Young, 4th, born Sept. 1, 1958. c. Wayne Stuart Crider, born May 31, 1932. Married Betty Neibert on May 22, 1954. They live at Hagerstown, Md. and have 2 children. Children: Wayne Stuart Crider, Jr., born May 30, 1955. Catherine Carol Crider, born Jan. 21, 1958. ii. Mary Katherine Lehman, born Dec. 8, 1900. Married Walter L. Fiery on Aug. 12, 1926. They live at 302 N. Potomac St. , Hagerstown, Md. No children. iii. Alma Hazel Lehman, born Mar. 29, 1903. She married Daniel J. Montague. He is deceased. Alma lives at 1015 Olvie St. , Coatesville, Pa. They had 2 children. Children: a. Barbara Ann Montague, born Aug. 29, 1929. She lives at Coatesville, Pa. b. Daniel J. Montague, Jr. , born Oct. 2, 1937. He is married to Patricia McClung. They were married on Nov. 28, 1959 and have 2 children. At present they are living in Germany. Children: Theodore Chariton Montague, born Dec. 23, 1961. Timothy Hale Montague, born Mar. 10, 1964. iv. Edna Blanche Lehman, horn Mar. 28, 1905. She resides at 302 N. Potomac St., Hagerstown, Md. v. Ruth Helen Lehman, born Mar. 17, 1907. She married Robert E. Miller on Aug. 8, 1935. They live at 302 N. Potomac St. , Hagerstown, Md. They had one son. Child: Robert E. Miller, Jr. , born Nov. 9, 1938. He married Judith Foltz on Sept. 18, 1961. They live in Missoula, Montana. vi. Frances Luella Lehman, born July 12, 1909. She married Ralph M. Long on Nov. 12, 1931. They live at 902 Spruce St. , Hagerstown, Md. They have 2 children. Children: a. Judith Lehman Long, born Feb. 5, 1933. She married Ralph E. Hess, Jr. on Aug. 8, 1959. They live at 208 Long View Rd., Hagerstown, Md. They have 2 children. Children: Brian Edgar Hess, Born May 27, 1960. Douglas Alan Hess, born Jan. 15, 1963. b. Thomas McClellan Long, born Oct. 24, 1937. He married Beverly Shartz on Sept. 26, 1961 and they have one child. Child: Susan Jean Long, born Feb. 12, 1963. * 41. Charles Beaver, 1871-1953. 42. Edward B., born May 17, 1873. Married Fannie Funk, born Oct. 7, 1870. They had no children. He died Mar. 19, 1918. She died Dec. 20, 1930. Both of them are buried in the mausoleum in Rose Hill Cem. Hagerstown, Md. * 43. Albert C. , 1875- * 44. William Keller, 1877-1940. 45. Ida K. She was married to Joseph Barkdoll. There were 4 children. Children: i. Herman Barkdoll. He married Catherine Sheffler and had a number of children. ii. Albert Barkdoll. He married Hazel Beard. Albert is deceased. They had 2 sons and 4 daughters. iii. Earl Barkdoll. He married Daisy Hartle. iv. Ada Barkdoll. She married Cyrus Stouffer. 46. Annie B. She was married to Otis Smith. They had 2 daughters. Both Annie and Otis are now deceased. Children: i. May Smith. She married Boyd Holtzman. She is deceased and is buried in a cemetery in Waynesboro. There was no issue. ii.Edna Smith. She married Auston Toms. There were no children. She is deceased and is buried in a cemetery in Waynesboro, Pa. 47. Emma. She was married to Norris Sheffler. Both are now deceased. They had 2 sons and 2 daughters. Children: i. Vera Sheffler. Married to ____ Berger. They had several children. ii. Freda Sheffler. She was married but had no children. iii. Frank Sheffler. Unmarried. iv. Norris Sheffler, Jr. He is married and living in Washington or Oregon. Number of children unknown. PAGE 87 SIXTH GENERATION 34A. CHARLES PERKINS NIGH (John W. 9, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Sept. 21, 1870. He was married (1st) to Sarah Berry Lorshbaugh. They had 2 children. Sarah is deceased. He was married (2nd) to Nettle Brezier. Charles and Nettie had 2 children. Nettie is deceased. Charles died in Feb., 1940 and is buried In Rose Hill Cem., Hagerstown, Md. Children: 98. Mary Catherine, born July 10, 1894. Married to Freaner Futterer Logan. They had 3 children: William Nigh Logan -known as "Jack'; Richard Lee Logan and Jo Ann Logan. Freaner is deceased. Mary lives at 703 Washington Ave., Hagerstown, Md. 99. Charles Howard. Unmarried. Now deceased. 100. Paul Burton. Married to Mary Shaw. They reside in Baltimore, Md. and have no children. * 101. Clyde David, 19?? - 38. FRANK CLAYTON NIGH (John W. 9, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Dec. 17, 1881. Married to Harriet Louise Matz, born Nov. 9, 1885. They had 8 children. She died Aug. 5, 1934. He died Aug. 26, 1937. They are buried in Rose Hill Cem., Hagerstown, Md. Children: 102. William Franklin, born Sept. 18, 1905. Married to Jayne Lucille Huth. They have no children and reside at 225 E. Irvin Ave., Hagerstown, Md. 103.Pauline Helen, born Jan. 31, 1907. Married to Charles Edward Crampton, Jr. They have no children. Their address is Snyder's Landing, Sharpsburg, Md. * 104. Richard Ragan Holland, 1909 - 105. Louise Velma, born Mar. 23, 1911. Married to Emory C. Cline. They had no children. She died July 27, 1942. 106. John Washington, born Feb. 22, 1913. He died Jan. 25, 1918 after an accident in which a motorcycle fell on him. 107. Mildred Jane, born Oct. 30, 1914. Married Harry Clinton Gordon, Jr. They have 3 children and reside at 101 Cypress Ave., Hagerstown, Md. Harry is associated with his father in Gordon's Grocery Store in Hagerstown, Md. Children: i. Thomas Anthony Gordon, born Jan. 5, 1939. Single. ii. Cynthia Louise Gordon, born May 17, 1942. Married to Frank Ewing Bushey, III. They have one daughter and reside in Cavetown, Md. Frank is associated in the Cavetown Planing Mill business with his father and uncles. Child: a. Kimberly Louise Bushey, born July 31, 1962. iii. John Nigh Gordon, born Dec. 22, 1954. 108. Mary Virginia, born June 29, 1918. Married to Russell Winfleld Long, Jr. They reside in Baltimore, Md. and have one son. Child: i. Michael Winfield Long. 109. Dorothy Winona, born Jan. 12, 1921. Married to William S. Seibert. They live In Frederick, Md. and have no children. 41. CHARLES BEAVER NIGH (David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born in 1871. Married to Rena B. Neikirk, born in 1869. They had 12 children. She died in 1949. He died in 1953. They are buried in the mausoleum in Rose Hill Cem., Hagerstown, Md. Children: 110. Clyde E., born July 15, 1891. Died July 24, 1891. 111. Iva Pearl, born June 1, 1892. She married Walter Wolfe. They had one son, Roy Wolfe. 112. Ethel M. , born Aug. 16, 1893. She married Ernest Dayhoff. They had two children. Children: i. Donald Dayhoff. ii. Helen Dayhoff. She married Jack Kitzmiller. * 113. Carl Keller, 1894 - 114. Albert D. , born Nov. 30, 1895. Died Sept. 18, 1896. * 115. Charles Howard, 1897 - * 116. Victor CalvIn, 1899 - 1959. 117. Erma M., born Feb. 3, 1901. She married Paul Buterbaugh. They had one son and reside on Route 6, Hagerstown, Md. Child: i. Robert Paul Buterbaugh, born Sept. 17, 1924. On April 6, 1948 he married Alfredah Delanah Baker, born Sept. 12, 1928. He is an engineer at Pangborne Corp., Hagerstown, Md. They reside on Route 6, Hagerstown, Md. and have no children. * 118. Edward Leroy, 1903 - * 119. George Beaver, 1905 - 120. Velma Catherine, born Oct. 1, 1908. She died Jan. 5, 1916. * 121. Ray Ellis, 1913 - 43. ALBERT C. NIGH (David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born July 4, 1875. He married Ethel Wheeler of Baltimore, Md. on Oct. 10, 1906. She was born July 4, 1888. They have one child and reside at 57 W. Washington St. , Hagerstown, Md. Child: 122. Doris Wheeler, born Feb. 15, 1908. She married the Rev. Leon Zahn. They have two children. Children: i. Pamela Zahn. ii. Geoffrey Zahn. 44. WILLIAM KELLER NIGH (David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), bornSept. 2, 1877. Married to Sarah (Sallie) S. Mowen, born Mar. 29, 1883. They had 3 children. He died Mar. 5, 1940. She died Jan. 10, 1948. They are buried in Rest Haven Cem., Hagerstown, Md. Children: 123. M. Ruby, born Sept. 1, 1907. Married to William J. Gilbert of Virginia. They have no children. They reside at 218 Mealey Parkway, Hagerstown, Md. 124. Lucille L., born June 27, 1912. Married to Irvin K. Bloom. There are 2 children and 4 grandchildren. The Bloom's reside at 956 View St., Hagerstown, Md. Children: i. Nancy L. Bloom. Married to Stephen R. Moulton. ii. Gerald N. Bloom. Married to Mary Elizabeth Inwood. * 125. William Keller, Jr. , 1913 - PAGE 101 SEVENTH GENERATION 101. CLYDE DAVID NIGH (Charles Perkins, 34, Jokn W. 9, Samuel 2, Henry 1), Married to Lillian ______. They reside in Baltimore and have one daughter. Child: 205. Peggy Lee 104. RICHARD RAGAIN HOLLAND NIGH (Frank C. 38, John W. 9, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Jan. 4, 1909. Married to Alethea Magdalene Eckstine, born July 10, 1906. They have 2 daughters and reside at 307 Garlinger Ave., Hagerstown, Md. He is employed at the Mack Truck Co., Hagerstown, Md. Children: 206. Harriett Betty, born Sept. 13, 1935. Married to Ralph Irvin Elliott. She is a graduate of Shepherd College, Shepherdstown, W. Va. and taught at Suitland High School, Suitland, Md. for a time. Ralph is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in chemical engineering. They have one son and reside in Rochester, N.Y. Child: i. Brian Nigh Elliott, born Mar. 22, 1960. 207. Rose Marie, born Oct. 19, 1939. Married to Harry Theodore Barger, Jr. They have one son and live at 201 W.Howard St., Hagerstown, Md. Child: i. Kirk Lynn Barger, born Sept. 7, 1962, In London, England. 113. CARL KELLER NIGH (Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Aug. 30, 1894. He is married to Theo Hemphill and they have 7 children. They reside at 200 N. Cannon Ave., Hagerstown, Md. Children: * 208. Carl Kenneth, 1919 - * 209. Charles Robert, 1921 - * 210. Harold Richard, 1924 - * 211. Donald Eugene, 1928 - * 212. David Lee, 1932 - 213. Betty Lorraine, born Jan. 15, 1935. Married to Harold Delauter. They reside at 1820 Gilbert Ave. , Hagerstown, Md. and have no children. * 214. Gerald Preston, 1936 - 115. CHARLES HOWARD NIGH (Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Feb. 21, 1897. He married Martha Delauter. They have 5 chIldren and reside at 64 Randolph Ave., Hagerstown, Md. Children: * 215. Paul Ellis, 1920 - 216. Frances Anita, born June 20, 1921. Married to Wilfred Karn. They have 3 children and reside at 850 Noland Dr., Hagerstown, Md. Children: i. Terry Ellis Karn ii. Douglas Leroy Karn iii. Charles Kirk Karn * 217. Richard Wolfinger, 1928 - * 218. Howard LaDue, 1931 - * 219. Edwin Leroy, 1932 - 116. VICTOR CALVIN NIGH (Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Aug. 16, 1899. Married to Catherine Virginia Hammersla, born Dec. 30, 1903. They had 2 children. He died in Oct. , 1959. Catherine resides in Georgia. Children: 220. Beverly Estelle, born Jan. 13, 1926. Married to Ralph Edward Turner. They live in Florida and have 3 daughters and 1 son. Their oldest child is Sheila Katheryn Turner. 221. Dorothy Virginia, born Mar. 19, 1927. She is married to John Free Cranford, Jr., born July 30, 1921. They have 6 children and live in Greensboro, North Carolina. Their oldest child is Katheryn Lynn Cranford, born Nov. 21, 1948. 118. EDWARD LEROY NIGH (Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Feb. 7, 1903. He married Margaret Genevieve Miller. They live at 7725 Morris Ave. , Apt. 3, Washington, D.C., 20023. They had 3 children. Edward is a civilian employee at Andrews Air Force Base. Children: * 222. Edward Leroy, Jr., 1927 - 223. Peggy L., born June 22, 1929. Married (1st) to Thomas H. Liles. They were divorced. Married (2nd) _________. They live In Columbia, South Carolina. 224. Carol Virginia, born Dec. 16, 1937. Married to Ferris Door. They live at 1131 Highland Ave. , Augusta, Georgia. 119. GEORGE BEAVER NIGH (Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Apr. 8, 1905. He was married (1st) to Thelma Lee Allen. They had 3 children. She is deceased. He married (2nd) Nina ____ They were divorced. He married (3rd) Mary ____ and reside in Winston- Salem, North Carolina. Children: 225. Carl Boyd, born July 22, 1932. He is married and lives in Indiana. They have no children. 226. Loretta Lee, born Oct. 22, 1935. She married L. G. Swain and lives in Kernersville, North Carolina. 227. Virginia Gail, born Mar. 26, 1945. Married and lives in Winston-Salem, N. C. 121. RAY ELLIS NIGH (Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1) born Sept. 28, 1913. He was married (1st) to Audrey Mullendore. They had 3 children. They were divorced. He was married (2nd) to Evelyn Viar and they have no children. They reside at 101 N. Colonial Drive, Hagerstown, Md.. Audrey remarried, to Lloyd Bowser and lives in Laurel, Md. with the two younger Nigh children. Children: * 228. Jerry Ellis, 1933 - 229. Judith Louise, born June 20, 1941 In Washington, D. C. She graduated from Michigan State with a B. S. in Education. She is a physical education instructor. Her residence is with her mother and step-father in Laurel, Md. 230. Jay Ray, born in Feb., 1951. He is known as "Jack". He lives with his mother and step-father in Laurel, Md. 125. WILLIAM KELLER NIGH, JR. (William K. 44, David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Nov. 29, 1913. He married Elizabeth Henry of Williamsport, Md. They have 2 chIldren and reside at 169 Manse Rd., Hagerstown, Md. Children: * 231. William Keller, 3rd, 1939 - 232. Ruby Audette, Married to C. Frank Schleigh. They have no children. PAGE 113 EIGHTH GENERATION 208. CARL KENNETH NIGH (Carl K. 113, Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born June 15, 1919. Married to Emily _____ from Trenton, N. J. He was in the Air Force during World War II serving in the European Theatre. Carl and Emily have 4 children and live in Trenton, New Jersey. Children: 327. William Henry 328. Linda 329. Carol 330. Gary 209. CHARLES ROBERT NIGH (Carl K. 113, Charles B. 41, David F 4, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Jan. 20, 1921. Married Betty Fortney from Martinsburg, West Virginia. He is a Chief Petty Officer in the U. S. Navy presently stationed at Pensacola, Florida where his family lives. He has been in the service since 1940. They have 4 children. Children: 331. James Robert 332. Ronald Lee 333. Janice 334. Patricia 210. HAROLD RICHARD NIGH (Carl K. 113, Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Mar. 26, 1924. Married Edna Christian from Virginia. He was with the 82nd Airborne Division as a Paratrooper during World War H serving in the European Theatre. Harold and Edna have 6 children and live in Baltimore, Md. Children: 335. Jackie Gwen 336. Vickie Lynn 337. Harold Richard, Jr. 338. Sharon 339. Raymond Keller 340. Patricia 211. DONALD EUGENE NIGH (Carl K. 113, Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Nov. 2, 1928. Married Erma Kendell from Chewsville, Md. He was in the U. S. Army during the Korean War and was stationed in Korea. They have 4 children and reside in Chewsville, Md. Children: 341. Charles Robert 342. Joanie Lynn 343. James Eugene 344. Larry 212. DAVID LEE NIGH (Carl K. 113, Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born July 19, 1932. Married (1st) to Ethel Burhman. They had one daughter and were divorced. He was married (2nd) to Norma Statler. They have one son. David was a PFC in the U. S. Army from 1953 to 1955 and served in the Army of Occupation in Korea after the war. They live on Franklin St. , Hagerstown, Md.. Children: 345. Janet Lorraine, lives in Hagerstown, Md. with her paternal grandparents. 346. Randy Lee 214. GERALD PRESTON NIGH (Carl K. 113, Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Feb. 26, 1936. Married to Dolly Reed. They reside on N, Mulberry St., Hagerstown, Md. and have 2 children. Children: 347. Wanda 348. Brenda 215. PAUL ELLIS NIGH (Charles H. 115, Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Jan. 28, 1920, Married to Vivian Henson. He was in the U. S. Navy stationed in the U. S. during the Korean War. They have 3 children and live at 1765 Sheridan Ave. , Hagerstown, Md. Children: *349. Paul Nervin 350. Robert Edwin 351. Deborah Sue 217. RICHARD WOLFINGER NIGH (Charles H. 115, Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Aug. 14, 1928. Married (1st) to JoAn Crout. They had no children. He was married (2nd) to June Davis. They have one son. June has another child to a previous marriage. Richard was a Corporal in the U. S. Army stationed in Germany during the Korean War. They reside at Funkstown, Hagerstown, Md. Child: 352. Robert Howard 218. HOWARD LADUE NIGH (Charles H. 115, Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, henry 1), born Mar. 9, 1931. Married to Beverly Joyce Teague, They have 2 children, Their residence is at 46 Randolph Ave., Hagerstown, Md. Children: 353. Vickie Lee 354. Cathy Jo 219. EDWIN LEROY NIGH (Charles H. 115, Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Sept. 9, 1932. Married to Mary Louise Shupp. He was a Sgt. in the U. S. Air Force stationed in Japan during the Korean War. They have 2 children and live at 57 Scotthill Drive, Hagerstown, Md. Children: 355. Edwin Leroy, Jr. 356. Anthony 222. EDWARD LEROY NIGH, JR. (Edward L. 118, Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Aug. 25, 1927. Married to Mary -. They reside in Arizona. Edward Leroy is known as "William". They have 2 children. Children: 357. Son ____ 358. Daughter ____ 228. JERRY ELLIS NIGH (Ray F. 121, Charles B. 41, DavId F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Aug. 23, 1933. He is married to Shirley Ann Lickey, born Dec. 26,1935. They have one son and live at 37 N. Colonial Drive, Hagerstown, Md. Child: 359. David Ellis, born Dec. 26, 1963. 231. WILLIAM KELLER NIGH, 3RD (William K., Jr. 125, William K. 44, David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Jan. 31, 1939. He is married to Nancy Nunamaker, They have 2 children and live at 1709 Burnside Ave., Hagerstown, Md. Children: 360. Kelly Sue 361. William Kurt, born in 1964. PAGE 118 NINTH GENERATION 349. PAUL NERVIN NIGH (Paul F. 215, Charles H. 115, Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), married to Betty Lou Preston. They have one son. Child: 390. Philip Preston, born in 1963.
Cincinnati Enquirer (Ohio), Obituaries, 1998-1999 KENTUCKY OBITUARIES October 28, 1997, Page: B1A
Obituary: Genevieve L. Mahaney, 74, a homemaker, died Saturday. Surviving are three sons, Howell H. Mahaney III of Independence, Dennis Mahaney of Melbourne and Otis C. Mahaney of Fort Thomas; two daughters, Jukeila L. Clinkenbeard of Alexandria and Norritta A. Pugh of Silver Grove; two brothers, Walter Dennis of Silver Grove and Robert Dennis of Independence; three sisters, Wilda Jean DeMoss and Wilma Jane McDonald, both of Silver Grove, and Marcheta Mort of Elwood, Ind.; 14 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband, Howell H. Mahaney Jr. There is no visitation, and the service will be at the convenience of the family. Cremation will be at Hillside Chapel in Cincinnati. Alexandria Funeral Home is handling arrangements. Memorials can be made to the American Cancer Society, 4130 Dixie Highway, Erlanger 41018.

 York Daily Record  (Pennsylvania), Obituary, December 1, 1998,
EAST BERLIN - Teena I. (Dern) Mort, 41, of 103 W. King St., East Berlin, died Sunday at Hanover Hospital. She was the companion of Paul Highlands. A graveside service will be 10 a.m. Saturday in East Berlin Union Cemetery. There will be no viewing. The Feiser Funeral Home Inc., 306 Harrisburg St., East Berlin, is in charge of arrangements. Ms. Mort was born Jan. 19, 1957, in York. She was the daughter of Josephine C. (Stump) Golden of New Oxford, and the late Donald L. Dern. Ms. Mort also is survived by a son, Michael A. Mort II of East Berlin; two daughters, Jessica Mort of York and Jamie Mort of Windsor; three grandchildren; three brothers, Paul L. Dern of East Berlin, Donald S. Dern of Dover and Joey A. Dern of York; and two sisters, G. Kay Zeigler of East Berlin and Angela S. Stump of Wrightsville. Officiating at the service will be Elder Harry B. Nell. Memorial contributions may be made to Teena I. Mort Burial Fund, in care of Adams County National Bank, 1677 Abbottstown Pike, East Berlin 17316.
Information FromNicholas L. Neylon


Funeral services for Berneice M. Reinhardt, 77, will be conducted at 1:30 p.m. Thursday, March 2 (1989) in the Trostel-Chapman Funeral Home in New Carlisle. Mrs. Reinhardt died Sunday, Feb. 26 at St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Dayton. She had been a secretary in government service in Washington, D.C. during World War II, and worked in public education in Bethel Township for a number of years. As a volunteer, she assisted Miss Mabel Funderburg for four years in setting up an elementary library at Bethel School, and later worked for 18 years as administrative secretary for John Senseman. She was responsible for the format of the Bethel newsletter, continuing its preparation until she retired from the school. Her continuing interest in the elementary and high school library promoted many gifts and memorial volumes for the school. Many of her gifts to charity were of an anonymous nature. Berneice was preceded in death by her husband Lynn E. on November 12, 1986 and two brothers, Everett and Charles. Survivors include a son and daughter-in-law, Bruce and Chris of New Carlisle; daughter and son-in-law, Diane and David Nauman of Grafton, WI; five grandchildren, Nicholas and wife Nancy Neylon, Brendan Neylon, Justin Neylon and Erin and Jason Reinhardt; three sisters, Thelma Gross of Kettering, Vivian and Ed Wetzel of West Carrollton and Charlotte Kreider of Dayton; two brothers, Clarence and Romola Mort and Norman and Lillian Mort all of Dayton. Friends may call at the funeral home from 5 to 8 p.m. Wednesday. Burial will be in Memorial Park Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Memorial and Honors Program, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, P.O. Box 1000, Dept. 300, Memphis, Tenn. 38148. Envelopes may also be obtained at the funeral home.



Saturday, July 17, 1999
Dayton, Ohio area (exact site TBA)
For more information call: Nicholas Neylon, 504-580-2862 or email


"Tipp City Herald"
March 10, 1999
Page 2

"Bruce Reinhardt services conducted"

Services for Bruce Alan Reinhardt, 49, of Tipp City, were conducted Tuesday at 11 a.m. at the Brandt United Methodist Church by the Rev. Bill Selkirk. Burial was in Dayton Memorial Park Cemetery. Mr. Reinhardt, a research chemist at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, died March 5 at his residence. He was a member of the Brandt United Methodist Church. He is survived by a daughter, Erin Reinhardt, and a son, Jason Reinhardt, both of New Carlisle; a sister Mrs. David Nauman (Diane) of West Bend, Wis; and three nephews, Nick, Brendan and Jay Neylon. He was prededed in death by his parents, Lynn Edward and Berneice (Mort) Reinhardt. Funeral arrangements were completed by the Trostel, Chapman and Christmas Funeral Home, New Carlisle.

Your postcard finally caught up with me here in AZ where we are for the winter. I am attaching my contribution to your MORT database....please keep in mind that MORT is not one of my own research lines; I was interested only in the BOWERS connection, so it isn't very detailed as far as dates and places, but maybe it will help a little....Please let me know if you have any questions....our permanent email address — Mary (Bowers) Teeter


       B. 1855 PENNSYLVANIA ( OR 02 FEB 1845)2.
         D. 31OR 212. MAR 1916 OF BRIGHT'S DISEASE
         M. (1) ***** MILLER2.
            B. 11JUN 1846 FANNETTSBURG, FRANKLIN CO, PA1.
            D. 30 JAN 1927 BLAIN, PA OF BRIGHT'S DISEASE1.


30; GEORGE A., 12; SIMON S., 10; LAURA B., 8; REBECCA, 6; MARY M., 5; NANCY
E., 3; ANNA E., 1.



          B. 17 JUN 1879 D. 25 APR 1899
            B. 21 MAR 1863

            B. CA. 1897 PENNSYLVANIA
            B. CA. 1899
          B. 1911
     GEN #5-1 BRUCE PECK
     GEN #5-2 RAY PECK

            B. 1946

          B. CA. 1874 PA (1880 CENSUS SHE WAS 6YRS)
     GEN #5-1 JIM COMP

          B. CA. 1872 PA ( SHE WAS 8 YRS ON 1880 CENSUS)
          M. (1) JIM ELDER
          M. (2) ***** SHOOP1.
     GEN #5-1 MAY ELDER

          B. 1893 D. 11 FEB 1911 BU. BLAIN UNION CEMETERY, BLAIN, PA
            NO CHILDREN

          M. (1) JESSE PECK
            M. (2) ***** THORNTON1. (LIVED IN MICHIGAN)2.
     GEN #5-2 FAIRY PECK
                    B. 1897(?????) D. 1922
     GEN #5-3 DEWEY PECK

          B. MAY 1869 PENNSYLVANIA 5.
          BU. BLAIN, PA
             D/O CATHERINE (STAMBAUGH 1823-1894) AND
             JOHN SHAMBAUGH(1818-18926.
            B. AUG 1865 PENNSYLVANIA
            D. 09 FEB 1936 OF APOPLEXY NEAR COUCHTOWN, PA6.



            B. JAN 1884 PA

            B. JUN 1891 OR 11 JUL 189111.
             B. 24 NOV 1879 D. 12 NOV 195911.
              B. 29 MAY 1909 D. 15 SEP 1978
            NO CHILDREN
            B. 04 JAN 1915
            M. (1) WILLIAM WEIS
              M. (2) E. REMINGTON NICHOLS
       GEN #7-1 KATHY NICHOLS11.
     GEN #5-2 JAMES KIRBY8.11.. MORT
            B. NOV 1895 PENNSYLVANIA
            D. 09 FEB 1986 NEW GERMANTOWN, PA8.
            BU. BLAIN CEMETERY
              B. CA. 1890 D. 28 NOV 19679.

              B. 14 SEP 192011.
              S/O ROSS FEATHER OF KING, BEDFORD CO, PA ON 08 NOV 19414.
       GEN #6-2 BETTY MAE MORT
              B. 03 MAY 192311. D. 17 AUG 1994 NEW GERMANTOWN, PA 13.
              M. BENJAMIN R. MUMPER ON 14 SEP 1942 TUCSON, AZ3.
               S/O WILLIAM MUMPER
              M. ***** MARTIN - OF SOUTH MOUNTAIN, PA
            B. 19 JUL 1927
            M. HARRY HENCH
       GEN #7-1 DEB HENCH
       GEN #7-2 TERRY HENCH
              B. 17 NOV 193111. D. 05 MAR 1985 IN CARLISLE, PA7.
              M. ***** SPANGLE OF NEWPORT NEWS, VA
     GEN #5-3 Z. DEWEY MORT
            B. SEP 1898 PENNSYLVANIA
       GEN #6-1 JANE MORT11.
       GEN #6-2 CARSON MORT11.

          B. CA. 1868 PA ( HE WAS 12 IN THE 1880 CENSUS)
     GEN #5-1 ROSCO MORT
     GEN #5-2 JUNE MORT

           B. CA. 1885 PENNSYLVANIA D. PRIOR TO 1927
           M. EMMA WALLSMITH CA. 1905
              B. CA. 1888 PENNSYLVANIA


            B. CA. 1905 PENNSYLVANIA
            B. CA. 1908 PENNSYLVANIA
       GEN #6-1 CLYDE MORT
       GEN #6-2 HAZEL MORT


FromMike Hirko Comments: 1. Mabel Mort and Ben Clark marriage. Mabel carried secrets to her grave. She and Ben were married twice and she had a marriage in between is the story. I have talked with Buff about researching it but it is one of those things that you never get around to. My notes are: Mabel K. Mort and Benjamin F. Clark were married, divorced, and then married a second time. We have no idea of the details or who the second was. She would never speak of it. First marriage was on 31 March 1921 and the second on 17 May 1934. Exact date of divorce(s) is unknown. Possess marriage certificate for second marriage which took place 17 May 1934 in South Bend, IN at St. Paul's M.E. Church by Robert M. Sellr. Witnesses were Joan Lauman and Paul R. Ryan 2. Ben Clark was a great man and Editor of the South Haven Daily Tribune before working for the State of Michigan. He was in the Cavalry in WWI, stationed in Texas, being called up from the Michigan National Guard. 3. Proper name spellings is Lela Wildarene Clark. Nickname is "Billie". 4. Britt or Brett Carroll Mort? 5. Ruby Jean Murrell Mort or Murel? 6. Marcia DeVries or DeFries? 7. Gregory Allen Mort marriage of 1 Oct 1958 same as DOB. 8. Jo Anne Denemy or Joan? 9. Keith Allen 'Koke' Mort is "Coke". He sold ice cream and sodas from his motorbike and thereby got the name. 10. Charles Edwin Mort nickname was "Spike". Both Ben and Mabel are buried in South Haven next to each other. The family was surprised when Mabel chose to be cremated and the urn buried at her plot. While at the cemetery we found out why. The caretaker had told her earlier that a tree growing in the vicinity would have to be removed to make room for a casket. She loved trees and presumably solved the problem in her own way. The tree remained. Mibbs was a flapper in her youth. My sons have fond memories of getting her to talk about those days, of speakeasies (they were generally dirty little places of not much appeal except the booze) and rumble-seats (boys liked the girls to sit in back because they would get an eye full when the girls got in and out). The shocker was when she would drink her Bourbon "neat". Of course, at 90 lbs., that is all it took. Should you have a chance to visit South Haven I would recommend it. It is a charming village recently reborn with the help of Federal monies used to develop the Black River running through town into Lake Michigan. Most of the action there is from Chicago folks during the summer time. It is very quiet otherwise. Sand beaches are very nice. Selling the old house was not easy. We and our children miss our visits there. Your thoughts.--Mike

5/27/1999 — Search of Mort: BARTSCH, Dale Mort; 69; New Castle PA>Las Vegas NV; Las Vegas R-J; 1997-11-6; rossy BEAN, Irene F (MORT); 74; Peoria AZ; AZ Republic; 1998-8-22; ghubacka DICKSON, Thelma E (MORT); 73; Danville PA; Juniata Sentinel; 1997-6-18; mam DICKSON, Thelma E (MORT); 73; Thompsontown PA; Juniata Sentinel; 1997-6-18; wwwalton ENNIS, Wilma M (MORT); 84; Kokomo IN; Van Wert T-B (OH); 1996-12-26; hlroberts GOODE, Ruth (MORT); 81; metro Portland OR; Oregonian; 1995-12-20; beverly KNARR, Beverly D (MORT); 66; Niagara Falls NY; Buffalo News; 1996-3-12; mbaron LUND, Marilyn "Mort" (TORGERUD); 52; Lanesboro MN; Rochester P-B (MN); 1997-10-23; eck McCALL, Mary Aileen (MORT); 90; BC; Province; 1998-11-20; verbeek MORT, Bernice E (STOOPS); 79; Traverse City MI; Traverse R-E; 1997-1-3; rwfuller MORT, Ellen M ( ); 82; Grand Rapids MI; GR Press; 1998-8-23; pbs MORT, Faye Elizabeth; 71; Akron OH> Zephyrhills FL; Tampa Trib; 1998-6-6; cpig MORT, Florence B ( ); 83; Duquesne PA>Sun City CA; Hemet News; 1997-7-5; sdelosie MORT, Gladys (YOUNKER); 91; Lecanto FL; Petoskey N-R (MI); 1996-1-3; rwfuller MORT, Leo C; 89; Brethren MI>Pierceton IN; Ft Wayne (IN) J-G; 1996-8-5; hlroberts MORT, Louise Lillian (BARNHART) ; 90; Hagerstown MD; Hagerstown M-H;1996-1-2; gschubert MORT, Lucy "Jane" ( ); ; Dayton D-N; 1996-4-23; bsgustin MORT, Marjory D ( ); 72; Plum PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 1997-2-8; cschartnr MORT, Marvin D; 68; Bellevue NE; Omaha W-H; 1998-7-19; narchde MORT, Marvin D; 68; Bellevue NE; Omaha W-H; 1998-7-20; narchde MORT, Marvin D; 68; Omaha NE; Nonpareil (IA); 1998-7-19; catdan MORT, Melvin L "Mike"; 75; Plum PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 1996-4-7; cschartnr Morts: HARRIS, Hazel L (MORTS); 86; Columbia MO; Columbia D-T; 1996-8-13; sbender MORTS, Cecil L; 72; Claypool IN>Hillsdale MI; Hillsdale D-N; 1996-1-31; lmoye STULL, Jane Marie (MORTS); 80; Fulton MO>Roseburg OR; The News-Review; 1997-5-23; carle Mortz: MORTZ, Kathryn Tunney; 87; Los Angeles CA; Los Angeles T; 1997-10-25; janmrw
From: linda Dear Dr. Gradeless, I have moved to California and am now living in Huntington Beach. I no longer receive e-mail @ ( although the sight still opporates. I have two e-mail addresses, and I have been off the net since October 1998, so I have a lot of catching up to do!
Ancestors ofJack Lee Mort , Aiken, South Carolina. Generation No. 1 1. Jack Lee Mort, born Apr.03.1957 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. He was the son of 2. John Lee Mort and 3. Glenda Alice Burch. He married (1) Christina Elizabeth Pitman Mar.09.1982 in Aiken, Aiken County, South Carolina. She was the daughter of John Lorance Pitman and Diane Christine Hansen. Children of Jack Mort and Christina Pitman are: i. Ashley Marie Mort, born Oct.02.1983 in Orlando, Orange, Florida. ii. James Lee Mort, born 1985 in Virginia Beach, VA; died 1985 in Virginia Beach, VA. iii. Brian Matthew Mort, born 1986 in Virginia Beach, Virginia; died 1986 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Generation No. 2 2. John Lee Mort, born Dec.13.1935 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. He was the son of 4. Calvin Walter Mort and 5. Lucy Jane Herrel. He married 3. Glenda Alice Burch Sep.15.1956 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. 3. Glenda Alice Burch, born Feb.25.1939 in Richmond, Wayne, Indiana. She was the daughter of 6. Oved Emery Burch and 7. Lois Elizabeth Jones. Children of John Mort and Glenda Burch are: 1 i. Jack Lee Mort, born Apr.03.1957 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio; married Christina Elizabeth Pitman Mar.09.1982 in Aiken, Aiken County, South Carolina. ii. Marcus Alan Mort, born Jun.15.1960 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio; married Tracy Norfleet Jul.03.1981 in Kettering, Montgomery, Ohio. Generation No. 3 4. Calvin Walter Mort, born Jun.03.1913 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio; died Nov.08.1992 in Beavercreek, Greene, Ohio. He was the son of 8. Charles Walter Mort and 9. Helen Irene Graham. He married 5. Lucy Jane Herrel Jan.10.1935 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. 5. Lucy Jane Herrel, born Dec.02.1913 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio; died Apr.21.1996 in Beavercreek, Greene, Ohio. She was the daughter of 10. Thomas Jefferson Herrel and 11. Mary Rosalie Zuppinger. Children of Calvin Mort and Lucy Herrel are: 2 i. John Lee Mort, born Dec.13.1935 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio; married (1) Glenda Alice Burch Sep.15.1956 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio; married (2) Mayoma Kennedy Oct.09.1976 in West Carrollton, Montgomery, Ohio. ii. Jeanette Marie Mort, born Mar.27.1937 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio; married Ronnie Laroy Holmes Oct.01 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. iii. Calvin Walter Mort, born Apr.01.1944 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio; married Mary Louise Clark Sep.30.1967 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. iv. Edward James Mort, born Aug.21.1945 in Dayton, Montgomery, OH; married Linda Sue Bow May.10.1975 in Kettering, Montgomery, Ohio. 6. Oved Emery Burch, born Aug.24.1908 in Connersville, Fayette, Indiana; died Apr.05.1982 in Kettering, Montgomery, Ohio. He was the son of 12. William Burch and 13. Beulah Ellen Miller. He married 7. Lois Elizabeth Jones Oct.22.1929 in Knightstown, IN. 7. Lois Elizabeth Jones, born Nov.06.1911 in Greeneville, Greene, Tennessee; died Feb.03.1999 in Vero Beach, Indian River Co., Florida. She was the daughter of 14. Arthur Henry Jones and 15. Adelaide Jackson. Children of Oved Burch and Lois Jones are: 3 i. Donald Eugene Burch, born Jun.24.1930 in Middletown, Ohio; died Aug.09.1930 in Middletown, Ohio. ii. Philip Rhea Burch, born Sep.11.1933 in Cambridge City, IN; married (1) Jackie; married (2) Patricia Meuller Apr.17.1956 in Dayton, Montgomery, OH. iii. Nancy Sue Burch, born Dec.06.1936 in Richmond, Wayne, IN; married LeRoy Sauer Feb.15.1958 in Dayton, Montgomery, OH. iv. Glenda Alice Burch, born Feb.25.1939 in Richmond, Wayne, Indiana; married (1) John Lee Mort Sep.15.1956 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio; married (2) John Butler Apr.1985 in Vero Beach, Indian River, FL. Generation No. 4 8. Charles Walter Mort, born Dec.20.1889 in Harrison Township, Montgomery, Ohio; died Dec.07.1966 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. He was the son of 16. David F. Mort and 17. Charlotte A. Snyder. He married 9. Helen Irene Graham Sep.18.1912 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. 9. Helen Irene Graham, born Dec.28.1893 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio; died Aug.17.1976 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. She was the daughter of 18. Charles H. Graham and 19. Mary Fetter. Children of Charles Mort and Helen Graham are: 4 i. Calvin Walter Mort, born Jun.03.1913 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio; died Nov.08.1992 in Beavercreek, Greene, Ohio; married Lucy Jane Herrel Jan.10.1935 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. ii. Paul Eugene Mort, born Apr.21.1917 in Dayton, Montgomery, OH; died Jan.06.1942 in Dayton, Montgomery, OH; married Florence Brush. iii. Erma Leora Mort, born Apr.19.1921; married Earl Cramer Jun.20.1941. iv. Charles Franklin Mort, born Feb.12.1925; married Mary Eileen Woodall Oct.18.1949 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. 10. Thomas Jefferson Herrel, born Feb.12.1875 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio; died Nov.10.1944 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. He was the son of 20. Thomas Jefferson Herrel and 21. Lucy Durbin. He married 11. Mary Rosalie Zuppinger Sep.10.1902 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. 11. Mary Rosalie Zuppinger, born Jun.05.1880 in West Carthage, Jefferson, New York; died Jan.02.1948 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. She was the daughter of 22. Arnold A. Zuppinger and 23. Caroline Marie Raymond. Child of Thomas Herrel and Maria Koppin is: i. Esther Herrel, born 1897 in Dayton, Montgomery, OH; died 1948 in Dayton, Montgomery, OH; married (1) William Hawk; married (2) George Wilkin. Children of Thomas Herrel and Mary Zuppinger are: 5 i. Grace Eleanor Herrel, born Nov.13.1903 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio; died Sep.1985; married Louis Trushel. ii. Evelyn Rosalie Herrel, born Dec.24.1905 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio; died Nov.03.1996 in Vandalia, Montgomery, Ohio; married (1) Walter Ryan; married (2) Charles Theodore Forney 1930 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. iii. Ellen Lucille Herrel, born Sep.05.1908 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio; married Cyril Reboulet Jul.08.1935 in Dayton, Montgomery, OH. iv. Mary Katherine Herrel, born Sep.20.1911 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio; died Jun.08.1992 in Englewood, Ohio; married Fred Cramer Oct.20.1934 in Dayton, Montgomery, OH. v. Lucy Jane Herrel, born Dec.02.1913 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio; died Apr.21.1996 in Beavercreek, Greene, Ohio; married Calvin Walter Mort Jan.10.1935 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. vi. Ruth Caroline Herrel, born Dec.02.1913 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio; died Dec.31.1913 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. 12. William Burch, born Jan.18.1882 in Butler Co., Ohio; died 1959 in Pershing, Indiana. He was the son of 24. Ebenezer N. Burch and 25. Ruth Jane Tyler. He married 13. Beulah Ellen Miller Dec.22.1907 in Connersville, Fayette, Indiana. 13. Beulah Ellen Miller, born Nov.05.1889 in Connersville, Fayette, Indiana; died 1948 in Indiana. She was the daughter of 26. Jesse Hammond Miller and 27. Emmaline Wimmer. Children of William Burch and Beulah Miller are: 6 i. Oved Emery Burch, born Aug.24.1908 in Connersville, Fayette, Indiana; died Apr.05.1982 in Kettering, Montgomery, Ohio; married Lois Elizabeth Jones Oct.22.1929 in Knightstown, IN. ii. Dorothy Salem Burch, born Nov.18.1912. iii. Emmaline Jane Burch, born Nov.28.1915. iv. Charlotte Minerva Burch, born Sep.18.1919; died 1994. v. Sylvia Isabel Burch, born Jan.12.1922. 14. Arthur Henry Jones, born May.05.1881 in Greeneville, Greene, Tennessee; died Dec.29.1948 in Greeneville, Greene, Tennessee. He was the son of 28. George W. Jones and 29. Mary E. Kirk. He married 15. Adelaide Jackson Mar.29.1905 in Windsor, Shelby, IL. 15. Adelaide Jackson, born Mar.21.1881 in Warsaw, Gallatin, Kentucky; died Jul.29.1964 in Kettering, Montgomery, Ohio. She was the daughter of 30. Levi P. Jackson and 31. Elizabeth Mary Venable. Children of Arthur Jones and Adelaide Jackson are: 7 i. Geneva Grace Jones, born Mar.04.1906 in Windsor, Shelby, IL; died Oct.19.1924 in Indianapolis, IN. ii. George Washington Jones, born Oct.06.1907 in North or South Dakota; died Apr.21.1957 in Indiana; married Ruth Ellen Moore Oct.07.1933. iii. Lois Elizabeth Jones, born Nov.06.1911 in Greeneville, Greene, Tennessee; died Feb.03.1999 in Vero Beach, Indian River Co., Florida; married Oved Emery Burch Oct.22.1929 in Knightstown, IN. iv. Clifford Rhea Jones, born Aug.30.1915 in Greeneville, Greene, TN; died Jul.30.1983 in Lemont, IL; married Clarita Joan Schafranski. v. Marion Jackson Jones, born Jun.19.1918 in Athens, TN; died Jul.31.1970 in IN; married Marian Wilma Purdy Feb.18.1943.
Posted by John C Oester <> on Wed, 26 May 1999


Private John Henry Oester, who was in training in Camp Lee, died at that place on Oct. 11, 1918 of pneumonia. His body was brought to Salisbury, Pa., on the I4 inst., and left to lie in state at the home of his wife's parents, Mr and Mrs. John Mort, until Tuesday, when interments was made in the IOOF cemetery in this place. Rev, Mr. Frank, pastor of the German Luthern church of this county, of which the deceased was a member, officiated.

Private Oester was born September 15th, 1893 in the Cove, Md. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Oester, residents of the Cove at the present time. On June 19, 1918 he was married to Miss Edith Mort, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Mort. He entered the service, July 26th, and went into training at Camp Meade. He was later transferred to Camp Lee, where he died.

He is survived by his parents, his wife, two sisters, Mrs. Irvin Thomas of the Cove, and Miss Rosy Oester at home, two brothers, Julius, at camp Meade, and Harry Neil, of Garrett.

 Story Co., Iowa Marriage Index
Copyright © - 1998 Mark Christian

John MORT 		Resylvia Ann DEAL		11 Mar 1883
William H. ZENOR 	Lizzie MORT 			26 Apr 1877

 Story County Iowa 1895 Census
Copyright © - 1998 Mark Christian
56-51-52 John MORT	32	M M	Ind.	Farmer		Franklin Twp
	Resilvia MORT	32	F M	Story	Keeping House	Franklin Twp
	Eva MORT	9	F	Story			Franklin Twp
	Etta MORT	7	F	Story			Franklin Twp
	Roy MORT	5	M	Story			Franklin Twp
	Ralph MORT	0	M	Story			Franklin Twp
054-38-39 William ZENOR 43	M M	Iowa	Farmer	Disp.	Franklin Twp
	Elizabeth ZENOR	39	F M	Pa.	K.H.	Disp.	Franklin Twp
	Bertha MEYERS	27	F S	Iowa	K.H.	Disp.	Franklin Twp

From:Soni Preece Email: Thank you so much. This is the greatest. I sat down last night and drew out a family tree as far back as I could and I couldn't get past Arthur & Golda (Great grandpa & great grandma) this takes it way farther back so I can do even more research. This is so awesome. I too may have some news that might help you update your records. You have unknown # of children listed for Virgil (he has 6 children) here is a list of all his children & so forth.... 1. Gary Mort A. Everette Wayne Mort (married to Charlene) a. Dylan Mort b. Emily Mort B. Harold Dean Mort a. Breka Lexis VanLeuween Mort C. Rita Suzanne Mort (Married to PFC Rondal Lang) a. Cecelia Salazar b. Rondal Lang Jr c. Kristen Lang d. Sondra Lea Mort (Married to Bret Preece) {goes by Soni} 2. Billy Mort A. Travis Mort (Married to Katie) B. Lisa Mort (Married to Craig Grant) a. Brittany Grant b. Sarah Grant C. Billy Mort Jr. D. Kevin Michael Mort 3. Orville Mort (Married to Rosemary Cantu previously married to Josie Mort) 7 daughters A. Angie Mort B. Sylvia Mort C. Sabrina Mort (Married to JR Cantu) D. Anna Mort ( Married to Conrado) E. Selena Mort F. Melissa Mort G. Sarah Mort 4. Mary Ann Mort (Previously married to Miller) A. Gary lee Hoffman (married to Mary) B. Beverly Miller (Married to Allen Schrenk) C. Lavina Miller 5. Robert Mort A. Bobby B. Jimmy Mort C. John Mort D. Gregory Mort (decesed) E. Jeremy Mort F. Christy Mort 6. Marjorie Mort (deceased) You also show number of children for Golda & Arthur as 2. Well guess what???? There are (7) VIRGIL MORT VIRGINIA MORT (STANSEL) LOIS MORT (CALDER) ELDON MORT CLEO MORT CHARLES MORT MARVIN MORT I wasnt sure if you were interested in all their children & grandchildren but I have that information as well. If you would like it please let me know. I will definately keep in contact with you regarding this and if I find out more I would be glad to help out in any way. Im sure I will be surfing you site more & more. Thank you so much again for all your help SONI PREECE aka SONDRA MORT
From:Gwen Mort Sullivan Dear Dr. Gradless, You probably don't remember me, but I did email you about the Mort family...the Welsh side. We have moved from the Long Beach California area to the desert..the Palm Springs area....Palm Desert...I have not had time to do any research on the Mort that I am settle again, I do hope to get started...I still feel that the Mort family in Wales was not a part of the English Mort family...from what my Welsh relatives has told me, the Mort name was changed from the name of Mordecai...How and when I have not a clue...I have been trying to get a birth certificate of my fathers, who was born in Swansea, Wales in the year 1881, no record has been found. So I am trying to get his death certificate from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, that year was l944...still no luck...but will keep trying...I will send you more information on our Ohio Valley Mort family when and if do.... Gwen Mort Sullivan
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 16:37:47 From:Jeffery R. Padfield Dear Mr. Gradeless! I got your name and e-mail address from the Mort Family Website. Mine is likely one of the lesser known Mort families in America, but I thought I'd drop you a line to see if you've been in contact with any of my long, lost cousins. I didn't see any names or places that I recognized in the list of Mort researchers on the Mort Family Website, however. In brief here's what I know about my line of the Mort family: Llewellyn Mort - born 29 Mar., 1846; married Alice Williams about 1868 in Morriston, Llangyfelach Parish, Glamorganshire, Wales. Llewellyn Mort's death record, 1907, from Elwood, Madison Co., IN states that his parents were Llewellyn and Margaret (Owens) Mort. Family tradition states that the surname Mort was shortened from the earlier "Mordecai", or as pronounced in Welsh "Mordekee", but the name Mort appears in and around Morriston, Wales as early as 1790's. Llewellyn and Alice (Williams) Mort immigrated to America sometime between 1881-84 and settled first in McKeesport, Alleghany Co., PA where Llewellyn worked as a tin shearer at a U.S. Steel plant. By the year 1900 Llewellyn and Alice (Williams) Mort had migrated to Elwood, Madison Co., IN, and spent the remainder of their lives there. Children: 1. John Mort - Born 1870, Morriston, Wales; Married Della Gibbs 2. Margaret Mort - Born 1871, Maesteg, Wales; Married Robert Padfield (My great-grandparents) 3. Richard Mort - Born 1877, Maesteg, Wales 4. Mary Elizabeth Mort - Born 1879, Maesteg, Wales; married Robert Watson 5. David Mort - Born 1885, McKeesport, Allegheny Co., PA; married Maude Dean. All the above, married and resided in Elwood, Madison Co., IN Sincerely, Jeffery R. Padfield ----------------------- Thank you for your prompt reply to my query. Below are some further notes of what I know of my Mort ancestors: My ancestor Llewellyn Mort, as I mentioned previously, worked as a sheet metal shearer at a tin mill both in Wales and later in America. In exploring my ancestry in this line I found that during the 1880's the mills of South Wales had virtually a world-wide monoply on the tin-plate process. American manufacturers figured out how the process worked, but had no experienced workers for their mills, so U.S. Steel, and others too likely, sent ships to Swansea and Cardiff to recruit skilled workers. The recruiters went round to the mills and passed out broadsheets that said something like, "Come to America.Free Passage. Guarenteed a job when you get there." So many of the tin workers and miners left South Wales that the mills and mines there were obligated to import workers from Italy and Greece to replace them. A popular Welsh ballad of the time was "Ffarwell i Langyfelach" (Goodbye Llangyfelach). My ancestor, Llewellyn Mort, was apparently a part of the exodus. I've been line-by-line through several of the British censuses of Llangyfelach Parish, and judging by the place of birth of the eldest of the tribe of Mort there it seems the family likely resided in Port Talbot in the 1790's then migrated from there to Morriston. As I mentioned in my last, the death record of Llewellyn Mort states that his parents were Llewellyn and Margaret (Owens) Mort; however, even after hours of paging through the census records of Morriston and Llangyfellach Parish I've never found a single reference to this couple; therefore, I've been unable to determine how my Mort ancestors might be related to the other Mort families found in Morriston. By the way, both the 1871 and 1881 census of Wales, and Llewellyn, jr.'s death record, state that he was born in Morriston. Peace, JEFF --------------------------------------- Don't know what the physical appearance of the other Morts is, and I've never seen even a picture of my great-great grandfather, Llewellyn Mort, so I don't know what he looked like. I have, however, seen pictures of my great-grandmother Margaret Mort. She was quite small of stature with finely chisled features and flaming red hair. Does that sound like a match? Perhaps you're wondering who the other two recipients are who appear as CC: in my letters? They are my father, Robert Padfield, and my father's brother, Norman, both of whom are grandsons of Robert and Margaret (Mort) Padfield. ----------------------------- Here's something that I thought you might find of interest. It's Llewellyn Mort's obituary from the Daily Record newspaper of Elwood,IN, , dated January 14, 1905. Headline: Oldest Employee of the Tin Plate Works Dead on the South Side Llewellyn Mort, who Sheared the First Plate in the Hot Mill. "Llewellyn Mort, age 59, died at his home, 2310 South I Street, last night after a lingering illness that lasted over a period of two years. The services over the remains will be held at his late home tomorrow afternoon at 2:30, Rev. Julian officiating, after which interment will take place in the city cemetery. Mr. Mort was one of Elwood's interesting characters owing to the fact that he was among the first employees at the American Tin Plate Company's plant which was then just a small affair compared with the big plant of today, and was the first to operate the shears at the hot mill department. He was one of our estimable citizens and stood high in the estimation of both employers and employees of the tin plate, where he worked for a number of years. The funeral will be largely attended , a great number of tin plate workers are accompanying the body to it's last resting place." Peace, JEFF
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 1999 21:48:56 -0700 From:Pamela Kellerstrass Email: Dear Donald, I descend through Elisa Mort whose parents were William and Mary (Prescot) Mort. Eliza came over the pond in 1865 settling in Henry County, Illinois. Their origins are Tydlesdale, Leigh, England. I have the line back to the mid 1700s. I would be happy to contribute my information to your database. Pamela
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 12:49:03 +1000 From:Peter MORT Hi Donald, my name is Peter Kingsley Mort. I am now living in Australia since 1978. My family emigrated to New Zealand from England 1958/59 I have two brothers, Harold Godfrey and John Brian MORT. My fathers name Harold MORT dob 4/11/1907 dec 1986 Dad had many brothers, Albert, Arthur, Robert and a John plus others My Gradfathers name was Thomas MORT dob? Died approx 1955 at age 86years The MORT's lived at a place just out side of Manchester called CADISHEAD near Irlam in the U.K. Thomas had a younger brother called, "JOHN" this is my uncle JOHN. He went over to America and came back to visit and stayed with us a couple of time between 1950 to 1955 as far as I can remember. Are we related? Regards Peter MORT email:
Missouri Authors Author: John Mort Missouri County: Platte Genre: Fiction, Missouri Audience: Adult Published Works: Tanks: Vietnam Stories, University of Missouri-Kansas City: BKMK Press, 1986; The Walnut King and Other Stories, Kansas City: Woods Colt Press, 1990; Soldiers and Civilians, Americans at War and Home, Bantam, 1986; The Perimeter of Light: Writings About the Vietnam War, New Rivers Press, 1992. Speaking Engagements: Author accepts. Fee for speaking: Variable Limitations on travel: paid travel expenses Contact Information: Contact author directly at: 5695 NW State Route 92, Smithville 64089-8898
To: Yancy Mort Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 13:59:23 +1000 From: Peter MORT A cooler day to day at 8 to 22 deg C. Clear blue sky with a slight easterly breeze. "Me thinks" an early spring is just around the corner. They say -"Beautiful one day and perfect the next" at the North End of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, The Sunshine State of Australia. My mother, "Rita" and father, "Harold" are both dead and a wealth of knowledge has been taken away with them. My two brothers will help with what they have stored within the old gray matter. I will give you what I know as it comes to mind. It may help or may not. Lets take it one step at a time and see what eventuates. Our family is English. My granddad was a "THOMAS MORT" born in the U.K. He had two brothers.The younger one was my "Uncle John" who moved over to America. As I understand it, he lived in the area that you have mentioned. I have in my possession two (2) B & W photographs of uncle John with his wife and the family home is in the background. Will have to find them as they are among my mothers things. Mum died last September 1998 and Dad in October 1986. Will copy these photo's when found and send over to you. Not sure of my grandfathers other brother? However will contact my first cousin, "Geoffrey MORT", dob 1930. He lives in Lancashire at CADISHEAD a suburb of Manchester right next to the river Mersey. I can still remember my visits to see the Mort family many times. Its an old coal mining area. As I also understand it granddad Thomas's dad was also a "THOMAS". The lost brother could be an Adam, however that is mere speculation on my part as a number of Adam's are in our Mort family history line. Granddad Thomas was a ships master for 40 years sailing between England and the Americas - both North and South. In his later years he worked the COAL BARGES on the Manchester Ship Canals. He died 1955 at age 86. This then places his birth approximately circa 1869. His brother John is younger. I estimate that he would have been aged say 55 years old when I saw him last, however that is a guess. (The other brother of granddad Thomas' (The lost brother) could be the eldest born prior to circa 1869. It is also possible he may have had the name Adam, with his father an Adam also, but again this is speculation and from remnants of family discussions talked about over 50 years ago) My Granddad Thomas had 12 surviving children, my dad, "HAROLD" being the youngest born on November 4th 1907 to 1986. This is a list of the MORT Children to Thomas Mort: circa 1869 - 1955 Albert, Robert, John, Annie, Eva, Ellen known as Nelle, Daisy who had a daughter named Lillie Mort, Rose, George, Arthur, possibly an Adam and then Harold.. My brother Godfrey, who we simply call "Goff" believes that the story goes something like this: The Mort family saga all began with a "Thomas Sutcliffe Mort". 1816 - 1878(TSM) (Yancy, will send you his complete bio with my next email to you) (Note: My grandfather Thomas was the son of Thomas the eldest son of TSM. This then makes TSM my gg Grandfather, correct!) TSM came out to Australia from Lancashire in 1838. He had two or three brothers that quite possibly moved to other parts of the then New World or were still living in Lancahire. TSM became very successful building the (then) largest dry ships dock in the southern hemisphere in Sydney known as "Morts Dock". He pioneered the first refrigerated ships out of Sydney between Aussie and the U.K/Europe. He opened the first Gold and Coal mines and also built and opened the first New South Wales rail road. He had a string of business interests and huge parcels of land that then involved him with cattle and meat. He organized the first wool storage and auctioneering systems. We have information from the Australian archives as well as old press and media releases about him. He was a true Australian pioneer and icon. Now TSM had five sons. One of them was called Thomas. As we understand it, he may be our link. Three of the sons stayed in Australia to run the TSM Empire after his death. How this came about is also a story within itself. This part of the MORT clan still live on TSM's lands and estates. The two other sons returned to England. Thomas returned to Lancashire and the other possibly to London or even over to America where "The MORTS" had already settled years earlier from one of two of "Thomas Sutcliffe Mort's" other brothers. (All of this would need to be confirmed, however, I think that in most probability this will explain the separation of the MORT tribal groups. Somewhere they are all interrelated by brothers of brothers and sons of sons. The Mort's tended to move around a bit in the old days. Yancy, this may assist you with your Jigsaw and explain a number of gaping holes in your "Mort Family Quest?") As an aside from this: A story that my mother conveyed to me concerned an American Aunt of my dad's "Harold", who visited and stayed with them prior to circa 1940. I do not have a name, however she was wealthy and apparently left all her money to charity or even a dogs home when she died. Yancy, I cannot confirm if the money side of thing are fact or simple fiction, however she is real, again however I am not sure how she fits into the overall scheme of things. Also, I am not sure how or if she fits in with my "Uncle John" or with the other Mort's from TSM's brothers. Uncle John would have been born in England, but not sure when or how he went over to America. All I can remember is him visiting and being on holidays with us in the early 1950's and also at his brothers funeral on 1955. At one time he wanted my Mum, Dad and me to go back with him and move over to America, however we decided to emigrate to New Zealand in 1957/58 and subsequently arriving in NZ at the port of Wellington March 23rd 1959 on the H.M.S. Athenic. I transferred my family to Australia in August 1978 and my brother "Goff" followed in 1980. Our brother "Brian" and the rest of his clan are still in England. He now resided in Cheadle Cheshire in Lancashire near Manchester. We keep in close touch. I will drop him an email and see what he can remember about our side of "The Mort Tribe". Anyway Yancy, this should give you more than enough information for you to digest. Keep in contact about any whistles and bells that you may come up with in your quest. Hopefully, some of your missing links and previously closed doors may now all make some sort of sense. Peter

7/22/1999: Jeffery R. Padfield: I have here I obtained by going line-by-line through the census of Llangyfelach Parish and some of the nearby parishes in Swansea. In the index to the 1881 census of Wales there are listed a couple of hundred families named Mort, so I'm sure there must have been more in 1871 than what I have here, but for whatever it's worth following is what I obtained from the 1871 census: 1871 Census Village of Clas, Parish of Llangyfelach, Borough of Swansea 463 Graig Morriston St. William Mort - Age 54; Collier; Born in Llangyfelach Parish Elizabeth Mort - Age 56; Born in Llangyfelach Parish Merriam Mort - Age 16; " " " Joseph Mort - Age 13; " " " Thomas Mort - Age 6; " " " 457 Graig Morriston St. Thomas Mort - Age 18; Collier; Born in Llangyfelach Parish 247 Plas Marl St. John Mort - Age 21; Tin Worker; Born Treboeth, Glamorganshire, Wales Ann Mort - Age 18; Born Clydoch; Glamorganshire; Wales 360 Graig Truyddfal St. William Mort - Age 42; Collier Foreman; Born in Llangyfelach Parish Elizabeth Mort- Age 42; Born in Llangyfelach Parish Samuel Mort - Age 20; Tin Man; Born in Llangyfelach Parish Martha Mort - Age 18; Born in Llangyfelach Parish Elizabeth Mort - Age 16; " " " Ann Mort Age 13; " " " David Mort - Age 8; " " " Margaret Mort - Age 6; " " " Mary Mort - Age 8; " " " 1871 Census Village of Clas Higher, Llangyfelach Parish; Borough of Swansea 45 Treboeth St. William Mort - Age 34; Collier; Born in Swansea Catherine Mort - Age 31; Born in Glamorganshire Eleanor Morris - Age 19; Born in Swansea Rachael Morris - Age 18; Born in Swansea 176 Mynydd St. Roger Mort - Age 52; Collier; Born in Llangyfelach Mary Mort - Age 40; Born in Llangyfelach Phillip Mort - Age 11; " " William Mort - Age 8; " " Note: The above would appear to be the same Roger Mort who appears in the Ancestral File as the son of Llewellyn Mordecai/Mort 1871 Census Town of Morriston; Parish of Llangyfelach; Borough of Swansea 19 Bath Place William Mort - Age 30; Collier; Born in Morriston Mary Mort - Age 27; Born in Morriston Mary Mort - Age 7; " " Sarah Mort - Age 3; " " 1871 Census Village of Cwm; Parish of St. John; Borough of Swansea 18 Three Compesses St. Llewellyn Mort - Age 63; Laborer; Born in Swansea Ann Mort - Age 63; Born in Swansea Griffith Mort - Age 16; Born in Swansea Llewellyn Mort - Age 8; Born in Swansea

7/22/1999: Jeffery R. Padfield: British Census of 1861 Like the census of 1871 there is no index. What I have I obtained by going line-by-line through the census of Llangyfelach Parish. My purpose here was to find my ancestor Llewellyn Mort living in his parents' home and hoped to get the names of his brothers and sisters from that, but I didn't find them. -------------------------------------- 1861 Census Village of Clas (Lower), Parish of Llangyfelach; Borough of Swansea ------------------------------------- William Mort - Age 32; Collier; Born in Llangyfelach Parish Elizabeth Mort - Age 32; Born in Llangyfelach Parish John Mort - Age 12; " " " Samuel Mort - Age 10; " " " Martha Mort - Age 8; " " " Elizabeth Mort - Age 5; " " " Ann Mort - Age 2; " " " William Mort - Age 5 months; " " " -------------------------------------- David Mort - Age 59; Collier; Born in Llangyfelach Parish Sarah Mort - Age 59; Born in Llangyfelach Parish ----------------------------- David Mort - Age 33; Copper Man; Born in Llangyfelach Parish Margaret Mort - Age 29; Born in Llangyfelach Parish David Mort - Age 7; " " " John Mort - Age 3; " " " ------------------------------ 1871 Census Villiage of Clas Upper, Parish of Llangyfelach; Borough of Swansea --------------------------------------------------- Margaret Mort - Age 52; Fruit Seller; Born in Llangyfelach Parish ---------------------------------- Roger Mordecai - Age 44; Coal Miner' Born in Llangyfelach Parish Mary Mordecai - Age 41; Born in Llangyfelach Parish Hannah Mordecai - Age 20; Works at tin-plate mill; Born in Llangyfelach Parish Anne Mordecai - Age 16; Born in Llangyfelach Parish William Gill - Age one month; Born in Llangyfelach Parish According to a file submitted to the Ancestral File Roger Mordecai's father was Llewellyn Mordecai, and this family later changed their name to Mort. Children of this family other than those listed above were Mary, born 1843; Catherine and Elizabeth, twins, born in 1848; Margaret, born 1852; David born 1855; Sarah born 1857; Harriet, born 1859. The daughter Harriet married William Gill shown in the above census at age one month in the household of Roger Mordecai Peace, JEFF
4/14 1999 Danville Commercial News obit. Please contact Illiana Genealogical and Historical Society for additional information from this obituary including other family mentioned in obit: or write to: IGHS, 19 E North Street, Danville, IL 61832..217-431-8733 Wiliford L Johnson, 81 of Danville died 4/12 1999 in Danville. B in Danville 8/25 1917 s/o Emery and Elnora Mortz Johnson. In 1942 m Betty McFarland in Danville - she died Oct 1953. M 8/2 1954 to Reva June Lister in Danville - she surv. Also surv 3 sons David, Richard and Wilford, two dau Dorie and Minnie, 1 bro Alford, one sis Victoria. Preceded by 5 bro 1 son, Terrence Wayne. Burial Spring Hill Cemetery, Danville.
July 25, 1996 Tulsa World Page: A2 Obituary: MORT, Thomas "Gene," 77, retired from Helmerich & Payne, died Wednesday. Services 11 a.m. Friday, Moore's Southlawn Funeral Chapel.
World War I Draft Registrations Birth Date Ethnicity Birth Place County State Ejnar Mort 17 Aug 1893 White Deworas Sweden Cook Minnesota Arthur Scott Mort 24 Mar 1886 White Twin Falls Idaho Robert William Mort 5 Jul 1877 White Twin Falls Idaho William E. Mort 12 Apr 1876 White Rock Nebraska
Subject: Mort Family Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 20:18:40 -0500 From: "Addis"
Seen your query in Miami County, Indiana. My GGGrandfather's first wife was Mary Ann Mort supposedly born March 24, 1844. She married James Newton Allison in Miami County, Indiana, September 13, 1863. They later removed to Kosciusko County, Indiana where she died March 28, 1872. The two had one daughter who survived and moved to Labette County with her father and step-mother. Do you know who she belonged to? Thanks,
Lonie R. Addis
640 Iowa
Oswego, Kansas 67356

Subject: Mary Ann Mort
  Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 07:08:27 -0500
  From: "Addis"
Donald, Appreciate very much your reply. I am not a direct descendent on Mary Ann Mort. Her husband, James Newton Allison, was my GGGrandfather. After Mary Ann died, he married Sarah Jane Kreighbaum, widow of Ira Shobe. James and Sarah had six children together of which I am descended from the second child, Mary Frances Allison. Those six children were in addition to the two daughters from Sarah's previous marriage and the one daughter, Emma Ollevette Allison, of James and Mary Ann. With that scenerio, what can I provide that would be welcome and of assistance.
Mary Ann Mort Allison is buried at Gospel Hill Cemetery in Lake Township, Kosciusko County, Indiana. Records I have on her birth and death are copied from the bible of the father of James Newton Allison, Alfred Allison.

To: Mort Family Comments

          I would like to update my e-mail address for anyone doing Mort research who would like to contact me concerning Levi and Rebecca (Mathias) MORT. I am a descendent of their daughter Anges Belle MORT who married Lewis H. HAMPTON. The last time I contacted you was in November of 1997. Due to health problems, I have been out of touch. I am currently back to working on my genealogy of the HAMPTON family and many other surnames that fit in. My current e-mail address for anyone to contact me I do apologize for any inconviences this may of caused. Of course, anyone may still contact me at my home address:

          Denise L. (Hampton) Adams
          844 22nd Street
          Altoona, PA 16601
Denise L. (Hampton) Adams

1999-August-23: From "Chris Thurber" Christina Ann Patterson.
Here's my information on the linkage from Samuel Nigh/Lydia Mort to me. I've included source information. I'll send a separate message on Lydia Mort's parents.

1. Samuel Nigh Source1: World Family Tree Vol. 11, Ed. 1, Source2: File-12983. Born: November 11, 1809 Palmyra, PA Source1: World Family Tree Vol. 11, Ed. 1, Source2: File-12983. Died: June 22, 1891 Leitersburg, MD Source1: World Family Tree Vol. 11, Ed. 1, Source2: File-12983. (He is your record # 978.)

Wife: Lydia Mort Source1: World Family Tree Vol. 11, Ed. 1, Source2: File-12983, Source3: Born: February 1813 Source1: World Family Tree Vol. 11, Ed. 1, File-12983. Married: WFT Est. 1828-1858 World Family Tree Vol. 11, Ed. 1. Died: January 29, 1891 Leitersburg, MD Source1: World Family Tree Vol. 11, Ed. 1, Source2: File-12983. (She is your record #977.)

2. John W. Nigh Source1: World Family Tree Vol. 11, Ed. 1, Source2: File-12983. Born: November 1834 Leitersburg, MD Source1: World Family Tree Vol. 11, Ed. 1, Source2: File-12983. Died: September 29, 1893 Leitersburg, MD Source1: World Family Tree Vol. 11, Ed. 1, Source2: File-12983.

Wife: Mary Elizabeth Fridinger Source1: World Family Tree Vol. 11, Ed. 1, Source2: File-12983. Born: November 1841 Source1: World Family Tree Vol. 11, Ed. 1, Source2: File-12983. Married: 1869 Hagerstown, MD Source1: World Family Tree Vol. 11, Ed. 1, Source2: File-12983. Died: WFT Est. 1883-1936 Hagerstown, MD Source1: World Family Tree Vol. 11, Ed. 1. Burial: Rose Hill Cemetary, Hagerstown, MD Christina Ann Patterson.

3. Emma Helen Nigh aka: Patsy Patterson File-12983. Born: September 15, 1877 Leitersburg, MD Source1: Christina Ann Patterson, Source2: File-12983. Died: December 1972 Hagerstown, MD Source1: Christina Ann Patterson. Burial: Rose Hill Cemetary, Hagerstown, MD Christina Ann Patterson.

Husband: Mayberry Irvin Patterson Source1: Christina Ann Patterson, Source2: File-12983. Born: March 20, 1860 Warrior's Mark, Pennsylvania James Patterson of Conestoga Manor and His Descendents. Married: August 20, 1914 Hagerstown, Maryland James Patterson of Conestoga Manor.... Died: 1925 Hagerstown, Maryland James Patterson of Conestoga Manor.... Burial: Rose Hill Cemetary, Hagerstown, MD Christina Ann Patterson.

4. Mayberry Irvin Patterson, Jr Source1: Christina Ann Patterson, Source2: File-12983. Born: December 30, 1917 Hagerstown, Maryland Mayberry Irvin Patterson, Jr. Died: 1966 Hagerstown, Maryland Christina Ann Patterson. Burial: Rose Hill Cemetary, Hagerstown, MD Christina Ann Patterson

Wife: Mary Louise Messersmith Source1: Mary Louise Messersmith, Source2: File-12983. Born: May 1, 1917 Hagerstown, Maryland Mary Louise Messersmith. Married: March 1, 1941 Hagerstown, MD Mary Louise Messersmith. Died: June 12, 1999 Sun City West, AZ Christina Ann Patterson. Burial: June 26, 1999 Rest Haven Cemetary, Hagerstown, MD Christina Ann Patterson.

5 . Christina Ann Patterson aka: Christine Tetrick. Born: 1942 Hagerstown, MD. No children.

Husband: Charles Hiram Thurber, Jr. Born: 1943 Houston, Texas. Married: 1966 Springfield, VA


My info and sources for Lydia's father & mother & siblings comes from file g69, which includes Lydia and Samuel, but not any descendents. From file 12983 and World Family Tree Vol 11, tree #2986, I already had info on Lydia and Samuel's descendents, but not on Lydia's ancestors. Here is the information from file g69 on Lydia's parents & siblings.

[DEG: WARNING! — None of this has been added into the files as no documentation has been shown. If you can find documentiation please send it and those records will be changed or updated. — It is being presented here as an source to check if documentation can be found.]

Descendants of Mathias Mort
 1 Mathias MORT b: Abt. 1774 Frederick County, MD d: April 1817 Frederick County, MD
  +Elizabeth BAUER b: Abt. 1774 MD m: Frederick County, MD d: Aft. 1831 Washington County MD
  2 Polly MORT b: Bet. 1794 - 1800 Frederick County, MD d: Bef. 1850 Frederick County, MD
    +George G. MORT b: 1788 Frederick County, MD m: September 06,1817
    Frederick County, MD d: Abt. 1874 Carroll County, MD
  2 Catherine MORT b: Bef. June 22, 1798 Frederick County, MD
    +Peter YOUNG m: February 10, 1819 Frederick County, MD
  2 Margaret MORT b: November 16, 1799 Frederick County, MD
    +Henry RECKER m: August 02, 1826 Frederick County, MD
  2 Sophia MORT b: Bet. 1800 - 1810
  2 Abraham MORT b: September 16, 1801 Frederick County, MD d: Bef. 1880 Shenandoah County, VA
    +CATHERINE b: Abt. 1805 Scotland m: Franklin County PA, or
    Washington County MD d: Bef. 1880 Shenandoah County, VA
  2 Susanna MORT b: Bet. 1804 - 1810
  2 Daniel MORT b: March 26, 1805 Frederick County, MD d: Bef. April 08, 1817 Frederick County, MD
  2 William MORT b: December 17, 1806 Frederick County, MD d:
    Aft. 1860 Franklin County PA, or Washington County MD
    +MARY b: Abt. 1809 MD d: Aft. 1860
  2 Joseph MORT b: March 11, 1811 Frederick County, MD d:October 21, 1862 Madison Township, Clark, OH
    +Rebecca DALE b: January 09, 1808 MD m: Abt. 1833 Franklin County PA, or Washington County MD
    d: March 29, 1891 Madison Township, Clark, OH
  2 Lydia MORT b: Bet. 1812 - 1814 Frederick County, MD
    +Samuel NIGH b: November 10, 1809 Pleasant Hill, Franklin, PA d: 1891 near Leitersburg, Washington, MD
  2 John MORT b: April 08, 1815

Aug-24-1999 — From: From: "Robert Runk" ", 1972 Letterkenny Road, Chambersburg, PA 17201 My ancestor Barbara Catherine Wiser (b.1858) married (12-29-1886) John Alexander Mort(b.1860). I have no other dates and have not been able to trace this line for children. During my search, I recently visited the German Reformed Church Cemetery, Metal Township, Franklin County, Fannettsburg,Pa. This is what i found: William Mort b.2-10-1813 d.3-6-1881,Civil war,Co D 21st Pa Cav Nancy Varner Mort b.1-8-1814 d.11-9-1889. Austen Allen Mort b.6-23-1839 d.12-22-1918. Susan Hollenbaugh b.1835 d.1905. Lieutenant Lynn Mort b 1891 d.1918. World War 1. Nettie Mort b.9-16-1875 d.3-7-1944. Margaret B.Mort b.1877 d.1943 William H Deihl b.1873 d. 1943 Violet Deihl b.1900 d.1901 Florence M Mort b.1868 d. 1948 Robert F. Kent b. 1867 d.1954 John N. Mort b.1870 d.1952 William F. Mort b.8-2-1843 d. 10-16-1868 The following person was found in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery,Shade Gap,Pa, Dublin Township: Rebecca Mathias Mort b.10-9-1827 d.2-2-1917, (I believe this lady was married to Levi Mort who died during service in the Civil War.) If any of the Mort researchers has further information on the Barbara Wiser and John Alexander Mort marriage, it would help a great deal in finishing the Wiser family line and would be very much appreciated. I have reason to believe the Morts listed above our in the Mathias Mort line. My Email address is: Thank You Robert B. Runk Chambersburg,Pa
Aug-24-1999 — From: From "Chris Thurber" Christina Ann Patterson. My mailing address is Christina Thurber, 7510 Essex Ave, Springfield, VA 22150.
I've included some minor corrections and a bunch of additional information. Thanks for all your info. Chris
- - - - - - - - - -

My records show parents of Samuel Nigh (RN=978) as John Henry Nye, born 18 Dec 1785 in Palmyra, PA, died 1847; and Elizabeth, died 1845. I have 2 different dates of birth for Samuel: 10 Nov 1809 and 11 Nov 1809. The name started in Germany as Neu and subsequent generational variations included Neigh and Nye before it got to Nigh.
- - - - - - - - - -

I have 2 different years of birth and dates of death for Lydia Mort Nigh (RN=977). At this point, I'm not sure which is correct.
DOB1: Feb 1812. DOB2: Feb 1813.
DOD1: 29 Jan 1890. DOD2: 29 Jan 1891.
Also, my records show her mother'd maiden name (RN=18) as Elizabeth Margret Bauer.
- - - - - - - - - -

John W. Nigh (RN=1006) had 2 wives. First was Emily Jane Slick, born Dec 1841, married about 1861 in Leitersburg, MD, died 2 July 1864. They had 1 child: Samuel D. Nigh, born 1861 Leitersburg, MD, died 1863 Leitersburg, MD.

Mary Elizabeth Fridinger (RN=7774) was his 2nd wife, with whom he had 6 more children: Charles Perkins Nigh, born 21 Sept 1870 Leitersburg, died Feb 1940 Hagerstown, MD; John Richardson Nigh, born 9 Mar 1871/72 Leitersburg, died 1949 Hagerstown, MD; Carrie Grace Nigh, born 27 Jan 1873/74 Leitersburg, died Mar 1927 Hagerstown, MD; Emma Helen (RN=7775); Minnie Maude Nigh, born Feb 1878/79 Leitersburg, died bet 1880 and 1973; Frank Clayton Nigh, born 17 Dec 1881 Leitersburg, died 26 Aug 1937 Hagerstown, MD,

(RN=7774) Mary Elizabeth Fridinger's parents are George Fridinger, born between 1790-1819 in Duesseldorf, Germany, died between 1844 and 1904; and Caroline Christ, born between 1799 and 1822 in Duesseldorf, Germany, died between 1844 and 1910.
- - - - - - - - - -

(RN=7775) Emma Nigh Patterson and Mayberry I. Patterson (RN=7776) had 2 children. Their first was Helen Jane Patterson, born 14 Sep 1915 Hagerstown, died 27 Sept 1915 Hagerstown.
- - - - - - - - -

(RN=7776) Mayberry Patterson's parents were George Washington Patterson, born 1830 in Baileyville, Spruce Creek, Huntindon Co, PA, died 27 Sep 1865 at Yellow Springs PA; and Sarah Cunningham, born 4 Oct 1836 in Ennisville, PA. They were married on 2 June 1853 in McAlvey's Fort, PA and had 7 children--all sons.
- - - - - - - - - -
(RN=7777) Mayberry Patterson, Jr, was married at least once after he and Mary were divorced. I don't remember her full name (Catherine/Katherine/Cathryn/etc) and they had no children. He died on 18 August 1966.
- - - - - - - - - -

(RN-7778) Mary Messersmith. Her parents are James Weaver Nemo Messersmith, born 1 Sept 1884 Towanda, PA, died 25 Nov 1969 Hagerstown, MD; and Carrie Shaw, born 27 Jan 1887 in Garret Co, MD, died 11 Jan 1972 Hagerstown, MD. They were maried in 1904 near Jennings, MD and had 6 children--3 sons & 3 daughters.

James and Carrie's eldest daughter, Luella Eliza Messersmith Washabaugh, born 1905 Jennings, MD is the grandmother of Linda Mort Houston 's (RN=3124) husband. Luella is the widow of Merle Alden Washabaugh (1905-1966); they were married in April 1926 in Hagerstown, MD. They had 3 children: 2 sons and Doris Ann Washabaugh Houston. Doris and her deceased husband David Houston, Sr had 4 children: 1 of them, David Houston, Jr. married Linda Mort.
- - - - - - - - - -

(RN=7780) Charles' parents were Charles Hiram Thurber, Sr, born Connecticut, died Albuquerque, NM; and Virginia Elsdon Thurber, born Connecticut, died Frederick, MD.

Thu, 26 Aug 1999
From: John B Davies
I am attaching a file, consisting of some pages, relevant to Adam Mort , from Dr. John Lunn's "History of Astley".I have OCRed the
text but I have not edited it for mistakes in the OCR process. I have some other documents but the copies I have are not very good but are
legible. I hope this will provide you with some information you did not have before. Yours, Bernie Davies.
[Because I do not access to the original I am not able to edit this file so am presenting it as sent with minor obvious corrections made. DEG]

Adam Mort , 1586
The great Adam Morfs forebears are obscure. For his wife he took Janet Mort , daughter of Thomas Mort of Tyldesley, which Mort was a friend of the Earl of Derby, acting as his vice-chamberlain. He was by profession a lawyer. Adam married at Leigh church on May 16, 1586; he himself came from the Mort family of Highfield in Famworth and probably from the slight evidence of settlements among the Damhouse deeds his father was Thomas Mort . The wife Janet died before her husband. Adam Mort was High Constable of West Derby Hundred in 1612 and churchwarden at Leigh in 1618 and 1620.

John Grundy's gift to Astley folk, 1587

John Grundy was a linen webster, who owed the large sum of £4 8s. 4d. to Richard Miliner for flax, when he died in 1587. He left altogether £19, which measured by the standards of his day was quite above average. Among his bequests was one of five shillings to poor folk in Astley in greatest need of help. The name of his


wife was Isabel and his four daughters were Margaret, Margery, Anne and Katherine. The widow lived in his house for her life and then, with licence of the lord, it was to go to Giles Grundy.

Thomas Withington 1590

Withington Farm strides the northern limits of Astley village with Tyldesley; for long years dwelt in this remote corner the Withington family and here in 1590 died Thomas Withinaton. His frail will today recalls the vigour and simplicity of daily life in Astley in the 16th century. One of his sons John had died before this year and had left a child, Ellen, and William another son took his dead father's communal share in all ploughs, wheels and harrows. Then the old testator said " over and besyde my bringing forth " which beauteous phrase meant his irrevocable committal to the grave, the rest of his goods was to be shared by the children, Richard, Robert, Henry. Thomas and Elizabeth. This daughter was left the best pan. There was not much for division after debts of £2 16s. had to be paid out of a total of £10. 12s. One of the debts was due to Adam Mort and another to Lambert Tyldesley of the Garratt. His stock feeding in common with those of his more active sons included a goose, gander, cock and hens, a stirk, old mare, and the ancient name for a pig, a spewing.

The death of Sir Gilbert Gerard, February 4, 1593
Gerard had been lord of Astley manor from 1561, which he had acquired through his marriage with Anne Radcliff and was in enjoyment of its profits and revenues for thirty-two years. His great name was known to every contemporary Astley man and woman. The eldest son of James Gerard of Ince and his mother, Margaret Holcroft, he was sent to London to study law, entered Gray's Inn and was called in 1539. Later he rose to be treasurer of the Inn along with Nicholas Bacon in 1556. The ancient and loyal borough of Wigan returned him as member to the parliaments of 1553 and 1555. It is said that during the dark eclipse of the fortunes of the young princess Elizabeth, Gerard had done her some great service and when she had come by the Crown, she quickly repaid him and on January 22, 1559, he was made attorny-general. Thenceforth he served her cause with undivided loyalty in all the great state trials to which her tortuous policy gave rise. He was knighted by her at Greenwich Palace July 5, 1579, and in 1581 attained his highest 'judicial appointment as Master of the Rolls. Lancaster borough returned him as member in 1584 and he died in 1593. By Anne Radcliff he had two sons and Frances a daughter. The younger son , Radcliff was drowned, while the elder, Thomas pursued like his father a political career and in 1603 was elevated to the peerage as Lord Gerard of Gerards Bromley.

The town's money, 1593
William Wood had been elected a township officer; but he died before he had completed his year of duty and there was found in his house twenty five shillings' being towne's money part of a ley being gathered and not discharged again. 'This was one of several 'wedds'
John Mather. William Withington had died, owing 29s. 4d., it was alleged, to John and Mary Rowson of Worsley. His administrator T'homas Withington disputed this and the matter was left for decision to Thomas and John Cowdall, afferors of the court.

George Speakman's Riding Long Close, 1613
When Speakman died in 1613, he left a wife Alice and four children all under 21. The eldest son was William and on his marriage his father asked him to pay to his other brother and two sisters £8 'to be put forth for their commodity.' Widow Alice had the profits of Riding Long Close until the youngest child, Ellen became 21. The other children were Elizabeth and Frank. At the time of his death Speakman was much in debt, some £34 in all including 14s. for meadow to his landlord and £5 to Hamble Partington. The interest on this was in arrear and Speakman had been forced to let his lender occupy Rycroft field, area one acre and a roodland in order to keep down the charges until the money had been repaid. Besides husbandry, milk, cheese, oats, and beans, he worked four pairs of looms and had work for three fustian ends at the time of his death. He probably lived near Coldalhurst, as three of the Coldale family valued his assets on September 14, 1613. All his debts were carefully listed by William Speakman, Thomas Jackson, and Geoffrey Ward.

John Woodburn, 1614
John Woodbum's will sheds a fulsome light upon this very old, but now non-existent farmstead. He died in winter and asked his landlord to accept his son Thomas as tenant. Ale household goods he gave by special mention to his inheritor son were dashboard, little cupboard, great table, two forms, a skin, iron chimney, crows and tongs, brewing lead and the great corn ark in the barn. For these entailed items he had to pay £50 to the younger children. He made his immediate neighbours to the north, the two Thomas Gillibrands his executors, with John Sothem to act as overseer. One of the debts on the will was 6s. owing to Adam Mort . Woodburn bore his solid prosperity well. In January of 1615 were £71 worth of horses and kine in the outbuildings and in the barns £37 value of corn and hay. His main source of income was corn, butter and cheese and the aggregate of his total wealth came to £180 10s. 11 d.

Revocation of a deed, 1615
One of the earliest deeds of prosperous Aclam Mort was a revocable settlement made in favour of his three sons on April 1, 1609. its main purpose was to stabilise and ensure the prosperity of the family and its ' stay' of living. The list of properties brought into the settlement recites some early leases of land in Bolton, before the Morts settled in Astley. One was dated August 20, 1574; it was of four acres of land in Great Lever and made by Adam Lever to his son Andrew. Another bears date, February 27, 1580, and a third, January 28, 1592. These record facts of great interest and perpetuate Thomas Moll of Little Bolton, gentleman, France Nuttall of Hightfield, yeoman, and Jannet Mort , daughter of Thomas Mort , deceased,

names which have some bearing on Dugdale's pedigree of the Mort family. Four trustees of the settlement are named, Ralph Ashton, father and son, Roger Downes of Wardley, and Henry Breres, draper, of Preston. The deed carries the signature of Adam the father and of two sons, Thomas and Richard. Delivery of the properties was made in two places-in the dwelling house of John Guest in Astley and in the mansion of Damhouse. One of the witnesses to the public delivery was the aged Lambert Tyldesley of Garratt. The revocation clause embodied in the decl constrained Adam Mort the father to pay a nominal penalty of twelve pennies to the trustees or any other person and then declare the effect before credible witnesses to be void. This Adam did on two occasions, February 4 and December 18, 1615, paying the fine twice over to Ralph Ashton Senior and to Henry Breres. The revocation was prelude to a settlement.

John Mather, 1617
When Mather died in May, 1617, he left five children. His wife had died before him and he desired to be buried as near as possible to her in Leigh churchyard. His will bears the florid signature of Thomas Mort , son and heir of the great Adam. Mather held leases of fields, which he calls the Common Fields and the Great Jayke. One great stand he possessed was for swine meal and for table illumination he boasted a chandler, valued at £3. His total estate of £64 was considerable for a townsman in Astley at this date. Among his many debts was one he owed to the wealthy Henry Traves of Lightoaks in Bedford, set down at 24s. 9d.

The three John Sothern's 1618
This Astley family, possibly catholic in religion, was vigorous in village life during the whole of the course of the 17th century. Their location is obscure. John Sothem died in 1618 and his heir was likewise John. Other children named were William, George, Thomas, Margaret, Jane and Elizabeth. Margaret had already been given a mare worth 13s. 4d. and this was to be deducted from her divisional share. Sothem wore dagger and girdle, which he valued so much that he left them to his friend, Thomas Jackson. The whole of the estate came to £70. The second John died in 1667 and there succeeded a third John. The younger issue were Margaret, Jane, William, Elizabeth and Ellin. Margaret in that year was the wife of Thomas Holcroft of Culcheth and as her father was brother-inlaw of John Urmston of Westleigh such relationship is evidence of catholic affinity. Sothem was able to give a dowry of £73 to his daughter Margaret on her marriage. The second John left estate of £122, while the third, who died in 1701 in a seven-roomed house left chattels worth £70. John Hindley helped Elizabeth Sothern to take out the bond for his affairs. This family belonged to that sturdy yeoman class and were tenants of either Morley or Peel.

The Straits, 1618
This landmark name derives from its long association with the
family of Street, who were the property and general repairers of the
old villagers, sometimes called plasterers, sometimes joiners. Richard Street died in 1618, with sons John, Thomas and Richard. One daughter, Elizabeth, had married a Hurst and her father gave two shillings to each of her three children ' to be bestowed on some things to go forward with them.'His widow Elizabeth was to have the ground in Coldalhurst for life and then it was to go to Thomas the son for seven years in trust for the son Richard. A bequest of twelve pennies apiece to William, Thomas and Elizabeth, children Of his brother evoked the grudge this 1 doe out of my good will not owing them anything.' From the list of his possessions Street was a carpenter by calling. He owned a saw four joists twenty-nine sawn boards, spade shafts, five pieces of joist timber, many fellies or spokes and seventeen pieces of cooper timber. Repair of houses, carts, wheels, tubs and tools brought in a side income which supplemented his husbandry and which together enabled him to leave a modest £45. John the son was plasterer, who died in 1636. He and his wife were both buried the same day. Elizabeth, the daughter who had married a Hurst, received a legacy of £6 from her father, but he viewed her receipt of this with misgivings. When she had taken it from the hands of her brother Thomas it was to be used & only at the vispotion of her mother or some friend as they shall think convenient.'

The south porch of the church, 1619
Adam Mort 's eldest son, Thomas was married in 1619 a-id on October 21 of that year an annuity of £60 was settled on the bride, Margaret Smith daughter of yeoman Robert Smith of Little Hulton. This money was to be paid twice yearly on June 24 and December 25 in the south porch of the parish church at Leigh. If any part of this sum remained unpaid for ten days after these feast days, a penalty of £15 was incurred. This settlement deed is one of the rare documents bearing the signature of the great Adam Mort . Margaret outlived her husband by many years and on October 28, 1675 her executor Robert Mort released all money due to her estate under this 1619 deed. Very much later, April 14, 1699, Thomas Mort grandson of Margaret showed the writing to Nathan Mort and Margaret Finch and explained why he thought the arrears had been forgiven.

Estate tenants, 1619
On the day after this annuity grant, October 22, 1619, Adam Mort settled the whole estate and lordship on Thomas Mort , the eldest son and any male issue of the marriage with Margaret Smith. If no son happened to be born, but only daughters, the heir Thomas had power to grant them annuities of £100 or less. Thirty-one tenants of Adam, whose names are set out in an appendix, heard the settlement deed read over to them on December 23, 1619, and signified their agreement to it.

To the Minister at Ellenbrook Chapel, 1623
Thomas Valentine was a well-to-do fustian weaver, able to leave a fortune of £325 and the greater weight of this considerable sum was tied up in his various cloths. What his valuers found in his Astley home on January 18, 1623, is given elsewhere. He lived in a house known locally as John Tyldesleys and there his widow Anne was to live in a part of it assigned to her, while the other part was for his two brothers, John and William. Among the many debts due to him was one from M-r John Chaddock and another owed by old Mr Thomas Gillibrand. Valentine possessed thirteen shillings value of books, but he plied no husbandry, devoting himself entirely to his trade. On Sundays he resorted to Ellenbrook Chapel, since there was no preaching house in Astley and Valentine gave £5 towards the salary of the Minister of Go&s Word at Ellenbrook to be put into stock. Almost a third share of his total wealth he gave to the poor, young Thomas Mort , his landlord having the distribution of it.

Thomas Gillibrand, 1623
Thomas made hurried testamentary dispositions only two days before he was buried. He designated two heirlooms of practical use for his 47 year old heir Thomas, a great corn ark in the barn and his long coffer in a bedchamber. He gave a third of his goods to his wife, Margaret who was to follow him in death in less than a month and £80 and the remainder of his goods to his daughters, Ellen and Margaret. Gillibrands total estate came to over £162. But much at Peel at this date was under the active control of his son. The father had a value in horses and beasts on Peel fields in this early summer of 1623 of £43 and in wheat and barley from the fertility of its broad compact of arable of over £5 1. His clothes were distinguished with silver buttons and priced above normal at £5. 10s. In the Hall was a clock with bell and chimes; the family used silver spoons and silver plate. Nearby was a mill, a visible sign of Peel's status; in it an ark, picks and a small board. In the cobbled yard were turkeys and hens and on the moat waters geese and ducks. This Thomas had succeeded his father Geoffrey in 1568; he occupied Peel for over fifty-six years and he was grown into senility, when they carried him across the brook platt to his grave at Leigh in June, 1623.

Margaret Gillibrand, 1623
Margaret was married by special licence on March 175 1613, to Thomas Gillibrand of the Peel in Astley. She was his third wife for ten years and died soon after him in 1623. Thomas was her second husband, as she had been married before to a Shakerley and desired by her will to be buried in the trinity or chapel, which belonged to that house in Leigh church. She gave Peter Shakerley, her son, £5 and £3 to Robert, another son and a cow to her daughter, Jane. Another daughter, Bridget was assigned one shilling, which indicated some previous advancement and ten shillings in gold. But her little child inherited a cow, which was to be hired out at the discretion of Among Margarefs personal bequests Lambert Fielding, of Leigh. was a gold ring to her mother, her best ruff to an unnamed daughter, who was a Shakerley, her worst red coat to Vpr maid Margaret and a smock to her daughter, Alice Gillibrand. Then the est of her
goods, after 6s. 8d. for Jane Green, 5s. for John Redbom and a blank amount for Thomas Collier of Shakerley, she gave to her son Francis Attwood and her daughter, Jane. The gaps and omissions in the will are evidence of hasty preparation. following upon the confusion caused by her husban&s death.

Adam Mort 's court day, June 12, 1624
The second of Adam's court rolls, which has been preserved, is of this date. It was reported to this court that Edward Tyldesley had died since the last session. Thomas Tyldesley, later the great soldier, was his heir; he was under age and a ward of the lord king. Richard Edge of Alderforest in Worsley had sold three acres of land in Astley to Thomas Gillibrand the younger, Giles Astley and Lambert Partington. These were warned by the court of their duty to do service in future. This Lambert Partington had built a barn on Blackmoor Common and had diverted a watercourse there. In the list of disputes before the court was one concerning a tool called a hatch, which Robert Grundy claimed from Ralph Cowdall; it wts worth 3s. 4d. Boundary problems sometimes came before the court. John Cowdall claimed a part of Harper Hadbutts and had set stones there to mark off his intake. A . ury of the court had asked him to produce deeds for this land, but this he had never done. He was ordered to remove the stones before Michaelmas or pay the heavy fine of 6s. 8d.

The goose tithe, 1624
At this same court another boundary query came up for decision. The division or meare between the manors of Astley and Bedford was very obscure and the exact line of partition had been made more difficult to follow by the changes which had taken place. One of the deponents sworn before the court was Thomas Gillibrand of the Peel, who said that thirty years ago he and Sir Gilbert Gerar&s officer had fixed rails to define the extent of the two manors. Tenants from Astley and Bedford came to Adam Hindley's house to set them in position. But the line of division ran through the Hindley home and this was made more complicated by a new building, which had been added on to the old. Gillibrand collected the goose tithes in Astley and Mr. Urmston enjoyed the same profit in Bedford. George Hindley's goose had hatched out and both these parties claimed a gosling. The bird went to Mr. Urmston, because all the room the mother goose could sit on was on the higher end of a bench in the new house, just over the division of Bedford. Elsewhere there had be.-.n no room for her. Gillibrand claimed that this was not right, as all the new part was in Astley. Then came one Isabella to the court. She was widow of Adam and had heard her husband say in his lifetime that one crook of his barn was in Bedford, the rest in Astley. Moreover she said her husband once cut down a thorn tree standing outside the hedge of the Yam Croft, five yards from the south side of the house. Old Adam repented and said to her, that he ought not to have fallen that tree, as he thought it was a mark to fix the division between the two townships. And from this vaguest of evl 'dencethe
jury was left to fixate the dividing line between the disputants of the tithes.

Thomas Woodburn, 1626
By 1626, Thomas who had followed his father John in 1614, was himself dead. He had married Margaret Greg, from whose father Robert he had never received the full dowry payment and at the time of death some £15 was unpaid. The brothers of Thomas were John and Richard, with sisters, Elizabeth and Margery. To these he owed in partly unpaid legacies the great sum of £20 1. Is. 8d., while his entire assets did not cover this deficit. For he had in debts due to himself £55 8s. 8d. and chattels of a total value of £97 2s. 10d. These figures explain why he had not been able to account to his family. Grazing on the moss earth pastures of Woodburns hoary tenement in 1626 were two runt oxen.

Lambert Scott's heirlooms, 1627
Lambert made his will on December 3, 1627, just four days before he died. By his wife Margaret he had raised eight children, of whom a namesake Lambert was one. As heirlooms his father bequeathed to him a great brass pot, two silver spoons and a great ark standing in the loft above. By loft he signified upstairs. But for the carts, the cart gear, the wheels, harrow, treases and things necessary to them he was to pay a reasonable price. Lambert had already advanced his daughter Arm in the world, so he could leave her only ten shillings. Thurstan Scott was the eldest son; he was left five shillings, but it must be remembered he took the land. The rest of his considerable personal estate amounting to over £95 he gave to his five younger children. One of his executors was his brother-in-law, William Sothem.

Robert Leigh, 1629
Leigh was a substantial yeoman; he belonged to the richer class of townsman, almost on a par with the landed families, who in days past wove so much of the varied tapestry of village history. He probably lived at the house later known as Manor House, for he speaks of his good friend and neighbour, Thomas Hilton, and asks him to be overseer of his will and affairs. Leigh had married Elizabeth daughter of Miles Speakman and died in full manhood, as he left very young children. He showed concern for them in the very last moments of his life and requested his daughter Margaret to resign one tenth of her portion and add this to the £20 he gave to his father-in-law for the purpose of bringing them up. Miles, the @fe and daughter all promised faithfully to perform this family duty. He left altogether £197, which was a great sum for that far-off day and had amassed this by aiming higher than the simple gains of practical husbandry. He sold cheeses in Manchester, he lent out his surplus cash and hired out cows to profit. He leased additional pasture ground from the great Adam Mort and the Woodbums. The price of his wearing clothes was £4 4s. 6d. which is a sign that they were of good quality. In his inventory his valuers include the edgroves, afterpasture and edish of his meadowlands, for he died in
2 1
August, 1629, when the second crop of grass was coming on. Among his debts was one of £9 7s. owed to Thomas Chamock; the interest was in arrear and the security had to be strengthened by an assurance from the mother of the debtor to repay it. The will perpetuates the name of another daughter Elizabeth and a son John.

Adam Mort , March 25,1631.
This pious puritan of Bolton le Moors, the Geneva of the North, died on this day. By August 18 of the next year the eschaetor's jury had completed the inquiry into his many and far-scattered landed properties. Twenty gentlemen met, one of whom Richard Whitehead was the only local neighbour; they inspected title deeds, settlements, the will; they identified most properties by referring to their previous or present holders; they detailed the tenure, the obligations, the value after all outgoings had been met and the superior lord to whom feudal dues were payable. Adam Mort possessed many farms, cottages, shops and even a fuller's mill in various parts of the county. His properties were situate in Astley, Tyldesley, Bedford, Pennington, Westleigh, Tong, Bolton, Harwood, Hindley, Penketh, Halliwell and outside his native county at Lymm in Cheshire. In addition he enjoyed many rents and one half of the tithes of corn and grain growing in Astley. The manor of Astley was held of the king as of his manor of Widnes and the Duchy of Lancaster; it was assessed at a three-hundredth part of a knight's fee, owed service to the court at Widnes and paid 9d. per year for castle ward at Lancaster. Thomas Mort was next heir, aged 40 years. Adam was a younger son. Richard the second son had died, leaving children, of whom one Adam is named in the inquiry. When the very full details of the whole estate had been written up on large parchment indentures, all signed by the royal eschaetor Hugh Rigby, one set was handed to the next heir and this record still survives among the Mort deeds. There is no note of Adam's burial; probably he was taken either to Bolton or Deane.

Portrait of the great Adam, 1631
Three days after Adam Mort died, all his effects were valued for ecclesiastical probate and his personal property certified at £1,494 3S. 8d. This was a princely sum, unsurpassed locally in that day and time except by that of Henry Traves of Lightoaks in Bedford, who had died in 1626. His personalty had soared to £1,668. The greater part of Mort 's wealth was in ready money; English bullion, £806 and foreign coin £12. On loan to various persons was £558. It is traditionally said that the basis of Mort 's wealth came from Bolton fustians, but the inventory mirrors him in the light of a local banker. There was only one book listed among his belongings, the family bible. His clothes, sword, dagger, and riding accoutrements were valued at £6 13s. 4d.: a pike, musket and other armour came to £2 and a caliver 3s. 4d. His most valuable item of household was the silver plate (£9) and then the feather beds, weighed and marked at 18 stone, value £6 1 1 s. 5d. The livestock comprised only two cows, sufficient to supply the needs of the family. Adam had poor vision


and used two pairs of spectacles to overcome this defect.

Dambouse in 1631
The location of the varied household effects, which Adam Mort possessed at his death provides an outline picture of what th- @ manor of Astley comprised, when it was bought from the Gerards.
-r?-Was not the mansion house later generations of Astley men knew. in it was a large kitchen,
a parlour, milkhouse, buttery. Adam's own chamber and a little chamber. There was a bedroom above Adam's room and the other upstairs rooms carry the common name of lofts. One such loft was designated the clock loft, with clock and bell and judging from another rather cryptic entry in the inventory there was a chapel incorporated within Damhouse. The great barn near to the manor had fallen down and large stones stood in the area it formerly occupied. The old house which was taken down in 1650 depended for water upon a well and not upon the brook. Even at this early period the landscape name of the manor was Damhouse. it arose from the dam created to work the corn mill. In the range of domestic buildings in the manor fold was a turf house, cartshed and swine cotes. The Mort family used 40ozs. of silver plate to grace the tables. The great value of dried corn, almost £52 in valuation and £ 1 5 of oats besides is solid proof of the profit derived from the Mort ownership of the tithes of grain and corn arising annually within Astley township. For winter fuel the manor burned more turf than either coal or cannel.

The sons of Adam Mort , 1631
There were three sons and one daughter born to Adam Mort . The sons were Thomas, Richard and Adam. Richard died before his father and left children, who benefited under Adam's will. The eldest Thomas was trained in the law and it was he who invited the bishop of Chester on August 3, 163 1, to come and consecrate the chapel his father had built. He succeeded to the Astley estates and inherited Smithfold and Peel Hall in Little Hulton. The youngest son became a prosperous draper in Preston, was mayor of the borough and was killed defending the town against attack by the parliamentarians during the civil war. His son Seth was later admitted to Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

The King and Adam Mort , 1631
Charles 1 in his efforts to rule without parliaments tried several expedients of raising money. One of these was known as forced loans. Men of ample means were obliged to lend money to the king, which when recelpted, they knew in fact would never be repaid. Someone reported that Adam Mort of Astley-was a likely person and of ability to lend money to his majesty. Mort speedily informed the king he had been misinformed he had no money to lend at all. Yet the occupation of the shrewd old man was banker and loan lender and that was his main source of income. But the king was not convinced by his answer and at Mort 's death in 1631 it was disclosed that he had been trapped by the hated device of forced loans and had lent two sums of £20 and £5 under receipt of the privy seal.
Fuller details come from the Mort papers. In the troublous times of the civil war soon to follow, it is certain that this asset of the careful Adam was consumed and eaten away.

The consecration of the chapel, August 3, 1631
On this memorable mom, John Bridgeman, bishop of Chester, appeared before the door of the newly-built chapel of Adam Mort in Astley; his purpose to consecrate for sacred and divine uses the oratory built by Adam in his lifetime. Here he was met by Thomas Mort , who humbly besought the bishop to dedicate this house of prayer, this daughter chapel of the mother church of Leigh, to the glory of God and in honour of the christian martyr, Stephen. Bridgeman came in the forenoon, between the hours of nine and eleven. Thomas Mort explained that his father " led by pious and religious devotion built this house on a part of the common and because the distance to the mother church at Leigh was so great that people could not always repair thither without danger to their health he besought him to dedicate the chapel and parcel of land to the sacred use of Almighty God." The bishop then entered, followed by Gatley, vicar of Leigh, Thomas Mort and sundry dwellers of Astley in the rear. Prayers were read, the bishop sitting in the ornamental chair and the reading from holy writ was taken from Chronicles, chapter 6, verses 14-31, the prayer of Solomon himself at the consecration of the temple. This first chapel of ease was almost as long as the 1760 building, yet almost half as wide and built of local baked brick. The consecration deed was sealed at Chester on September 8, 163 1, and one shilling for synodals and two shillings for procurations at each visitation were fees specially reserved to the See of Chester for ever.

The grammar school, 1631
By his will Adam Mort established not only the village chapel, but provided for a village school as well. The building was in the chapel yard and to maintain the master, who was always elected by the householders of Astley, the founder set aside the rent of a farm in Pennington. Poor children were accepted free, but those, whose parents could pay, were asked to defray the cost of their instruction. This first school in Astley served for 200 years; it was pulled down in 1833 and rebuilt with the foundation tablet set in the gable wall. Coming towards the chapel from the main road, a wayfarer read plainly in the shadow of the trees, Adam Mort 1631

The first master of Morts School, 1632
Once the village school had been built and endowed, it remained to elect a master. Richard Worthinton appears to be the first of his long line. He was in this neighbourhood in 1632, when he witnessed a will for Henry Cowuppe and he died in the winter of 1660. His own testament bears the date December 27, 1653, and in it he writes that he has taught school at Astley for many years. Worthington lived in Henfold near his neighbour William Partington. He had four children, John, George, Margaret, and Dorothy. But
John was dead and the grandfather assigned 13s. 4d. a year for the children's upbringing till they were 21. Of George he was to have his share of what his father bequeathed to him at Christmas time, but to receive it in his own person. The heating of the school in relentless weather was a source of anxiety and Worthington left £5 to be put into stock to buy coal or other fuel, if the feoffees would within two years of his death build an outile annexed to the school. This was a store place for the coals. Worthington made another true friend of his school to be overseer of the will. He was John Whittell and the other was William Vemon, the antiquary, who lived at Shakerley Hall. In February, 1641, Worthington took the great oath in Leigh parish church, where in the lists he is styled schoolmaster. During the civil wars he fought as a Roundhead; his swords and guns were among his military items in 1660.

The first curate, October 10, 1632
Thomas Crompton was the first curate of the new chapel. He came from the Grange in Bedford, where his father was a substantial yeoman. He entered Brasenose College, Oxford, January 23, 1629, and graduated from Exeter College, November 16, 1630. Crompton then prepared himself for the ministry and in 1632 was ordained deacon by the bishop of Gloucester. The Chancellor of York licensed him to the curacy of Astley chapel on November 25,1633. He laboured long and successfully throughout the turmoil of tempest and storm, which afflicted his day and generation. In the civil war he sided with Parliament and benefited enormously from the profits of confiscated estates of defeated Royalists. His chapel stipend was £16 a year and the profits of Hope House and Hudmads House in Tyldesley. The Roundhead commissioners increased this by £40 a year. They reported that he was a painstaking minister, but kept not the last fast appointed by parliament. In 1648 he signed the Harmonious Consent and continued safely at Astley to the year 1662. Like most of the local ministers he refused to subscribe to the Act of Uniformity and was ej'ected and silenced. After a while he appears to have regained possession of his living and to have continued to preach until his resignation in the late 1680's. He died fully an octogenarian and was buried January 17, 1692, along the south walk of the chapel where he served his long ministration. It was written of him that 1 he was a great scholar, well acquainted with the Fathers, particularly Austin, of most of whose works he could give a very exact account. He left a considerable library and a good name. He was a man of universal charity, a true catholic christian, of an exact inoffensive conduct and a rare example of self-denial and inortification, with respect to worldly pleasures, profits or honours.'

Thomas Mort , July 12, 1638
Thomas, who succeeded the puritan Adam, died on this day, leaving a son Adam, aged 15 years and 6 months to succeed. The estates thus fell into royal wardship with the widow Margaret recognised as guardian. She was assigned a third of the value of
debtor thirteen shillings for similar work. Besides money earned from outside tillage, Withington household took in weaving and John Kemp was debited ten shillings for cloth. Robert Worsley lodged with the family and his diet and board was six shillings and eight pence in arrear. Within the low eaves of this thatched Astley home ticked a clock in 1635.

Christmas at Morleys, c. 1636
Morleys will be for ever associated with the glorious martyrdom of Ambrose Barlow. He used many local halls for his meetings and by keeping to the loneliness of Chatmoss he was able to lose himself in it when times were dangerous. From Morleys he could in comparative safety reach his own home of Barlow Hall by using little known bn'dle ways across the soft bog. In 1633 there was a report sent to York that he caused many people on Sundays and holidays to come to Bedford Hall and in Leigh he was as well known as the vicar of the parish. After BarloWs death one of his followers set down in a letter to his elder brother some of the highlights and characteristics of the martyr's life. From this comes a vivid and tense description of a Christmas at Morleys about this period:
"At Christmasse will be five six or seven years 1 cannot tell which 1 being then at Morleys with him, there came upon the eve (as usually there did at that good time) very many Catholics far and near to watch and pray. Among the rest there came a young man from behind Manchester where in his passage as he understood that there was a pursevant (and his name was Ca~ght as 1 remember) who had commission to have taken Mr. Barlow and for that purpose intended to have been here upon Christmasse day in the morning as he had told some in the town; but he hath (quoth he) fallen down the stairs at Holiwells the innkeeper but yesterday and broken his neck. And so our Martyr's day being not yet come, we had the happiness to hear his three Masses and his sermon; and the poor folks having every one of them received the feast of feasts at our Martyr's hands, had his feast at last and did praise our Lord."
Moat, drawbridge, solitude of bog and moss, danger of death and prison, wild rumour never ver ied, mystic feast days, these were the exhilarations that charged the atmosphere of Christmas at Morleys in Astlev.

A Mort fortune 1638
T'homas Mort , when he died was under 50: he outlived his aged father by only seven years. Yet his personal fortune at £3,094 was almost double. It was a magnificent sum and reflects the general prosperity of the country before the tragedies of the civil war. The inventory of his goods was made on July 24, 1638, and shows that his principal home was Peel in Little Hulton; there was only a short list of items at Damhouse, Wharton, and Smithfold, which were set down for taxation. Like old Adam he held bills and bonds of a value of £ 1,250, book debts, £761 and £ 1 18. Rents for lands not yet paid came to £238 and in ready money there was £108. It has been thought that Mort was a lawyer, from the amount of
May 20, 1641, in the journals of the House of Commons:
" Whereas this House was informed that a Romish priest was apprehended on Easter-day last at the Hall of Morleys in the County of Lancaster called by the name of Edward Barlow, who upon his examination confessed himself a Romish priest and had received orders from Arras, he now being committed to the Common Gaol at Lancaster, it is ordered that the said Edward Barlow shall be proceeded against at the next Assizes for the said County."

Priest Field
One of the pastures lying between Morleys and Sales Farm situate to the north of the latter and traversed by a footpath from Morley Lane has carried for centuries its name of Priest Field. The tenants of the farm in the 17 c. were the Bradshaws, who were catholic and recusant. This established fact opens up all kinds of probabilities. Barlow must have counted these Bradshaws among his most faithful mosssiders; they were near neighbours of Morleys and must often have used that pathway to be able to have afforded shelter to Barlow and facility for many celebrations of Mass. But the great mystery of the name remains embedded in the landscape. Was Barlow captured there, trying to escape? Were the profits of the meadow ever made over in secret trust to support a priest? The long-since dead, who knew the answer, have taken the secret with them. And there is no way of wresting it from them.

Lancaster Castle, September 10, 1641
On this day Ambrose Barlow suffered and was put to death at Lancaster. News of this extreme act must have heightened the intensity of devotion in many of his followers in Astley, Bedford, and Westleigh. And he must have been held long in prayer and meditative remembrance by his isolated and scattered flocks, chastened in reflection that he should have been made to pay so high a price for so holy a practice of life. After the hanging, lets body was dismembered and quartered. The skull was carefully preserved and is kept today in veneration at Wardley Hall in Worsley.

Thomas Gillibrand of the Peel, 1648
Peel Hall prosperity reached high levels under this Thomas, born in 1577 and died in 1648. His second wife was Alice Damport and his children named from the will, Geoffrey, Ralph, Henry, Ellin, Ellinor and the youngest son Thomas. Two daughters were mam'ed; Alice was the wife of James Parcevall and Jane had married Richard Whitehead. He gave £40 each to sons Henry and Thomas and the rest was for his three youngest children. A son Geoffrey had died before his father and Ralph the heir was left the best bay gelding. The two married daughters received pieces of gold. Gillibrand was very rich: it took four men three days to list and price his possessions and agree their total at £595. Even his suits were costly at £10. He had been wont to shoot with a long carbine and two pistols. He owned a pair of bandoliers. There was £44 10s. in gold in the Hall when he died and nearly £20 in other money. The silver plate
weighed 30oz. and he bred hawks in a mew at Peel. His list of effects is given elsewhere.

Peel Hall in 1648
Peel was a great house in these carolan times and comfort, measured in that age by feather beds, ample and sufficient. In the spacious hall joining the two wings was a screen. The farm economy demanded facilities for repairs and in the workhouse and the underworkhouse implements, wheels and carts could be made to serve their purpose. The water corn mill was near the Ellenbrook; in it meal and money for meal, with picks, tools and arks. The tithe barn was of great size, well able to keep a storage of oats and barley of the value of £20. In the mews were kept the hawks and in 1648 a weight of feathers. Gillibrand as did Leyland loved to hunt along the lanes in Astley. Like most famous houses at this time the Peel rooms were furnished in a colour scheme and there was a White Chamber. In the Great Chamber were three feather beds and all things belonging to them. Far away in the Gate House was a chaff bed for the servant, who lived there to guard the approach from the village green. The brass pans were of enormous weight and size, capable of meals on a great menial scale. Illumination was by candle; the windows were curtained and carpets adorned the floor. One bed was a canopy bed, heated in the harsh cold of winter by warming pans. All the evidence shows the 'bilities of high scale living at Peel in the year that Thomas died.

possi 1

Damhouse is rebuilt, 1650
Adam Mort , grandson of the great Adam, rebuilt Damhouse in 1650: the old lintel stone over the principal doorway (lately renewed) records the fact to this very day and generation. In bold incised lettering " Adam and Margaret Mort 1650." Before March 6 of that year, Margaret had died leaving four very young sons, Thomas, Robert, Alexander and Adam. The eldest was only four. Margaret was one of the daughters of Robert Mawdesley and her untimely death was the cause of the settlement of 1650. The old manor house had sheltered the family of Mort for nearly half a century; this new one, much added to by later builders saw their sad and final departure on a far-off day in the late 19 c.

Adam Mort 's estate, 1650
A fulsome account of Adam Mort 's estate comes from one of his deeds known as a common recovery, which he made on March 6, 1650. It refers to Damhouse as " newly erected " and its 70 acres of land. Some 27 acres had been acquired from the Coldales and added to the demesne of the Hall. All the tenants are recorded, with sometimes their ancillary trade. Thomas Guest was irornnonger, William Guest of Dene Common and Giles Sanderson, brickmakers, Thomas Langley, fustian weaver, James Berry, tailor, Gilbert Smith, collier, and William Guest, bn'cksetter. The largest area of tenant holding was 16 acres and the smallest two, but these were probably of the large measure. Adam Mort 's free rents were 18d. out of Peel; 6s. from Morleys. 13s. 4d. from the lands of James Dicconson in
Tyldesley and most interesting of all 13s. 4d. issuing out of the holding of Edmund Leyland in Tyldesley, the inheritance of Thomas Tyldesley, Esquire. This evidence points to some connection between the Leylands in Tyldesley and the great family of Tyldesleys of Morleys, who inherited the Hall in 1564. Tyldesley Leylands appear very early in history; one, Robert, was alive in 1341 and Edmund, who paid his quit rent to Adam Mort died in 1663. Another fact of interest was that the manorial part of Bedford purchased by Adain Mort the grandfather from Thomas Serjeant was known in 1650 as Serjeants House and tenanted then by Elizabeth Shuttleworth, widow. A condensation of this deed is given at the end.

For the maintenance of a younger son, 1651
Adam Mort the grandson on June 2, 1651 made a deed of annuity in favour of his third son Adam. The grant, still surviving and bearing the well-fonned signature of the builder of Damhouse is interesting in these aspects. The annuity was for £20 and this may be regarded at that time as income sufficient for the support of a Mort son. This charge was defined out of well-earmarked properties and protected by the right of distraint, if left unpaid for more than one month and for each default there was a penalty of 40s. The properties supporting the annuity were Damhouse, its barns and outbuildings, the park demesne ands - 70 acres of Astley land. Added to the security were the seven acres bought from William Cowdale, all land let to Ralf Cowdale and Tyldesley House in Bedford with its eleven acres. But this annuity was payable only after the father's death and if the son in the meantime was provided for by a stock of money the annuity was to be void.

Royalist William Bradshaw, 1653
Bradshaw lived at the isolated homestead on the Mossland, which was a close neighbour of Morleys and naturally he was much influenced, religiously and politically by the leanings and persuasion of the gentry of Morleys. He opposed Parliament and for his opposition paid dearly by having two thirds of his Astley property confiscated. In the bitter humiliation of defeat, when he could see no other course, he petitioned to pay what fine the Roundhead Commissioners would impose and asked for the order of confiscation to be lifted. This he did as a recusant on December 30, 1653. Later on in 1667 he was in trouble again. He had refused to pay hearth tax and the collector had seized some of his goods and taken them to Leigh. Another of BradshaWs friends who was a Royalist was James Green. His little house, held on lease from the Tyldesleys. was taken from him.

Pitched on the common 1654
Elizabeth Marsh had been born in Astley. About Mayday last she left and went to live in Rainford, where she taught children to sew for about six or seven months. While there she gave birth to a child and immediate upon her recovery the inhabitants of that town put her, the child and all her worldly goods on a cart, brought her
to Astley and pitched the lot on the common. The Astley overseers of the poor transmitted her petition for relief to the justices at Wigan, leaving it in their discretion what sum most meet to allow her.

Adam Mort 's court, October 24, 1654
This court met under the steward William Gerrard; the jury returned that Thomas Tyldesley had died about the month of September (the day was August 25, the day of the battle). Widow Katharine Guest, undertenant at Morleys appeared for the young heir, Edward. Richard Shuttieworth of Bedford was also under age and John Whittell, clerk of the court appeared for him. The other free suitors did not turn up. Again the meare or division between Astlev and Bedford was under discussion; it was in great decay through the growth of wath within trees southward and dangerous for cattle on both sides. The matter was left with Adam Mort and Henry Slater of Lightoaks to agree to the ditch being scoured as far as the great brook (the Glaze) and to be kept clear by the tenants of Wath Close and Starkeys Tenement. Another meare boundary between Astley and Boothstown was a stone in the brook Ellenbrook under an alder in John Sothem's hedge. Katharine Guest had to repair the bridge over the brook in Morleys Hey; it was too narrow and needed a rail. William BradshaWs bridge over the stream near his house off Great Moss Lane was dangerous at flood times and the footway much travelled over. Fleet Platt was too low and narrow. Miles Birchall, Katharine Guest and John Whittell were to repair it before a given day. William Bolton's hedge near the barn door of the lord of the manor was grown too high and was a hindrance to the winnowing of corn. He was commanded to cut it lower. The foreman of the court baron was Hugh Bolton: he stepped down into the court to be charged for not making a stile to mark off the Towns Meadow from widow Green's croft. The two overseers of the highways John Raphson and Oliver Whalley were told that Toad Leach platt was insufficient and that they should not be allowed to go out of office until it had been repaired. Next item, six alehousekeepers were fined for breaking the assize of bread and ale; their names were Thomas Birchall, William Guest, Henry Tonge, Alice Smith, Thomas Howell, and Alice Makant. Thomas Parkinson had retained a fine of 2s. 6d. paid for cattle trespass by Jennet Penkethman; a young mare of John Johnson of Bedford had strayed on the manor, for this a fine of 5s. Thomas Birchall paid 12d. for a cow trespass on the common and Ruth Worsley owed 6d. for a like trespass, which was paid into court for her by Oliver Whalley. The jury was then discharged and a new one sworn in for the court leet business. This proved too lengthy and an adjourmnent was made to November 21, when the township officers were elected.

John Grundy's stroke, 1656
Grundy was a labourer at Mr. Ecciestods brickyard. Sometime before Michaelmas, 1656, he was stricken with paralysis all down


Green died in 1673; he is described as a tradesman, one who with packhorse and side saddle frequented fairs to sell his products. He combined farming with cottage spinning and the wares he sold were flaxen yam, cotton yam, cotton wool and fustian ends. The full value of these in his home in March, 1673, was £21 6s., a quarter of his personal estate. His eldest son was Thomas, the second Henry and daughter Alice took all goods and the Town Meadow Field. Green spun his "s of yam on four spinning wheels; at times he made up warps for the websters, which he set up in his Astley shop, using his warping posts and swifts.

John Edge and his faithful servant, 1673
Edge who threw open his Astley home to fugitives from the great plague was a husbandman, who died in 1673 and who, viewed across the centuries appears a kind and well disposed countryman. He left his brother William of Atherton five yards of linen cloth, cost to be tenpence a yard to make himself a pair of shifts each year. To John, son of his dead nephew Thomas Edge, he gave him forty shillings towards the renewal of his lease under Mr. Mort . Then after other legacies, he gave the rest to Anne Bradshaw, who had been his diligent and painstaking servant and who had taken care of him during his sickness. His estate came to £66 9s. and of this £17 10s. was owed by John Cowdall, who was to be quit of any interest, if he paid up within a year. Other borrowers from him were Lambert Scott £10, and the village tailor, Oliver Whalley £2. Among the furniture in his Astley home were books, an hour-glass and in the outbuildings a black mare and a flock of geese.

The Merchant Adventurer of Stockholm, 1673
Among the wills and their evidences proved in the prerogative court of Canterbury is a nuncupative one disposing of the property of George Shuttleworth, some time of Asterley. Officials in faraway London, ill acquainted with these parts of the north, at times spelt the name of the village in this way. The Shuttleworths were a local family in both Astley and Bedford. About the end of July, 1673, a little before his death, George Shuttleworth, then residing in Stockholm in the kingdom of Swedeland expressed his last wishes to two other English merchants living with him, Thomas Frere and William Smith and desired them to get in touch with a nephew, William Shuttleworth. He was named as executor and after paying certain legacies to relatives, friends and to a free school in Lancashire, he was to inherit the remainder. Between July, 1673, and June 17, 1675, when the nephew obtained authority to get in the estate, the English merchants had passed on their dead friend's oral wishes. Beyond this entrancing shaft of historic light from the outpost of a northern capital, there is no other fact. Was the free school the Mort school in Astley, where this far-travelled exile and merchant adventurer took his schooling?

Margaret Mort , 1675
Margaret was the widow of Thomas Mort , who died in 1638.
She made her will on July 20, 1666, when living at Peel, Little Hulton, and by it cancelled all arrears of the rent charge owing to her out of the Astley estates. Her will makes several personal bequests to the two daughters of her deceased son Thomas, and a like sum to the daughters of the same name. And Margaret of her other son Robert. Another legacy to another grandson Thomas, son of the Thomas who had died before his mother. All iron grates, a sealed bed in the room over at Peel, a cupboard and all cloths up the stairs were to be considered as heirlooms and no price put on them. In the great number of rooms at Peel in this time one was called Mr. Thomas chamber and a second Mr. Richard Morts chamber. This Margaret was very rich; she died possessed of personal effects value at £40 other credits and ready coin came to £3,347, in toto the covet accumulation of £3,747. Included in her possessions was a pair of scales for weighing gold an item much used by a banker andant, which betrays the true character of the activities of the Mort family this era of history.

Widow Scott, 1675
Ann Scott was widow of Lambert and who died in 1668. She died in 1675 and evidently shared the house with her son Lambert. She was not well to do £ 1 0 8s. In this was no price of, geese, two hens. a gander and a

Astley highways, 1676
There had been an order served to the supervisors of the roads, Oliver Guest and Lawrence Twiss. They were to see to their immediate repair, clean the s, crop hedge trees and taking the measurement from ditch make them at least eight yards wide. In their final report October 27, 1676, these two certified the bench of justices at Manchester that 25 roods in Gilbert SmitlYs lane, 13 roods in Coldalhurst lane, 62 roods in Blackmoor lane. 131/2 roods in Santlane and 131/2 roods in Town Lane were not yet made to that specified width. Santlane was Sandy Lane.

Unwilling officers, 1677
Oliver Guest and Lawrence Twiss had served their year of office as township surveyors of the roads in Astley. They had lost money, besides much time, in performing their enforced public duty and were twenty shillings out of pocket. The towws meeting in 1677 had elected A-rthur Halliwell and Richard Collier to serve, but they had refused. At Wigan the justices enforced their liability to take office under a penalty of £5. At the same time they were ordered to reimburse the late surveyors their loss from monies which would come into their hands.

Robert Wright of Coidalhurst, 1679
Some time before this year Robert Wright had acquired Coldalhurst, that hoary estate, which the Coldales had held in unbroken succession of tenure and name from the very earliest of recorded time. The last of the family to be located here according to an


wife of George Walwork. Widow Ann gave twenty shillings each to John, Thomas, and Margaret Green, grandchildren and to her daughter £70. Certain sums owed by Thomas Speakman and Charles Hatton were, when collected, to go for the benefit of the children of John Manley of Westhoughton, now dead. The remainder went to Samuel and Anne equally. Her total estate at £190 compares with that of £320 of her husband, Thomas. From one note that there was a ladder at Woodbums which belonged to her and priced among her goods, it would appear that she occupied some other property during her widowhood.

Thomas Gillibrand the Elder, 1693
This Thomas, successor to his brother Ralph in 1667 was known as the elder to limit confusion with another brother also named Thomas, who was called the younger. Their wives were Rachel and Mary. Another Thomas Gillibrand with wife Ann was a Chapman, who died in 1729. His eldest daughter Rachel had married Peter Dixon of Morleys. His other numerous children were Alice, Arm, Ellin, Jefny, Josiah, Esther, William, Mary and Thomas. Sometime in 1727 William Gillibrand, brother of this Thomas, had died and his affairs were not yet completed, when Thomas himself died in 1729. Thomas made Peter Dixon his executor; he did not complete before his death and his widow Rachel, now the wife of Richard Pickedng, gave a bond of £600 on November 28, 1732, for authority to continue with the credits. Then Wilham's niece Margaret Hurst of Tyldesley applied for a bond of £200 in the same year to finish off William's accounts. This Thomas Gillibrand was probably the last of the long grey line of Gillibrands of the Peel; he left £295, and his inventory of October 7, 1729, lists his furniture in the Hall. He was in the cotton trade weaving jeans. Much later in 1737 a son of Thomas, Jeffry, living in Worsley was along with James Higson a carrier of the same place made guardians of Jefrry's sister, Esther, who was not yet of age. It was about this time that the family of Gillibrand tenants of Cockersand for weary years before the Great Spoliation in 1536 was displaced by the great Entwisle debt from their patrimony for ever.

Peel Hall Mort gages, 1693
From this year to 1756 fulsome details are preserved of a succession of Mort gages on Peel. This was a common practice resorted to for raising portions and dowries for younger members of the family when under the laws of that day the land went to the eldest son. But in the end it was a practice which led to the disappearance of n old landed families. In July, 1693, Thomas Gillibrand the younger and Mary his wife borrowed from various lenders, one of whom was Thomas Famworth. Later this Mort gage of £250 lent by Famworth was transferred to Bertle Entwisle, who soon became a very large creditor. He advanced in 1697 £216 and the year after the great sum of £1,143. Entwisle was a 'ustice of the peace and resident locally as his name appears on many sessions papers of this period. From his will of December 18, 1732, it is learned that he


Valentines, 1690
Valentines are historic figures in Astley's history. Their roots spread deep and far. Henry Valentine paid tax in 1332 and later opposed the rector of Leigh. The family continued in association with these parts over long years and their home at the head of Sandy Lane was for centuries a landmark. Previous to 1622 Thomas Valentine had been in the fustian trade, with his brothers William and John. The family later climbed into grand-scale business. In 1690 John Valentine was described as merchant of London, son of his father Thomas, who had been made citizen. On September 10 of that year in the dining hall of the Middle Temple he Mort gaged his inheritance in Astley to two ironmongers of London for £618. John's mother Grace died in 1708 and in 1724 Mary Valentine of St. Swithun London Stone, her sister Martha, wife of Henry Tweddale, pewterer and Andrew Valentine's widow Hannah of St. Dunstads parish, Stepney, sold the house and land in Astley to Joseph Cunliffe, chapman. By this sale the ancient estate lost its name and ceded to the name of Cunliffes. This Joseph died in 1755, when it was disclosed that the area was some thirteen acres and that the whole has been let to James Tyldesley of Morleys as undertenant. John Cunliffe followed his uncle and was in possession, when the Enclosure Award of 1768 gave him an allotment in South Lane on the south side. At some later time Samuel Arrowsmith paid £865 for Cunliffes estate and discharged all incumbrances still subsisting. In 1813 it was still known as Cunliffes, but two fields on the brookside were commemorative of the old name, Valentines Higher Ellenbrook and Valentines Lower Ellenbrook. The whole then extended to 26 acres large measure. It formed part of the real estate of the Arrowsmith family in 1813.

Robert Mort , 1692
This grandson of the great Adam was baptised at Bolton, November 5, 1627. During the commonwealth rule he married before a magistrate Mary Walworth of Ringley, where he settled for a time. In 1658 he was made elder of Ringley chapel congregation. Then he lived at Wharton Hall, where several ejected ministers resorted for hospitality, James Wood the second of Chowbent and Henry Newcome of Manchester among them. He died in 1692 and was buried at Deane. Two cups at Chowbent chapel bear the initials R.M. He left two sons, Nathan and John. By his will of September, 1688, he left his lands in Parr Fold and Boothsbank Worsley to Nathan and Margaret Mort , his executors and the Rev. Wood overseer. A daughter of his, Anna, had married John Andrew of Little Lever, who had borrowed from Mort £347, which at his death was left to the children of the marriage.

Widow Stockton, 1692
She died in that year; her husband had predeceased her in 1689 and her will was witnessed by the local lawyer, Thomas Naylor. There was a son Samuel and daughters, Anne, Mary and one not named, who was wedded to John Green of Atherton. Mary was


were worth only four pence, which price was identical with that of his mousetrap. To tell the time of day he looked at his hourglass, valued at three pence. All his goods came to a value of £10 Is. 3d. Richard Starkey, master at Morts school was his trusty and wellbeloved executor.

Alice Sale in Astley, 1714
When she left Hopcar and came to live at Bradshaws in Astley, Alice Sale began an account book. She noted all her receipts month by month and her main income came from thick cheese and the regular sale of fat cattle. Sometimes in her book there is itemised a chief rent of 9s. 6d. due from Richard Speakman and paid June 24. And during the years following on her coming into Astley there was a member of the Billinge family tabled in her home. On other pages she notes her expenses, window taxes, rent paid for Bowland fields in Bedford, purchase of besoms, and salt bought by the bushel and brought from Northwich, seven bushels for 21s. 6d. One entry more fraught with historic import was a small payment to poor Mercy for acorns. She was a servant girl, who issued forth in autumn to gather acorns from the moss oaks, to feed to the pigs. It was an echo of the age-old right. of pannage, so strictly defined by the ancient parchment deeds of grant. On another page she enters what she lent to her son William, and on January 29, 1719, agreed with him to divide the profits of Hopcar for that year. She writes how she lent him one shilling to give to the ringers, how she settled for him with the shoemaker, what she paid for his riding coat, and the interest she met for his loan of £10 from William Crouchley. At other times she buys potato sets, peas and beans for sowing. One of her interest payments was to Robert Sherlock and this debt was still owed in 1768, when their inheritance of Hopcar disintegrated and their pastures slipped away from them for ever.

Curate Roger Seddon, 1716
Seddon, the chapel curate died in this year. He had been elected in 1702. He died without any will and his affairs were taken over by his father Thomas Seddon of Famworth and an Astley townsman, Thomas Famworth. The security they were asked to provide was £100, which gives some idea of the size of the estate of this dead clerk. He left no issue. His widow Alice was buried March 16, 1717. A fine scholar-signature of this curate flourishes on a will he witnessed of one of his chapel flock, bricklayer John Buckley in 1713.

Hopes Tenement, 1718
This was the ancient name of the farm which stands at the entrance to Sandy Lane. Formerly it had belonged to the Radclitffes of Pennington. But in 1718 Alexander Radcliffe, son of Helena Radcliffe, sold to Oliver Hope the buildings and fields named as Goody Croft, Cross Croft, Little Meadow, Square Meadow, Rushey Hey, with the lane on the south end of Goody and Cross Croft. The Hopes lived in Cheshire; they were by trade bricksetters and let the Astley farm to Edward Ward. Now one John Hope was burdened


by a daughter Mary who was blind, and Ellen her mother joined with others in 1758 to raise a Mort gage of £100 for her separate benefit. But the whole security was heavily encumbered, so much so, that in 1760 on an enforced sale, only ten shillings in the pound of the debts of John Hope was realised. The one who bought was chapman Swnuel Arrowsniith. About this date Ralph Peters had lent money. He died in 1765 and very much later in 1813, when Peter Arrowsmith had inherited the lands, he sought to clear off the debt of Peters, but could find no legal representative. He was put to the extra expense of letters of administration at Chester in order to settle the matter safely. Later the farm came into the possession of the Stocktons. They developed part of the road frontage near Lark Hill and in 1906 built a row of houses whose name Hope Terrace and Hope Street commemorate this fading tenuous association of a vanished family with the topography of Astley. The Stocktons sold the farm in 1950.

Edmund Farnworth, 1719
This family of near mosssiders was long prominent in Astley history. Edmund lived opposite to Woodbums, on the very edge of the moss. The farmhouse where he died was in 1719 dignified by a large room called the hall besides the usual parlour. His wife was Ellen and to her he gave by special mention a bedstead with all the bedding on it. In his low level pasture fields at this date could be counted twenty-five cattle, four horses, and a weaning colt. He made cheese for which this area of Leigh was once famed and on that far distant October day of 1719 there was in his buttery £12 of cheeses ready for the market. His son was Thomas, who had £25 made payable to him on May 1, 1720. Arm his sister and wife of blacksmith William Hindley had £22 on the same day, but son-in-law Jeremiah Horsefield only a shilling. Famworth's total estate was £ 1 2 5.

Nathan Mort , 1721
Nathan was the great grandson of Adam Mort . He came to live in Atherton from Wharton Hall and purchased the house known as Alder Fold in 1712. Here he became one of the staunch supporters of the famous ' General ' James Wood the third, minister at Chowbent. When the mad Richard Atherton turned the congregation out of the old Bent meeting house Nathan Mort gave the land on which they could build the new Chowbent Chapel. He died in 1738, and was buried, like so many of his forebears, at Deane. Both his sons, Adam and John, became fustian manufacturers at Atherton.

John Hindley and his grandson, 1723
Hindley was tenant of two houses, one on moss side belonging to Thomas Gillibrand of the Peel and the other at Town Lane held under Thomas Mort . His daughter Esther was wife of James Heyward and mother of John Markland, who had been born September 4, 1702. Hindley left this Town Lane house to his grandson, but obliged him out of the profits to pay £4 a year until £70 had been paid to the sisters of Hindley, named as Elizabeth, Esther, and Alice.


Mary Mort , March 19,1732
Adam Mort , who died in 1658, was her grandfather and Alexander her father. With him and her uncle they lived at Damhouse. In the accounts book of Thomas Mort there is an entry of July 19, 172 1, that she was given sixpence by him and went to Leigh to see the setting up of the maypole. Her uncle made her heiress of all his great wealth by will of June 7, 1730, but she died two years later and was buried March 19, 1732. Mort had then to make a new will, but he never brought himself to destroy the old one: it still exists among the Damhouse papers. Thomas Wright in 1726 had been appointed guardian of Mary, then aged twenty. He was bounden to educate her virtuously and bring her up in learning and faithfully administer the estate left to her by her mother, Elizabeth. In 1736 Thomas Sutton as next of kin and her cousin took out a bond to wind up her estate.

Two Elijahs on Astley Moss, 1736
There was deep and intense piety on Astley Moss; whether the religion of the scattered homesteads was fervent puritanism or proscribed catholicism. John Green was of this devout circle, who at his funeral gave black hoods and gloves to his women mourners and black hat bands for the men. He was a dyer by trade and gave these gifts to Sarah, wife of his brother Jeremiah, to Elizabeth his brother Joseph's wife, to Alice daughter of Samuel Stockton and to Margaret, wife of Ralph Mather. Green had two sons and two daughters. Susan Green and Arabella Taylor had sums of £10 left to them. The father had such an admiration for the prophet Elijah that he called both sons after him. The differentiation was that one was born of his second wife and lived at the sign of the Bell in London over against the Water house. These named with such biblical flavour to confuse family descents each received £15. When this Elijah's uncle Joseph died in 1743 it was disclosed that this legacy had never been paid. The money still lay in Astley.

Plasterer Giles Green, 1737
Giles lived in his six roomed house, where he died in 1737. Everything he had he gave to his wife to support herself, the grandchildren and the family "provided they could live lovingly and quietly together." And if his wife remained in pure widowhood, she could dispose of £30 of his estate at her death. A daughter Martha had married Comelius Latchford and another Isaac Birchall. Among his home effects were pictures, a warming pan and a half headed bed in the parlour. He had £65 out at interest and his other goods lifted his total to £89.

Joseph Birchall of Coldalhurst, 1737
This landmark estate came to the Birchalls with the marriage of Esther Wright into that family. In 1737 died Joseph Birchall and his will gives his brother Miles and three sisters Abigail, Elizabeth and Alice. He left Coldaihurst and the cottage known as Berrys to Miles, but Abigail and Elizabeth were to be allowed to live in


the shop at Coldalhurst and enjoy the full profits of the Orchard, Bigger Robcroft and the Half Acre, as long as they lived. Alice had an annuity, which if it did not keep her, then she was to have it made up out of the lands of Coldalhurst. Birchall was able to write a fine signature on his will.

The Straits, 1744
Here lived widow Martha Street, who shared the house with her sister Arm, wife of Richard Heys. Another sister was Lydia Ford. Martha had another house in Astley tenanted by Ralph Cleworth, which she gave to her niece Tabitha Cieworth. About this time the Street family disappear locally, but the name corrupted somewhat still attaches itself to the topography. Ann Heys, who died in 175 1, held the lease of a house in Astley tenanted by herself, Thomas Piercey and Martha Agusman which she gave to her son Adam and when he took possession he had to pay £ 13 to Lydia.

Hindleys Smithy, 1744
The smithy on the main Kings highway was well known and had from time whereof the memory of man ran not to the contrary been the home of the Hindleys, who were industriously occupied there. Charles Hindley, blacksmith, advanced in years had been tenant for a long time, when he died in 1747. His wife was Mary and his issue, Charles, Mary, Henry, Arm, Elizabeth and James. Longevity had consumed much of his substance and he left only £24 8s. He had a liking for maps, and had five of them. He used six teapots of Delft ware with two plates and a bason of the same status manufacture. Should the wife live longer than his lease, some of his goods were to be sold to help her maintenance. She died in 1751 and her son James, who had gone before her left many debts unpaid, which she said should be discharged out of his share, before his children could have anything. Mary Hindley was proud of her clothes; she had treasured and tended them. To her daughter-in-law Anne she gave a black and white gown, a side cloak, one that was brown, another quilted, a laced cap, a silk hood with Love' on it and a' lambletie.' And her silver buckles she gave to daughter Elizabeth. Charles her son died in early manhood in 1757, leaving five young children, William, Adam, Eve, Ellen and George. He was disturbed about their uncertain future and before he died he thought of ways and means to leave them something. He said a man should work the smithy and over and above his wage the rest should go for the children. His other properties besides the smithy held under Thomas Sutton were Whitecroft in Bedford and the Barn in Astley.

Thomas Sutton's court day, November 10, 1746
The last of the series of court rolls ends on this day. The call book was read aloud by the steward and 33 free suitors, 19 free tenants, 1 10 householders and 26 cottagers answered respectfully to their names. Some were excused and nine were fined for not coming. From these numbers one may judge the session to have comprised
been appropriated to various landowners by the Enclosure Award of 1768. The contemporary name 'ven to these grants all of which are numbered and rectangular in boundaries was 91
mossrooms. With the great increase of population in Manchester this area of limited utility acquired a new and important value. Manchester city bought from various owners great tracts of the boglands in order to find tipping facilities for all the night soil and refuse the city had to dispose of By this means areas of the moss were fertilised and brought under cultivation. The corporation built many farmsteads and crops grew where once was sterile scrub. In 1884 the city offered to buy the whole entire moss belonging to Astley Hall, but the price asked was too big. Three years later Peter Love of London offered to rent the moss at £27 per acre. In his proposal letter he wrote of his operations on the Cambridge and Bowness mosses, outlined his plans for litter to supply 1 50,000 horses in Manchester and Liverpool and among his guarantees were the conversion of fifteen acres a year to meadowland, to raise at least 30,000 tons of peat a year and to pay a royalty of not less than £250 per annum.

Rewlett's diaries
Hewlett worked methodically. He divided the township into districts over which he set a visitor to keep an eye on each household. Reports they gave to him he kept in a 'mirror' which showed him at once the strength and weakness of each home. Of every person, churchgoer or no, he knew his sins and virtues. Throughout an entire life, he wrote up daily a diary-, a foolscap blue page recorded the events of one week and these sheets he later had bound together. When his family was grown up and dispersed over the kingdom, this single weekly page was posted to son and daughter, read by them in turn and by the last sent back to Astley to be carefully kept. In this way his diary served to keep his family abreast of his varied doings. Unfortunately all diaries have not survived; some volumes were destroyed in the air attack upon Canterbury in the 1939-45 war.

The lone exile, 1884
An Astley youth, who left Corless Fold for a new life in Australia was John Pilkington. He had been a porter on Astley station and in Perth in Western Australia worked on the railways there. He sustained in all his exile a searching interest in much that happened in the village of his youth, writing with regularity to his friends William Howcroft and Allan Prescott. In 1916 he returned on a visit: as late as 1933 he was still alive in Bayswater, Western Australia; then the impenetrable deep silence of the great subcontinent swallowed him up.

Simeon takes a lease, 1885
In 1885 Simeon Higginbotham and his brother Jonathan took a twenty-one years lease of virgin mossland beyond Astley Station from George Wetherall. Simeon had been unable to make headway as a greengrocer in Boothstown and his brother, an engine minder of
Henfold, Tyldesley, threw in his lot with him. They built a primitive dwelling of wood and outbuildings for the stock to match. Their rent was £2 2s. for the first three years, £9 2s. for the next seven and the remainder of the term £15 8s. In no one did the puritan fire of religious dissent bum fiercer than in Simeon. He became well known as a local preacher and in the long portraiture of Astley village worthies has claimed his place alongside tapeweaver Abraham Bowker and patriarchal Richard Green.

The black year of the Morts , 1885
Three descendants of that great Adam Mort , Katharine Wetherall, George Nugent Ross Wetherall and Henry Augustus Wetherall in this year were in direst straits of penury. A solicitor Joseph Guedalla of London was asked to bring some semblance of solvency into the financial chaos of the estate and the preamble of a deed made December 17, 1885, speaks herewith its own language:
" Whereas the said George Nugent Ross Wetherall and his brother Henry Augustus Wetherall having incurred debts and liabilities to divers persons and for very large amounts including in many cases liability for interest calculated at extraordinary high rates and including liabilities on acceptances over due and being pressed by their creditors and actually sued by several of them lately requested and employed the said Joseph Guedalia to negotiate and arrange with the creditors by whom they were being pressed for an adjustment or settlement of their respective demands upon the footing of payments in full or on account or by way of composition being made to them in cases where a course should seem to the said Joseph Guedalia to be expedient and time being given for the payment of liabilities not discharged by payment."
Guedalia succeeded in staving off litigation. He lent £11,050 and held £2,300 promissory notes of George Nugent as endorsee. So in 1885 this was the low estate of the once rich banking family of the Morts of Astley. Was it riotous living or the effects of insidious inflation or bad management of a large estate or competition from the vast prairie lands of the new world, which made farming so difficult in a small country like England? Whatever the true cause, it was clear such a state of affairs could not go on for much longer. The end and with it the great and lamentable consequences came four years later.

Appointment of a receiver, November 26, 1886
On this date Mrs. C. M. Champagne, one of the principal Mort gagees of Astley Hall appointed under powers Atherton Selby as receiver of all the profits of the estate. Soon after, it was discovered that the Astley and Tyldesley Coal Co. Ltd. had for a long time paid no wayleave rents for the right to wind coal to the surface through Wetherall's land. The matter was brought to their notice and a compromise agreement of £962 was agreed upon. This omission reflects in some measure the laxity with which the estate management was run.
plant. It was a grave mistake this dependence on Tyldesley for such services as water, gas and purification. It led to endless dispute and was a mistake for which Astley townsfolk paid dearly in the years that followed.

Estate Accounts, June 30, 1888
During the declining years of the Wetheralls in Astley, an agent of Lord Lilford, Atherton Selby supervised the estates in a faint hope to try and keep some solvency. His balance sheet for six months ending June 30, 1888, has been printed to show the plight of a great family in financial decline. The gross income from the estate had been more than doubled by coal mine rents and stood at £5,000 per annum. But this had to carry Caroline Ross's annuity of £150, Mort gage interest of £2,066 and repayments to the principal creditor of £2,400. Out of the meagre slender balance of £384 the heir had to meet taxes, repairs, agents fee, mine surveyor's fee, drainage, law costs, general insurance and the heavy life insurance on himself of £269 3s. 4d. The finances were hopeless and on no horizon could a ray of salvation be seen.

Astley Peat Moss Litter Co. Ltd., 1888
This company acquired the lease of a site for a peat works on August 2, 1888; the rent was £350 rising to £500 after 1893, plus £20 rent for the works site, which was then close to the ral 'Iway station. The royalty fixed was Is. 6d. per ton of peat, a surface rent of 2s. per acre and compensation of £100 per acre where the moss was worked below such a level as would admit its being drained to a depth of three feet below the surface. Peat was sent to Manchester and Liverpool by rail and there was some trade by canal boat. The entire area leased to the company, which operated successfully for many years, was 300 acres. Its prosperity attracted the settlement of many Dutchmen into the village.

The Sale of Astley Hall Estate, 1889
The last descendants of Adam Mort had by this year come to the end of the long downhill road. There was nothing they could do except sell the estate in the open market and accordingly a sale was expensively advertised to take place on November 19 and 20 at the Queens Hotel in Manchester. The principal Mort gagee Mrs. Catharine Mary Champagne was the seller and the whole forty-nine lots were acquired in block for £90,000 by James Calvert, a solicitor, acting as agent for a syndicate of Leigh business interests. Those who joined to raise the purchase money are given in an appendix. A company was later formed and incorporated November 19, 1891, with capital of £100,000. At some time later a Mort gage of the whole estate was taken up with the executors of John Speakman to secure a loan of £35,000.

Sale of the Hall furniture, 1889
The patrimony of Adam Mort disintegrated for ever on those memorable days of November, 1889, after an unbroken tenure of almost three hundred years. Soon after the sale of the land and
buildings, the creditor vultures descended on the contents of the mansion, when it took font full days to clear the place empty. Kaye and Guedalia, solicitors in the Capital, watched from afar and a London firm of auctioneers, Robinson and Fisher of Old Bond Street was entrusted with the task of disperse by the hammer. They listed altogether 1,032 lots. Catalogues of the sale, now by the passage of time becoming most rare, are comparable in historic matter with the old inventories sent to Chester and annexed to the wills, for they give an exact picture of what the Hall contained. The books in the Library were chiefly military, an interest dictated by the army careers of the last of the Mort descendants. On the walls were 120 pictures and engravings, some by such famous names as Lely, Kneller, Tiepolo, Poussin and Canaletto; nine were portraits of the Froggatt family. In the leisured course of a more prosperous past, had been amassed a collection of armour, weapons, swords, rapiers, claymores, an early English crossbow and a curious bit dug out of Chatmoss many years ago. Everything that had any value at all was listed and sold and one of the last outside items was a Clarence, by Cass of Manchester, dark green, fine lined red, lined blue silk arras, leather apron, pole bar and shafts. A descriptive echo of aristocratic travel in a less crowded age.

George Nugent Ross Wetherall, 1893
The direct representative of the grand line of Adam Mort of Astley, George Nugent Ross Wetherall died, on A 'I 9, 1893, at Hill Crest, Adlestone, Surrey. In this world of unstable pn change and fickle uncertainties he had come down far; he was able to leave only £297. In 1891 he wound up the affairs of Augustus White Wetherall, who had died rector of Stonegrave in Yorkshire, May 7 of that year. The younger brother Henry vanished without any trace. " So the last of the squires of Astley rode down to the sea."

The water agreement, 1893
Old houses in Astley had to be built near the brook, which in days of non-pollution supplied the homes unfailingly. When the township inevitably grew, rain water was collected from the roofs into water butts or more expensively, wells were dug for an individual house or fold of homesteads. Along Lower Green near to the former Harts Cottages was a spring source of water of exceptional purity and which belonged to the manor and was let at 2s. per annum. For a long time prospectors tried to extract a plentiful supply for the needs of the township from the bore hole near Fleet bridge, but nothing profitable ever resulted. Demand for water grew during the course of the last century and the old methods of supply proved unreliable and inadequate. In 1893 Astley entered into an agreement with Tyldesley for a bulk intake of piped water, which Tyidesley took from Manchester. It was one of the worst arrangements the local authority ever did, because it produced the most acrimonious disputes fanned by the incompatib ' le character of the two clerks for Tyidesley and Leigh Rural, Matthews and Williams. At one time Tyldesley was paying 3 1 d. per 1,000 gallons and reselling it to
Astley at 9d. per 1,000 gallons on notice of requirement and Is. 2d. for the same quantity, if that figure was exceeded in any week. In 1908 Tyldesley threatened to cut the mains off and arrangements were made to find an alternative supply from Leigh at Marsland Green. When the arrangement came to an end in 1923 it was not renewed and Astley was obliged to do what it could have done in 1893, approach Manchester direct for a supply. But this cost Astley ratepayers very dear: it was carried through and the bill paid for. The arrangement lasted to the year 1933, when Lancashire County, tired of these bicken'ngs, determined to solve the problem by amalgamating Astley with Tyldesley.

Astley Hospital, 1893
After the sale of the Mort estate 1889 the noble mansion of the Hall stood silently empty for over three years. Its fate hung in a slender balance-riotous decay and ultimate abandon; the sad end of so many stately homes of a gracious past, this seemed its inescapable destiny. But the business syndicates were alive to their interests much more than ever the Morts had been to theirs and as some of their were in seats on the local councils they sold the Hall in 1893 to th6 Leigh Local Board for use as a small pox hospital. This news spread consternation in Astley; it was like establishing a colony of lepers in their very midst, for smallpox was a dreaded scourge and there was opposition to such a sale. But after a High Court decision in another part of the country had ruled that such a user was not offensive or noxious, the objections subsided. The final outcome after long deliberations was a joint hospital for infectious diseases, such as smallpox, diphtheria, typhoid, scarlet and puerperal fevers, which then flayed the industrial communities. The hospital would serve an would incorporate Leigh Sanitary Authority, Tyidesley, Atherton and Golbome. An order in approval of such a 'oint combination came in 1894 and plans approved for adapting the Hall as a Hospital with 120 beds. The first cost of purchasing the Hall the grounds of 16 acres and other necessary expenditure was £4,73 1. Then as the whole scheme came successfully through, four isolation blocks for scarlet and typhoid fevers were built and the Hall was used as a nurses home and administrative unit. In 1902 to isolate the smallpox patients three acres of land were bought in a remote corner of Coldalhurst farm and a lodge and buildings erected. This, the annex, as it was known, came to be little used as the infectious diseases were more and more brought in control. Its best emergency use was in 1914 when a number of Belgian refugees invasion, were temporarily lodged there. Further extensions to the main hospital were made in 1938, when the acceptance area brought in Swinton, Westhoughton, Worsley and other districts. In 1948 upon the national reorganisation of the health services the annex was sold; infectious diseases had been effectively subdued and Astley Hospital, ancient seat of the Morts , entered on a new phase

rger than Leigh and Tyldesley, Atherton, ishing government nd plans s. The nd other wgs re more use in 1914,-

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Here are the readings from the headstones in the Clear Ridge cemetery:

Mervin Boots Mort 1909-1983
Evelyn M Brant  1913-

Abraham Mort 1803-1864
Rebecca Mort 1806-1896

D. Ferne Mort  1938-
James B. Mellott 1935-1979

Larry R. Mort  1942-1980
Patsy L. Wilson 1944-

Emma F. Mort  1869-1931
Easton Stinson 1867-1936

Olive Clevenger Mort 1879-1958
Harry Edmond Mort  1877-1968
Willis Leroy Mort  11-27-1917 2-26-1928

J S Mort  1844-1921
Mary J Mort 1850-1934

George W. Mort 1873-1937
Effie M. Mort  1876-1935
Ernest L Mort = dates not clear on stone appeared to read 19 years,26 days
Luella/Luetta Mort = dates not clear,appeared to be 9mos.
J Roy Mort= infant
Beatress Mort= infant

Mary A. Mort   1938-
Wayne B. Mort   1932-
Diane Elaine Mort 1957-1985

From: John B Davies


It had been intended by the Aldermen and Council of the town that the successor of Mr. Edmund Werden as Mayor should be Mr. Adam Morte , who at the date was a townsman of consequence. The Morts were not a Preston family before this member became a resident Burgess. They belonged to the neighbourhood of Bolton, and branch of the family held respectively the estate of Dam House in Tildeslay, Highfield Hall in Farnworth, Smith Forld in Hulton, &c. Adam Mort , of Bolton, second son of - Mort , of Highfield Hall, had married Jennet, daughter of thomas Mort , of Dam House, and had issue three sons, Thomas, Richard and Adam. The first, Thomas Mort , was of Hulton, and died in 1638; the second, Richard Mort , was of Blackrod. The third was Adam Mort , junior, who doubtless became a townsman of Preston through his marriage with Elizabeth, daughter of Seth Bushell, of Preston, gent. By her, who died young, Mr Adam Mort had one son, Seth Mort of Preston, born in 1624, and a daughter, Jennet. After her death, Adam Mort married for his second wife Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Tildeslay, knt., by whom he had five sons, Richard, Henry, Edward, William, and Adam, and a daughter Anne, all young children in 1642. Mr, Adam Mort 's connection by marriage with Sir Thomas Tildesley explains his adhesion to the cause of King Charles when civil war was imminent, for Sir Thomas was most ardent of Royalists. The Guild mayor, Mr. Edmund Werden, on the other hand, was for Parliament in the constitutional struggle with the King, and so, probably, were a majority of the Aldermen and council men of Preston in 1642. It is somewhat singular, therefore, that they should have nominated Mr. Adam Mort , a hot "Kingsman" for the office of Mayor; but the motive might be to prevent his independant action in hostility to the Corporation in the political which was brewing. If that was the object, Mr. Adam Mort 's refusal of the Mayoralty was the token of his resolution not to compromise with the Parliamentrians of the Corporation, but to hold himself free to act in the King's interest as occasion might serve. He was evidently a passionate partisan, and his contemptuous rejection of the offer of the Mayoral position stirred the resentment of the town Council, By observing the dates of certain events at this period we shall be better able to comprehend the situation. The Guild Merchant had been held on the last days of August and first days of September, 1642. On the 8th day of July preceding the Royalist levies had been mustered at Preston by Lord Strange and Sir Gilbert Hoghton; when, at Walton Hall, Mr. Tildesley "said unto Luke Hodgkinson in Sir Gilbert's buttery that he was told Mr. Mayor of Preston (Mr. Werden) had thought to have him cast in Prison, which if he had he would this day have pulled down the prison, and Mr. Mayor's house should have been set on fire, if he would not have released him". On September 24th, Lord Strange invested Manchester and so began the war in Lancashire. In the third week of October, the election of the Mayor of Preston came on, and Mr. Adam Mort was elected as successor to Mr. Edmund Werden. But Mr. Adam Mort , as a Royalist Commissioner of Array, was too busy mustering to fight for the King Charles to attend to civic affairs; and he refused to come to Preston to qualify as Mayor. The Town Council met accordingly on the 18th October, 1642, and taking into consideration Mr. Adam Mort 's contumacious behaviour, passed the following Orders; Fining Mr. Mort the sum of 100 marks (66:13: 4) to be levied in his default of payment upon his goods and chattels; and appointing Mr. Edmund Werden to continue in the office of Mayor for another year, at the same time undertaking to indemnify him against any unpleasant consequences of his acceptance of the post at such a perilous juncture. It seems, however, that Mr. Mort (Adam) after all actually assumed the Mayoralty, in spite of the Council, for a few days during the temporary ascendancy of the King's party in the town. The minutes quoted below are extracted from the "White Book of Orders:"-

Whereas Adam Morte , gent was, in the week befor St. Wilfred the Archbishop last past, elected Mayor of this Towne by a Jury of 4 and 20 Burgesses sworne according to the Charter, of which Eleccon Hee the said Adam Morte having p'sonal notice by an Officer of this Towne, yett hee dothe not only absent himself, but do the utterly refuse to repaire to this Towner to take his Oath for the execucion of the said office of Mair, &c/ Wee therefore the Maior, Baylives, and principalBurgesses of the said Towne, having maturely considered of the indignitee and disgrace put upon us and the whole corporation by the said Adam Morte , and to the end that such an unparallel'd and unpresidented example may not pass unpunished, lest others in like kynd may become refractory and disobedient to execute the offices whereunto, they shall bee hereafter elected, doe hereby order and appoynte that the said Adam Morte shall bee fined the some of one hundred markes; and doe further order that the said some of one hundred marks shall be forthwith levied of the goods and chattells of the said Adam Morte within the Borough aforesaid, or by the bailives of the same or any other the Officers of the said Borough as a ffyne or amerciamente by us hereby imposed and sett upon him for such his great contempt, disobedience, and refusall as aforesaid; the same to be applied to and for the use, &c…., of the Maior, Baylives and Burgessees of the said Incorporac'on, &c. In testimony whereof wee the Maior, Aldermen and Bretheren the common Counsell of the same Towner whose names are subscribed have hereunto subscribed our hands the nynteenth daie of October Anno R's Caroli Anglie, &c decimo octavo Annoq' D'ui 1642. (Signed) EDMUND WERDEN, Maior, Roger Langton, William Sudell, Henry Blndell, Henry Sudell, James Walle, John Sumpner, Geo: Addison, William Cottam, Mathew Addison, John Chorley, Nicholas Walmesley, Thomas Walmesley, Richard Bostoke, Thomas Sumpner, Seathe Blackhurst, Law: Haworth, Barth: Worthington Will: Shawe, Thos. Bickerstaf

Whereas Adam Morte , gent, was in the week before St. Wilfred last elected Maior, and whereas the said Adam Morte dothe not onely refuse to take his Oath but also doeth absent himself from this Towne, that wee cannot proceed against him &c. And for that wee are fully advised by Counsel lerned that Edmund Werden , gent, now Maior, ought by the said Charter to execute the said Office until the said Adam Morte doe take his Oath or until a new election in the week before St. Wilfred next &c. in consideration whereof, and forasmuch as the said Edmund Werden is to undergoe the said Burthen and execute the same Office accordingly, and in regard many dangers may arise unto him in exection thereof in theis troblesome tymes, Wee whose names are subscribed, being the Common counsel, doe agree that the said Maior shall be kept harmeless from all charges, suits, and troubles, &c. which may lawfully be brought against him for the execuc'on of the said office. Roger Langton, Mathew Addison, Thomas Hatch, John Chorley, Nicolles Walmesley, Thomas Walmesley, Richard Bostocke, Thomas Bickerstaff, Baartholomew Worthington, Seath Blackhursts., Willm. Shawe, Willm, Sudell, Henry Blundell, Henry Sudell, George Addison, James Archer, William Cottam.

A few lines may be added respecting the subsequent fact of Mr. Adam Mort . The Author of the Discourse of the Warr in Lancashire writes:- " Sir John Seaton and Major Sparrow being come downe from Manchester," the Parliamentary forces about Blackburn "marched somewhat late towards the evening the seventh of February (1642-3) to Preston. Having quited Ribble Bridge they drew up theire whole bodie into the ffieldes the foot-way from the Bridgee to the Towne, making a stand for a little of space in a close of ground. Some companiews were drawn by the guidans of those tthat well knew the towne towards the House of Correctiion to enter there at the friars Gate Barrs; whereas the maine body of the army came up at a lane at the East Barres where the water voides the towne. The soldiers that were within resisted all they could. The (so called) Maior of the Towne, Mr. Adam Mort , came up to the souldiers very fearsly but was slayne in a short space. Ratcliffe Hoghton, brother to Sir Gilbert, being the street with Doctor Westby, a Phisitian, and twoo butchers of the towne, one of them called mitton making resistance, were all sleyne. As the souldiers, passed along the streets, though they found no resistance, yet such was theire fear and fury that with their muskettes and pykes, and clubmen with their staves, they brake the glass windows on both side the streetes within their reach, which was to no purpose and pittifull to behould." On the recapture, a few weeks after, of Preston by the Royalists led by the Earl of Derby, the same writer states that the day following the fight, the soldiers of the Earl occupying the town "fell to their ould course of plundering of such as they heard had showed themselves favourers of the Parliament partie when the had the towne. Especiallie some Commander were forward therein; ea Master Tildesley was much busied about Mr. Edmund Wearden's (the Mayor's) house, that way. And Mr. Hught Anderton of Buxton about the shop of Henry Tailor, and others were not so obvious." This was in March; but before the end of April, 1642, Preston had again been occupied by a detachment of Col. Ashton's Parliamentarian force under the command of Captain Edward Robinson, of Westby Hall and of Buckshawe in Buxton, the author (it is believed) of the Discourse of the Warr aboce cited. In the Council Book of Preston I find this entry: Edward Robinson, gent., admitted (a Burgess by copy of Court Roll). 23 daie December, 1644, pro, sei pso tantum (for himself alone) gratis."

Sep 1-1999 — From: "Robert Runk" ", 1972 Letterkenny Road, Chambersburg, PA 17201:
Today I visited several cemeteries and listed is the Mort findings:
  Thomas J. Mort, 1824-1909
  Nancy S. Mort  1836-1920
They were buried in Mattawana Cemetery,McVeytown,Pa. Mifflin County.

The Morts listed below are buried in St Marys Catholic Cemetery,Doylesburg,Pa., Franklin County:
  Norman A. Mort 1899-1974
  Mabel H. Mort  1899-1980 Wife
  Thomas R. Mort 1935-1959 Son
  Betty C. Mort Lacher 1924-1986 Daughter,memorial plate only that states she is
  buried in Sunset Memorial Cemetery, Albuquerque,New Mexico

                    Robert B. Runk

WALES: From Slaters Commercial Directory, 1880. PONTYPRIDD,with the parishes and villages of Llantwit Vardre, Llanvabon, Llanwonno, Britannia, Graig-Berthllwyd, Cymmer, Dinas, Eirw, Garth, Gyfeillon, Glyn-Taff, Hafod, Hopkinstown, Nantgarw, Navigation, Nelson, Pont-Shon-Norton, Porth, Quaker's Yard, Rhydyfelin, Trebanog, Trehafod, Treforest, Tymawr and Upper Boat
PONTYPRIDD, late Newbridge, is a thriving market town in the hundred of Miskin, county of Glamorgan unio and county court district of its own name, and Bristol district court of bankruptcy, situated in the parishes of Eglwysilan, Llantwit Vardre and Llanwonno, and on the river taff at its junction with the Rhondda. It is distant 182 miles from London (via Cardiff), 12 N. N.W. from Cardiff, 13 S. from Merthyr Tydfil,12 from Aberdare, 7 from Caerphilly, and 5 from Llantrisant, situated in the midst of a district richin mineral wealth, and on the Taff Vale line, which here joins the Rhondda branch of the Taff Vale Railway, and on the Glamorganshire canal, which render facilities for the conveyance of its productions to the chief ports of the Bristol Channel.
Mort Rev. Samuel, 1 Chapel st

Methodist :
  (Wesleyan) Chapel st - Rev. S. Mort

From: Index to "Paupers in Workhouses 1861 MORT, Ellen - Bolton, Lancashire - Weak minded and epilepsy - 6 yrs This index contains the Vine Funeral Home index number and year of the surnames in Olmsted County. 1971 148 Glen Edward MORT
British Columbia Genealogical Society Library" Listed Alphabetically with the Title first, the Author second and the Publisher third. Stafford In Olden Times: Being A Reprint Of Articles Published In "the Staffordshire Advertiser" * Cherry,J.L. * & C. Mort
Sierra County California Pioneer Cemetery Historic Survey Mort, William 1-04-1892 74y Downieville
The Herald, Sharon, PA. Published May 24, 1998 GRADUATION '98 — Joseph Badger High School, Kinsman, Ohio OTHER GRADUATES: Amber Mort
The Herald, Sharon, PA. ran Friday, Jan. 26, 1996: Robert E. Mort Jr., 48, Canfield, Ohio, formerly of Hermitage. (1-24-96). SURNAME INDEX TO EVERGREEN CEMETERY KREISER, Margaret Mort
Michigan 1870 Census Last Name First Name County Township Page Mort Adam J Macomb Erin 429R Mort Ellis Wayne Hamtramck 196R Rosa Pauline Mitchell was born September 8, 1907. Rosa died February 9, 1986 at 78 years of age. She married twice. She married E. D. Keaton. She married Ronald W. Mort BET 1937 AND 1954.
CENSUS YR: 1850 MD Baltimore ward 2 REEL NO: M432-281 PAGE NO: 205A REFERENCE: 8th July 1850 enumerated by M Mearis (pg 409) ====================================================================== LAST NAME FIRST NAME AGE SEX RACE OCCUP. VAL. BIRTHPLACE ====================================================================== 37 403 509 MORT JOHN 36 M W CABINET MAKER MD 38 403 509 MORT MARY 22 F W TN 39 403 509 MORT MARY 10/12 F W MD 205A 37 MORT JOHN 36 MD pg0197b.txt 205A 38 MORT MARY 22 TN pg0197b.txt 205A 39 MORT MARY 10/12MD pg0197b.txt
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Carroll Co., MD The Trinity Lutheran Church is located in Taneytown, Carroll County, Maryland. These tombstone inscriptions were transcribed on 1 October 1889 and published in The Democratic Advocate newspaper on 14 December 1889. MORT Alice D. (w/o William B.) d/ 7 Nov 1878 @ 31y.5m.13d
OHIO The cross road of our nation - Records & Pioneer Families January-March 1964 Vol. V No. 1 Published by Esther Weygandt Powell SOLDIERS OF THE WAR OF 1812 BURIED IN ALLEN COUNTY, OHIO Published with the consent of the Allen County Historical Society of Lima, Ohio. The military service of most of these soldiers is included in their report but will be omitted by me for brevity. Furnished on request. If you know of the burial place of another soldier of this War buried in Allen County kindly inform the Allen County Historical Society, 620 W. Market Street, Lima, O., if they are not found in this list. References also given in the original. MORT, GEORGE buried in Berryhill Cemetery, Bath Twp. In 1883 Sarah Mort, widow was drawing pension, first allowed in Jan. 1879. Her residence was W. North Street, Lima, Ohio.
CENSUS INDEX 1820 VIRGINIA — MORT 140 CENSUS INDEX 1850 VIRGINIA — MORT 21A-36A-40A-79B Mt. Albion Cemetery, Route 31, Town of Albion, Orleans County, New York. MORT, ALICE 1887 MAY 24, 1929
Index to Michigan Deaths

Arlene M MORT female born 30 March 1916 died 15 February 1992 lived at Hudson Lenawee MI died Adrian Lenawee MI death certificate No 009670

Joseph V MORT male born 24 May 1895 died 22 April 1991 lived at Schoolcraft Kalamazoo MI died Kalamazoo Kalamazoo MI death certificate No 021542

Elna Mary MORT female born 10 September 1909 died 1 06 1993 lived at Clyde Allegan MI died Holland Ottawa MI death certificate No 038394

Lillian F Mort female born 13 06 1930 died 29 May 1994 lived at West Bloomfield Oakland MI died West Bloomfield Oakland MI death certificate No 038911

Doris MORT female born 24 July 1912 died 29 July 1992 lived at Comstock Kalamazoo MI died Kalamazoo Kalamazoo MI death certificate No 040911

Zita Mort female born 07 July 1942 died 20 November 1995 lived at Detroit Wayne MI died Detroit Wayne MI death certificate No 068058

Rita Theresea Mort female born 23 July 1924 died 23 November 1994 lived at Cooper Kalamazoo MI died Kalamazoo Kalamazoo MI death certificate No 069803

Beulah MORT female born 21 September 1918 died 10 December 1992 lived at Vicksburg Kalamazoo MI died Vicksburg Kalamazoo MI death certificate No 072907

Phillip B MORT male born 07 May 1924 died 17 December 1992 lived at Romulus Wayne MI died Romulus Wayne MI death certificate No 076799

Mary E MORT female born 04 July 84 died 18 April 73 Residence MI died Kalamazoo Kalamazoo MI death certificate No 22747

James W MORT male born 24 January 07 died 06 April 81 lived at Henderson Wexford MI died Henderson Wexford MI death certificate No 24761

June I MORT female born 03 06 00 died 29 January 86 lived at Schoolcraft Kalamazoo MI died Schoolcraft Kalamazoo MI death certificate No 2834

Richard L MORT II male born 1 January 1968 died 26 May 1990 lived at Indiana died Mason Cass MI death certificate No 33866

Carl E MORT male born 15 August 03 died 20 06 74 lived at Garfield Clare MI died Garfield Clare MI death certificate No 33900

Dean B MORT male born 13 February 38 died 14 06 78 lived at Comstock Kalamazoo MI died Kalamazoo Kalamazoo MI death certificate No 34312

John H MORT male born 20 06 99 died 08 January 71 lived at Livonia Wayne MI died Detroit Wayne MI death certificate No 344

Byron W MORT male born 15 06 11 died 1 06 74 lived at Comstock Kalamazoo MI died Kalamazoo Kalamazoo MI death certificate No 34901

Joseph C MORT male born 28 February 39 died 26 06 86 lived at Washington Macomb MI died Washington Macomb MI death certificate No 36817

Elsie E MORT female born 21 August 23 died 05 July 71 lived at Detroit Wayne MI died Detroit Wayne MI death certificate No 39130

James C MORT male born 11 December 1926 died 1 August 1990 lived at Lansing Ingham MI died Lansing Ingham MI death certificate No 46884

Ross S MORT male born 28 06 99 died 12 September 76 lived at Hudson Lenawee MI died Hudson Lenawee MI death certificate No 53898

Mary L MORT female born 11 February 90 died 05 September 78 lived at Long Lake Grand Traverse MI died Westland Wayne MI death certificate No 54641

Everett D MORT male born 15 April 13 died 07 September 71 lived at Vicksburg Kalamazoo MI died Kalamazoo Kalamazoo MI death certificate No 54680

John R MORT male born 27 July 21 died 26 October 83 lived at Detroit Wayne MI died Detroit Wayne MI death certificate No 56216

George MORT male born 13 July 10 died 12 October 80 lived at Ypsilanti Washtenaw MI died Northfield Washtenaw MI death certificate No 59914

Edward G MORT male born 16 06 16 died 11 October 74 lived at Van Buren Wayne MI died MI death certificate No 63334

Shaheda MORT female born 17 March 95 died 05 November 85 lived at Grosse Pte Park Wayne MI died St Clair Shores Macomb MI death certificate No 66384

Joseph L MORT male born 13 August 1917 died 15 November 1989 lived at Garden City Wayne MI died Ann Arbor Washtenaw MI death certificate No 69103

Jeanette M MORT female born 28 April 30 died 30 January 82 lived at St Joseph Berrien MI died St Joseph Berrien MI death certificate No 716

Rose E MORT female born 02 March 88 died 08 December 74 lived at Lansing Ingham MI died Lansing Ingham MI death certificate No 72054

Robert M MORT male born 07 August 95 died 13 December 74 lived at Cooper Kalamazoo MI died Kalamazoo Kalamazoo MI death certificate No 7238


1992 Ohio Deaths
AGNES MARY MEEKS Sex Female Death May 19 1992 Born March 06 1912 Fathers Surname MORT Time of Death 09:35 am Age 80 Years State of Birth 7802 Marital Status 6 State of Residence Ohio Race White Social Security Number 280014588 Mothers Maiden Name HAUSER. Volume Number 038633 Certificate 28988

Groom 		Bride 			Marriage Date		County
JACOB A. HOTTEL	ANN MARIA MORT 	11 March 1850  	Shenandoah
JOHN MORT 	BARBARA ANN KNIELEY 	19 December 1850 	Shenandoah
JOHN MORT 	HARRIET HENEKEL  	22 February 1822 	Shenandoah
SAMUEL TIDLER	MARGARET MORT  	08 January 1822 	Shenandoah

Connecticute Deaths:

MORT, LINWOOD G Sex: Male Race: White Death Date: July 04, 1949 Age: 40 Years Place of Death: Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut Marital Status: Never Married Residence: Guilford, New Haven Co., Connecticut. State File Number: 09930

MORT, JULIA A Sex: Female Race: White Death Date: January 26, 1951 Age: 72 Years Place of Death: New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut Marital Status: Widowed Residence: Guilford, New Haven Co., Connecticut. State File Number: 00938

MORT, ARVO J Sex: Unknown Race: White Death Date: October 26, 1974 Age: 61 Years Place of Death: Meriden, , Connecticut Marital Status: Married Decedent's Last Spouse: ANTO MORT Residence: Meriden, Connecticut. State File Number: 20374


Kentucky Deaths

Beverly Mort died 15 Sep 1916 County of Death: Clay KY aged 1 Month Vol 16-22773

Rosa P. Mort died 29 Jun 1930 County of Death: Cristian KY aged 30 Years Vol 30-13625

Milburn M. Mort died 25 Sep 1976 County of Death: Daviess KY. Residence MISSOURI aged 68 Years Vol 76-23151


North Carolina Death Records, 1970-1996

LEROY RICHARD MORT, Death Date: February 23, 1975 Sex: Male Race: White Age: 45 Years Place of Residence: Perquimans Co., North Carolina Autopsy: Yes Institution: General Hospital Marriage: Married Attendant: Physician Method of Burial: Burial out of state.

DOLLIE MORT SHELBURNE, Birth Date: April 13, 1894 Death Date: October 20, 1977 Sex: Female Race: White Age Units: 83 Years Place of Occurance: Kings Mountain (P), Cleveland Co., North Carolina Place of Residence: Kings Mountain (P), Cleveland Co., North Carolina Autopsy: No Hospital: Other Institutions Marital Status: Widowed Attendant: Physician Mode of Burial: Burial out of state

NORMAN MORT SHELBURNE, Date of Birth: July 04, 1916 Death Date: June 11, 1984 Sex: Male Race: White Age: 67 Years Place of Occurance: Kings Mountain (P), Cleveland Co., North Carolina Place of Residence: Kings Mountain (P). Cleveland Co., North Carolina Autopsy: No Hospital: General Hospital 50-99 Beds Marital Status: Married Attendant: Physician Mode of Burial: Cremation out of state State of Birth: West Virginia SSN: 225033332 Fathers Surname: SHELBURNE Place of Injury:

DAVID WILLIAM MORT, Date of Birth: November 02, 1963 Death Date: September 11, 1986 Sex: Male Race: White Age: 22 Years Place of Occurance: Jackson Co., North Carolina Place of Residence: Jackson Co., North Carolina Autopsy: Yes Hospital: Other Marital Status: Never Married Attendant: Medical Examiner Mode of Burial: Burial out of state State of Birth: Florida SSN: 266890682 Fathers Surname: MORT

LLOYD ALFRED MORT, Date of Birth: March 1, 1906 Death Date: December 25, 1988 Sex: Male Race: White Age: 82 Years Place of Occurance: Greensboro, Guilford, North Carolina Place of Residence: Greensboro. Guilford, North Carolina Autopsy: No Hospital: General Hospital 50-99 Beds Marital Status: Married Attendant: Physician Mode of Burial: Burial in state State of Birth: Pennsylvania Social Security Number: 238053519 Fathers Surname: MORT

EFFIE OLIVER MORT Date of Birth: April 28, 1908 Death Date: January 13, 1989 Sex: Female Race: White Age: 80 Years Place of Occurance: Greensboro, Guilford, North Carolina Place of Residence: Greensboro. Guilford, North Carolina Autopsy: No Hospital: General Hospital 100 Beds & Over Marital Status: Widowed Attendant: Physician Mode of Burial: Burial in state State of Birth: North Carolina Social Security Number: 237073646 Fathers Surname: OLIVER

CORA MORT STUCLIFFE Date of Birth: December 27, 1893 Death Date: September 26, 1989 Sex: Female Race: White Age: 95 Years Place of Occurance: Winston-Salem, Forsyth, North Carolina Place of Residence: Winston-Salem. Forsyth, North Carolina Autopsy: No Hospital: General Hospital 100 Beds & Over Marital Status: Widowed Attendant: Physician Mode of Burial: Cremation in state State of Birth: Missouri Social Security Number: 239067514 Fathers Surname: MORT

PAULINE MORT ROBINSON, Date of Birth: October 23, 1904 Death Date: October 06, 1989 Sex: Female Race: White Age: 84 Years Place of Occurance: Greensboro, Guilford, North Carolina Place of Residence: Greensboro. Guilford, North Carolina Autopsy: No Hospital: General Hospital 100 Beds & Over Marital Status: Married Attendant: Physician Mode of Burial: Burial in state State of Birth: Pennsylvania Social Security Number: 245306560 Fathers Surname: MORT

MARGUERITE LE MORT, Date of Birth: November 28, 1901 Death Date: February 19, 1992 Sex: Female Race: White Age: 90 Years Place of Occurance: Hendersonville, Henderson, North Carolina Place of Residence: Hendersonville. Henderson, North Carolina Autopsy: No Hospital: General Hospital 50-99 Beds Marital Status: Never Married Attendant: Physician Mode of Burial: Burial in state State of Birth: North Carolina Social Security Number: 240050841 Fathers Surname: LE MORT

Ohio 1958-1992 Deaths

PHILIP E MORT Male White county of death Franklin County city of death Columbus county of residence Franklin County city of residence Columbus date of death December 13, 1958 aged 51 years Married Vol. 15614 Cert. 85118

KATHRYN F MORT female white county of death Marion County city of death county of residence Marion County city of residence date of death July 22, 1959 aged 73 years Widowed Vol. 15844 Cert. 50886

EBER G MORT male white county of death Allen County city of death Lima county of residence Allen County city of residence Lima date of death November 05, 1959 aged 47 years Married Cert. 75068 Vol. 15941

GRACE M MORT female white ' county of death Allen County city of death Lima county of residence Hancock County city of residence date of death March 04, 1960 aged 74 years Widowed Vol. 16079 Cert. 17295

JOHN MORT male white county of death Jefferson County city of death Steubenville county of residence Jefferson County city of residence Steubenville date of death August 24, 1960 aged 82 years Widowed Vol. 16242 Cert. 58233

FLORENCE MORT female Non-White county of death Lucas County city of death Oregon county of residence Ottawa County date of death June 19, 1960 aged 40 years Never Married Vol. 16188 Cert. 44658

MARY A MORT female white county of death Wayne County city of death county of residence Lorain County city of residence Elyria date of death May 07, 1961 aged 90 years Widowed Vol. 16539 Cert. 38132

ROY F MORT male white county of death Mahoning County city of death Youngstown county of residence Mahoning County city of residence Youngstown date of death September 30, 1961 aged 76 years Married Vol. 16648 Cert. 65428

ETTA MORT female white county of death Montgomery County city of death Dayton county of residence Montgomery County city of residence Dayton date of death September 08, 1961 aged 82 years Widowed Vol. 16650 Cert. 65779

JOSEPH MORT male white county of death Jefferson County city of death Steubenville county of residence Jefferson County city of residence Steubenville date of death March 22, 1962 aged 70 years Married Cert. 20943 Vol. 16842

ELIZABEH E MORT female white county of death Licking County city of death Newark county of residence Licking County city of residence Newark date of death June 27, 1962 aged 83 years Widowed Vol. 16940 Cert. 45332

PAUL R MORT male white county of death Mahoning County city of death Youngstown county of residence Columbiana County city of residence date of death December 16, 1962 aged 5 years Never Married Vol. 17123 Cert. 91237

CARL R MORT male white county of death Mahoning County city of death county of residence Mahoning County city of residence date of death June 1, 1963 aged 47 years Married Vol. 17330 Cert. 47870

MELVINA MORT female white county of death Morrow County city of death county of residence Allen County city of residence Lima date of death October 03, 1963 aged 89 years Widowed Vol. 17454 Cert. 78954

TERRY J. MORT male white county of death Trumbull County city of death Warren county of residence Trumbull County city of residence Niles date of death May 25, 1964 aged 18 years Never Married Vol. 17688 Cert. 38532

CLARA MORT female white county of death Columbiana County city of death East Palestine county of residence Columbiana County city of residence East Palestine date of death September 25, 1964 aged 76 years Married Vol. 17792 Cert. 64520

CATHERINE MORT female white county of death Jefferson County city of death Steubenville county of residence Jefferson County city of residence Steubenville date of death July 30, 1965 aged 71 years Widowed Vol. 18135 Cert. 53683

GEORGE MORT male white county of death Out-of-State city of death Out-of-State county of residence Trumbull County city of residence date of death May 21, 1965 aged 72 years Divorced Vol. 90009 Cert. 1466

RAYMOND E MORT male white county of death Cuyahoga County city of death Cleveland county of residence Erie County city of residence Sandusky date of death May 14, 1966 aged 61 years Divorced Vol. 18453 Cert. 34435

ROY MORT male white county of death Cuyahoga County city of death Cleveland county of residence Columbiana County city of residence East Palestine date of death October 10, 1966 aged 70 years Widowed Cert. 74494 Vol. 18613

IDA M MORT female white county of death Montgomery County city of death Dayton county of residence Montgomery County city of residence Dayton date of death October 23, 1966 aged 84 years Widowed Vol. 18634 Cert. 79543

CHARLES W MORT male white county of death Montgomery County city of death Dayton county of residence Montgomery County city of residence Dayton date of death December 07, 1966 aged 76 years Married Vol. 18699 Cert. 95985
BEATRICE MORT female white county of death Columbiana County city of death: Salem county of residence: Mahoning County city of residence date of death: November 26, 1967 age of death: 69 years married Vol. 19040 Cert. 81299


Vermont Deaths:

Name: MARJORIE H MORT Sex: FEMALE Date of Death: June 06, 1992 Age: 84 YEARS Date of Birth: July 28, 1907 State of Birth: VT Town of Death: BENNINGTON Education: 8 Race: WHITE State of Residence: VT Town of Residence: BENNINGTON Fathers Surname: MATTISON


Irish Vital Records

John Hinton Marriage: 20 May 1677 to Mary Mort
Place: St. Andrew, Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Marriage Entries from the Registers of the Parishes of St. Andrew, St. nne, St. Audoen, & St. Bride (Dublin), 1632-1800. Exeter and London: William Pollard & Co. Ltd., 1913. 185 pages.


page 59

RICKETSON, William, Mar. I, 1691. ["one of the original proprietors of Old Dartmouth," h Elizabeth (d Adam Mort junior), private record, from the John Ricketson family Bible, in the possession of the Old Dartmouth Historical Society in New Bedford][p.59]


Pulaski County, Virginia Births, 1853-1893

David Mort born 21-Aug-1887 white male son of David & Alice Mort page 187


American Marriage prior to 1699:

THORNE, Elizabeth and Rigebell Mort, 14 October 1696, Hempstead, N.Y.

Early Connecticut Marriages
Early Connecticut Marriages: Seventh Book
From Fair Haven Church Records
page 41:

Edward Mort & Sarah Kinne, Dec. 10, 1761


Iowa Marriage Prior to 1850

Hiram Fate married Mary Harriet Mort on 14 Apr 1842 in Van Buren County, Iowa
Henry Mort married Mary Spencer on 1 Dec 1845 in Van Buren County, Iowa


Early Massachusetts Marriages Prior to 1800
Plymouth County
page 181:

Nathaniel Vinal & Priscilla Mort, Nov. 30, 1783

Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey
Marriage Licenses.
The Marriage Ceremony
Males. A
Divorces By the Court of Chancery.
page 6

James Arnell, Burlington, and Mary Mort 1739 Jan. 3


Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1790
Pennsylvania Marriages

1765, May 15. Fenimore, William, and Martha Mort.

Early Virginia Marriages
Lancaster County
page 55
December 9, 1768, William Mort and Elizabeth Hubbard


New York Marriages Previous to 1784
Names of Persons for Whom Marriage Licenses Were Issued By the Secretary of the Province of New
York, Previous to 1784. Volume C, page 84:

1763. Nov. 2. Cooper, Ezekiel, and Deborah Mort, M.B., vii. 423


John MORT Enlistment date 02 May 1864 rank Private age 28 served Ohio Enlisted I Co. 146th Inf Reg. OH mustered out 07 September 1864 Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio, 1886

Mathias Mort enlisted 20 April 1861 rank Priavte Age 25 Private 25 served Ohio Enlisted F Co. 20th Inf Reg. OH mustered out 18 August 1861 Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio,1886

Charles Mort Claimed Residence in Salisbury Ct enlisted 30 April 1864 rank Private Promoted to Full corporal 27 July 1864 served Connecticut Enlisted C Co. 11th Inf Reg. CT deserted 27 November 1864 Connecticut: Record of Service of Men during War of Rebellion Published by Case, Lockwood & Brainard, 1889

Joseph Mort enlisted 18 August 1862 rank Private served Maryland Enlisted B Co. 7th Inf Reg. MD died 22 January 1864 Maryland Volunteers, War of 1861-65, 1899

Adam Mort rank private served Pennsylvania Enlisted C Co. 84th Inf Reg. PA (No further record) History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, Published 1870.

Allen Mort enlisted 24 February 1862 rank private served Pennsylvania Enlisted A Co. 77th Inf Reg. PA disch wounds 15 January 1864 History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, Published 1870.

David Mort enlisted 25 February 1865 rank Private served Maryland Transfered I Co. 13th Inf Reg. MD mustered out 29 May 1865 Maryland Volunteers, War of 1861-65, 1899

Ellis Mort enlisted 30 January 1862 rank Sergt served Pennsylvania Enlisted G Co. 98th Inf Reg. PA History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, Published 1870.

Josiah Mort enlisted 23 February 1864 rank private age 25 served Ohio Enlisted I Co. 8th Cav Reg. OH mustered out 30 July 1865 Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio, 1886

William Mort enlisted 1 September 1863 rank private served Maryland Enlisted I Co. 3rd Cav Reg. MD disch disability 05 June 1865 Maryland Volunteers, War of 1861-65, 1889

William Mort enlisted 30 May 1864 rank private served Pennsylvania Drafted L Co. 102nd Inf Reg. PA mustered out 28 June 1865 History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, published 1870.

John J Mort enlisted 18 August 1862 rank private Promoted to Full corporal 15 May 1865 served Pennsylvania Enlisted C Co. 121st Inf Reg. PA mustered out 02 June 1865 History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, Published 1870.

John Mort enlisted 24 September 1861 rank private served Pennsylvania Enlisted D Co. 96th Inf Reg. PA Dropped from rolls 17 October 1862 History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, Published 1870.

Alexander G Mort enlisted 1 July 1863 rank private served Pennsylvania Transfered A Co. 1st Prov Cav Reg. PA mustered out 13 July 1865 Transferred 15 January 1864 from Company E to Company A (Estimated Day) History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, published 1870.

William Mort enlisted 18 February 1864 rank private served Pennsylvania Transfered D Co. 1st Prov Cav Reg. PA mustered out 13 July 1865 History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, Published 1870.

Jefferson Mort enlisted 28 June 1864 rank private served Pennsylvania Drafted B Co. 87th Inf Reg. PA deserted 15 September 1864 History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5,, pulbished 1870.

Rush Mort enlisted 27 February 1865 rank private served Pennsylvania Enlisted A Co. 6th Cav Reg. PA (No further record) History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, published 1870.

Rush Mort enlisted 10 August 1861 rank corporal Promoted to Full corporal 25 December 1863 served Pennsylvania Enlisted K Co. 72nd Inf Reg. PA mustered out 24 August 1864 History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, Published 1870.

Harrison Mort enlisted 06 November 1862 rank private served Pennsylvania Enlisted B Co. 2nd HA Reg. PA disch 15 May 1865 History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, published 1870.


William W Mort Claimed Residence in St. Mary's enlisted 15 August 1862 rank private served Illinois Enlisted A Co. 118th Inf Reg. IL mustered out 1 October 1865 Illinois: Roster of Officers and Enlisted Men, published 1900.

John O Mort Claimed Residence in Fountain Green enlisted 23 March 1864 rank private served Illinois Enlisted A Co. 118th Inf Reg. IL mustered out 1 October 1865 Illinois: Roster of Officers and Enlisted Men, published 1900.

Joseph Mort enlisted 12 September 1862 rank corporal served Pennsylvania Enlisted A Co. 7th Inf Reg. PA mustered out 26 September 1862 History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, published 1870

Gaston Mort enlisted ed 11 September 1862 rank private served Pennsylvania enlisted ed Walker's Co. Indpt Inf Reg. PA mustered out on 27 September 1862 History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, publsihed 1870.

Jefferson Mort enlisted ed 23 June 1863 rank private served Pennsylvania enlisted ed E Co. Litzinger's Inf Reg. PA mustered out on 08 August 1863 History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, Published 1870.

Levi Mort enlisted ed 23 June 1863 rank private served Pennsylvania enlisted ed E Co. Litzinger's Inf Reg. PA mustered out on 08 August 1863 History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, Published 1870.

Matthias Mort claimed residence in Lima enlisted ed 24 March 1862 Rank private served Illinois enlisted ed K Co. 66th Inf Reg. IL mustered out on 28 April 1865 Illinois: Roster of Officers and enlisted ed Men, published 1900.

John Mort enlisted 03 September 1861 at Boston, MA rank private age 28 served New York Transfered RC New York: Report of the Adjutant-General, 1894-1906.

James Mort enlisted 12 December 1864 at New York City, NY rank private age 37 served New York enlisted ed H Co. 5th HA Reg. NY deserted at Harper's Ferry, WV on 29 December 1864 New York: Report of the Adjutant-General, 1894-1906

Christopher Mort claimed residence in Pittsburg enlisted ed 14 August 1862 rank private age 21 promoted to Full 6th Corpl on 24 December 1862 promoted to Full 5th Corpl on 31 August 1863 promoted to Full 4th Corpl on 1 February 1864 promoted to Full Private on 08 July 1864 (Reduced to ranks, at own request) served Iowa enlisted ed H Co. 19th Inf Reg. IA mustered out at Mobile, AL on 10 July 1865

Joseph Mort claimed residence in Pittsburg enlisted 09 August 1862 rank private age 19 served Iowa enlisted ed H Co. 19th Inf Reg. IA mustered out at Mobile, AL on 10 July 1865


Maryland Men in the Civil War

Joseph Mort, Private enlisted Aug 18 1862 Died January 22 1864
David Mort Private enlisted Feb 25 1865 discharged May 29 1865
David Mort Private enlisted Feb 25 1865 discharged May 29 1865 Transferred to Company I Thirteenth Maryland Infantry.
William Mort Private enlisted Sept 1 1863 dischanged June 5 1865 Disability


Schedule of the Names and Rank of Most of the Officers of the War of Independence New York, page 625
Mort, Ebenezer, Lieutenant, 2d.



Daniel Leon Mort service number 2146026 born 11/29/46 died 07/17/66 City of Record Kansas City Missouri Service Marine Corps Rank LCPL Casualty Hostile - Died of Wounds Single


World War I Draft Registration

Ejnar Mort born 17 Aug 1893 White born Deworas Sweden county of Cook Minnesota
Arthur Scott Mort born 24 Mar 1886 White county of Twin Falls Idaho
Robert William Mort vorn 5 Jul 1877 White county of Twin Falls Idaho
William E. Mort born 12 Apr 1876 White county of Rock Nebraska

July 22, 1999

Amy Jane (Wade) Murphy, 42, died July 15, 1999, at her home in Soldotna. A memorial service is pending with Peninsula Memorial Chapels Ms. Murphy was born Feb. 7, 1957, in Green Bay, Wis., to Raymond and Catherine (Engelman) Wade. She moved to Soldotna in 1994. Her family wrote: (We have) loving memories of a wonderful person who was loved dearly by her family. Everyone was touched by her love and kindness." She was preceded in death by her parents, Raymond and Catherine Wade. Ms. Murphy is survived by her sons, Jonathan Murphy of Kenai, Mark Wade of Scottsdale, Ariz.; sisters, Donna Wade of Brookling, Ore., Mary Lee and Margo Wade, both of Scottsdale, Debbie Lipka of Jacumba, Calif., and Beverly MORT of Grand Junction, Colo.; and her brother, Gary Wade of Pulaski, Wis. Funeral arrangements were by Peninsula Memorial Chapels

The Arizona Republic: November 19, 1998

Obituary: Catherine B. Wade, 74, of Scottsdale, a homemaker, died Nov. 15, 1998. She was born in Wisconsin. Survivors include her daughters, Amy Murphy, Beverly MORT , Debbie Harmsen, Mary Lee, Donna and Margaret; son, Gary; sister, Mary Kaye; brothers, Louie Engleman; 15 grandchildren; and one great-grandchild. Services: 4 p.m. Friday, Green Acres MORT uary, 401 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale.

Buffalo News: March 12, 1996: Page: E11


Beverly D. Knarr, 66, died Monday (March 11, 1996) in her Elmwood Avenue home after a lengthy illness. The former Beverly MORT was a lifetime resident of the Cataract City. She was an avid bingo player. Surviving are her husband, Fred J. Knarr; a son, Thomas L.; two daughters, Fredda Kramer and Beverly Finlan; two brothers, David of South Plymouth and William of Philadelphia; seven grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren. Services will be held at 8 p.m. Wednesday in the Otto Redanz Funeral Home, Michigan Avenue and 10th Street. Burial will be in Memorial Park Cemetery, Lewiston.

Buffalo News, August 6, 1993 Page: B7


Obituary: Daniel T. MORT , a retired repairman for Occidental Chemical Corp., died Thursday (Aug. 5, 1993) in his Northfield Drive home after a lengthy illness.
Obituary: MORT , 63, was a Niagara Falls native and lived in Youngstown the past 35 years. He retired from Occidental in 1992 after a 42-year career. MORT was an Army veteran. Survivors include his wife, the former Lavern Allen; two daughters, Patricia Hughes of Rochester and Connie; a son, Danny Ray MORT ; six brothers, Rodger of Pennsylvania, Jerry of Connecticut, Jimmy of New Jersey, Jack of Syracuse, and Bob and Neal; four sisters, Jean Saunders, Betty Carver and Sally Dolson, all of Niagara Falls, and Hazel Costella of Pennsylvania; and four grandchildren. Services will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday in the Hardison Funeral Home, North Fourth and Ridge streets. Burial will be in Acacia Park Cemetery, Pendleton. {Benfante}.

Buffalo News, November 21, 1992 page A8


Obituary: Donald E. Lilly, 74, of Plaza Drive, a former resident of Niagara Falls, died Friday (Nov. 20, 1992) in Mount St. Mary's Hospital, Lewiston, after a long illness. A native of Glens Falls, Lilly lived in Niagara Falls for many years before he moved to Wheatfield. He worked for Prestolite Co. for 11 years, Olin Mathieson Corp. for 23 years and the Love Canal Area Revitalization Agency for four years before he retired three years ago. He served in the Civilian Conservation Corps in California in the early 1940s. Surviving are his wife, Pearl Iydt Lilly; a son, Donald G. of Getzville; four daughters, Madelon Laughlin, Gail Trunzo and Colleen Batley, all of Niagara Falls, and Barbara Crocker of Lewiston; a sister, Marion MORT of Niagara Falls; 17 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren. Services will be held at 9:30 a.m. Monday in the Lane Funeral Home, 8622 Buffalo Ave., Niagara Falls. Burial will be in Riverdale Cemetery, Lewiston.

Buffalo News, February 16, 1999


Obituary: Dorothy C. MORT , a homemaker, died Sunday (Feb. 14, 1999) in Mount St. Mary's Hospital, Lewiston. She was 83. Born Dorothy Cadwallder in Niagara Falls, she lived on D Street in Cayuga Village and attended local schools. She enjoyed camping, gardening and crocheting. Her husband, Willard, died in 1987. Mrs. MORT is survived by two sons, Guy of Niagara Falls and George of San Francisco; three daughters, Gay Cicero, Mary Harpham and Roberta, all of Niagara Falls; a brother, Lloyd Cadwallder of Niagara Falls; two sisters, Florence Phillips of Lockport and Annie Wright of Niagara Falls; 13 grandchildren; and 18 great-grandchildren. Services will be held at 1 p.m. Thursday in Rhoney Funeral Home, 1124 Ontario Ave. Burial will be in Acacia Park Cemetery, Pendleton.

Buffalo News, March 4, 1999


Obituary: Dorothy M. Ruffner, 74, died Monday (March 1, 1999) in her Niagara Avenue home. The former Dorothy McGill was born in Youngstown, Ohio. She was a member of St. Paul's United Methodist Church. She enjoyed reading and spending time with her grandchildren. Her husband, Clyde, died in 1972. Mrs. Ruffner is survived by a daughter, Laura Colavecchia of the Town of Niagara; a brother, John A. McGill of Youngstown, Ohio; three sisters, Edna Mae Allen and Angeline G. Illespie, both of Youngstown, Ohio, and Shirley MORT ; 10 grandchildren; and seven great- grandchildren. Services will be held at 10 a.m. Friday in the Grimes Funeral Home, 7311 Porter Road, Town of Niagara. Burial will be in Memorial Park Cemetery, Lewiston.

Buffalo News, April 30, 1995, Page C14


Obituary: A private service will be scheduled for Everett W. Knight, 83, of China Spring, Texas, a Niagara Falls native who was a chemist for E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. for 46 years. He died Friday (April 28, 1995) in a China Spring nursing home. He was a member of Brandywine Lodge 33, F&AM, in Wilmington, Del. His wife, Dorothy L. MORT Knight, died July 11, 1984. He is survived by three sons, Rodney A. of Southington, Conn., Neal E. of China Spring and Bruce W. of Yorklyn, Del.; a brother, Ernest of Ormond Beach, Fla.; a sister, Helen Louise Jaynes of North Tonawanda; nine grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren.

Buffalo News, Feb. 17, 1996 page B8


Obituary: Mrs. Stark, 77, formerly of 22nd Street, died Thursday (Feb. 15, 1996) in Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center while under the care of Niagara Hospice. The former Helen Pallerine was born in Bremerton, Wash., and moved to this city at an early age, attending local schools. Mrs. Stark worked in the tool room at the Niacet Corp. during World War II, and until the 1960s was employed as a cook and waitress, working with her late husband, James F. Stark Sr., at the former Victory Lunch Bar & Grill on Third Street. She was a former member of St. Joseph's Catholic Church and the Riverside Rebekah Lodge. She also served as an election inspector and volunteered at the Buffalo Veterans Hospital. She was the widow of James Stark Sr. and "Red" MORT . Survivors include a son, James F. Jr. of Youngstown; a brother, Walter Hamlyn of Boca Raton, Fla.; five grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

Buffalo News, Oct 1, 1997, page D6


Obituary: Marion MORT , 77, a waitress for several restaurants, died Tuesday (Sept. 30, 1997) in her River Road home. She was under the care of Niagara Hospice. The former Marion Lilly was born in Niagara Falls and attended Niagara Falls High School. Among restaurants for which she worked was the Clarkson House in Lewiston. She enjoyed playing cards and bingo and spending time with her family. Her husband, Miron, died in 1995. Survivors include two sons, Robert of Niagara Falls and Roger of Rochester; two daughters, Lois Rolfe and Emma Wallace, both of Niagara Falls; 17 grandchildren; and 19 great-grandchildren. Services will be held at 10 a.m. Thursday in Otto Redanz LaSalle Park Chapel, 2215 Military Road, Town of Niagara. Private burial will be in Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Lewiston.

Buffalo News, June 21, 1993, page D7


Matthew "Mike" Rizzotto, 84, a U.S. Army veteran and retired laborer, died Sunday (June 20, 1993) in Mount St. Mary's Hospital, Lewiston, after a short illness. He served in the Army during World War II, from 1942 to 1945, in Central Europe. He was also stationed as a guard at the Presidio in San Francisco, keeping watch on the Golden Gate Bridge. Rizzotto was employed by General Abrasives for 35 years as a laborer. He retired in 1974. Born in Kansas City, he moved with his family to Niagara Falls when he was 2 years old. An avid sports fan, Rizzotto played for the North End football team. He was a longtime member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Niagara Falls. His wife, Antoinette "Daw" DelGobbo Rizzotto, died in 1988. Survivors include three daughters, Michelle, Angela MORT and Jane Donoughe, all of Niagara Falls; three brothers, Anthony of Niagara Falls and Victor and Frank, both of Wheatfield; five grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. Prayers will be said at 9 a.m. Wednesday in Rhoney Funeral Home, 1124 Ontario Ave. A Mass of Christian Burial will be offered at 9:30 in Sacred Heart Church, 1917 11th St. Burial will be in Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Lewiston.

Buffalo News, May 10, 1995, page c9


Obituary: Miron E. MORT , 77, a retired shift supervisor for Union Carbide Corp.'s Niacet plant in Niagara Falls, died Tuesday (May 9, 1995) in his home on River Road. He was under the care of Niagara Hospice. MORT was born in Niagara Falls and spent some of his childhood in Lilly, Pa. In 1936, he joined the Civilian Conservation Corps for a one-year hitch. He then joined the Union Carbide Niacet plant and remained there 37 years, working his way up from chemical operator to foreman to shift supervisor. He retired in 1977. MORT was a member of the Chemical Operators Union and the Niacet Men's Club. Survivors include his wife, the former Marian Lily; two sons, Robert E. of Niagara Falls and Roger L. of Rochester; two daughters, Lois Rolfe and Emma Wallace, both of Niagara Falls; two brothers, William of Philadelphia and David of South Plymouth; a sister, Beverly Knarr of Niagara Falls; 16 grandchildren; and 16 great-grandchildren. A memorial service will be held at 10 a.m. Thursday in Otto Redanz LaSalle Park Chapel, 2215 Military Road, Town of Niagara. Burial will be in Memorial Park Cemetery, Lewiston

Buffalo News, January 19, 1997, Page: C3


Obituary: Shirley Ann Harvey, 65, of Ridge Road died Friday (Jan. 17, 1997) in Mount St. Mary's Hospital, Lewiston, after a lengthy illness. Born in Niagara Falls, the former Shirley Ann Connor lived in Niagara Falls most of her life before moving to Lockport 10 years ago. Mrs. Harvey was a member of St. Bridget's Catholic Church in Newfane and a former member of St. John de LaSalle Catholic Church in Niagara Falls. She is survived by her husband, Paul; three sons, Edward, Kevin of Los Angeles and Timothy of Olean; three brothers, Miles and Ronald Connor, both of Niagara Falls, and Thomas Connor of Baton Rouge, La.; four sisters, Elizabeth Kent of Lewiston and Norrine Collins, Dorthea MORT and Suzanne Bieniek, all of Niagara Falls; six grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. A Mass of Christian Burial will be offered at 11 a.m. Tuesday in St. John de LaSalle Church, 8469 Buffalo Ave., Niagara Falls, after prayers at 10:30 in Otto Redanz Funeral Home LaSalle Park Chapel, 2215 Military Road, Niagara Falls. Burial will be in Riverdale Cemetery, Town of Lewiston.{hkes}

Buffalo News, September 26, 1996 page A6


Timothy R. MORT , 37, of Hyde Park Boulevard died Tuesday (Sept. 24, 1996) in Millard Fillmore Hospital, Buffalo, after a long illness. Born in Niagara Falls, he lived in Idaho, Missouri and Virginia Beach, Va., prior to moving back to Niagara Falls in 1991. He was a 1976 graduate of LaSalle Senior High School. MORT was employed by the American Red Cross in Buffalo as a computer lab technician for three years before retiring in 1995 because of illness. Prior to that, he worked in retail. MORT was an avid gardener and enjoyed traveling. He is survived by his parents, Neal R. and the former Judith A. Quinn; four sisters, Mary Schaffer of Pendleton, Kari Clendenen of Indianapolis, Kathleen Pinkham and Ada. A service will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday in Rhoney Funeral Home, 1124 Ontario Ave.

Buffalo News, Aubust 21, 1997 page D4


William L. MORT , 78, a retired auto mechanic, died Saturday (Aug. 30, 1997) in Mount St. Mary's Hospital, Lewiston, after a brief illness. MORT , of Porter Road, was born in Lockport and was a graduate of Niagara Falls High School. He served with the U.S. Army's 70th Infantry Division during World War II. MORT worked in Niagara Falls as a mechanic for Wendt's Dairy and then for the Chevy Dealers of Niagara Falls, including the former Kellogg's Chevrolet. He retired in 1984. He had been a member and a steward of Local 55, United Auto Workers, and was a member of Post 1451, American Legion, Sanborn. MORT is survived by his wife of 57 years, the former Dorothy Hagar; two sons, David of North Syracuse and Ronald of Niagara Falls; a daughter, Iona Wiley of Richburg; and four grandchildren. Graveside services will be held at 1 p.m. Wednesday in Memorial Park Cemetery, Lewiston.

The Cincinnati Enquirer: October 28, 1997 page B1a


Genevieve L. Mahaney, 74, a homemaker, died Saturday. Surviving are three sons, Howell H. Mahaney III of Independence, Dennis Mahaney of Melbourne and Otis C. Mahaney of Fort Thomas; two daughters, Jukeila L. Clinkenbeard of Alexandria and Norritta A. Pugh of Silver Grove; two brothers, Walter Dennis of Silver Grove and Robert Dennis of Independence; three sisters, Wilda Jean DeMoss and Wilma Jane McDonald, both of Silver Grove, and Marcheta MORT of Elwood, Ind.; 14 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband, Howell H. Mahaney Jr. There is no visitation, and the service will be at the convenience of the family. Cremation will be at Hillside Chapel in Cincinnati. Alexandria Funeral Home is handling arrangements. Memorials can be made to the American Cancer Society, 4130 Dixie Highway, Erlanger 41018. Sr. Amelia Lenardic

The Daily Telegraph London
August 5, 1997 page 19

Obituary of Bishop John MORT
The first Bishop of Northern Nigeria

THE RIGHT REVEREND JOHN MORT , who has died aged 82, was for 17 years Bishop of Northern Nigeria and afterwards Assistant Bishop in the Leicester Diocese for 16 years. MORT went out to the newly created Diocese of Northern Nigeria as its first Bishop in 1952. He was only 37, and his jurisdiction extended over an area of some 250,000 square miles. The population of 30 million was almost entirely Muslim or pagan.
Under MORT 's leadership, significant Christian progress was made, and by the mid-1960s there were 17 mission stations with upwards of 30 churches and a leprosy settlement. However, the Nigerian civil war had a devastating effect on the North, and from 1966 many Christians migrated to the South and East for safety.
In 1972, not long after MORT had returned from West Africa, the then Bishop of Leicester, Ronald Williams, engaged him as his Assistant Bishop - Leicester being one of the few English dioceseswithout a Suffragan.
MORT became not only a highly effective pastoral bishop in the parishes, but was universally liked throughout the county. He had a remarkable memory for names and places; churchwardens would be astonished to be asked about the progress of their children in particular schools. John Ernest Llewelyn MORT , the son of a mining engineer, was born in South Wales on April 13 1915. From Malvern he went up to St Catharine's College, Cambridge, where he read History, and then to Westcott House to prepare for Holy Orders.
From 1940 to 1944, MORT was curate at Dudley St Thomas, Worcestershire, where he received a rigorous training. His ability as a preacher may have owed something to the memory of an occasion when, just hitting his stride in the pulpit at Dudley, he was interrupted by the vicar with: "Is there much more of this?"
He next spent four years as the Worcester Diocesan youth organiser, and another four as Vicar of the parish of St John the Baptist, Worcester.
Throughout this time he served also as Private Chaplain to the Bishop of Worcester, Dr William Wilson Cash, who had previously been General Secretary of the Church Missionary Society.
Bishop Cash observed that his young chaplain had vision and a gift for turning people to faith through pastoral friendship, and on the strength of this he recommended MORT for appointment to the new missionary Diocese of Northern Nigeria.
The appointment involved travelling great distances to the mission stations, and MORT was often accompanied by his wife Barbara, who played a full-time part in the Church's work, and eventually became head of Capital School, Kaduna, pioneering the co-education of Nigerians and expatriate children.
A training centre for lay evangelists was established at Wusasa Zana, and a bishop's house was built at
Kaduna. MORT 's efforts were recognised by his appointment as CBE in 1965 and by the award of an honorary LLD by Ahmadu Bello University when he left in 1970.
As Assistant Bishop in Leicester, MORT was provided with a base and an income by his appointment as a Canon Residentiary of Leicester Cathedral, a post he held from 1970 to 1988. Although his ministry was mainly in the diocese, he was assiduous in performing his cathedral duties, as Treasurer and as the pastoral friend of the congregation.
Of a broadly conservative disposition, MORT had during his time in Nigeria strongly opposed a scheme for uniting the Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian churches there. He was unhappy about the Church of England's decision to ordain women.
Towards the end of his life MORT suffered from severe arthritis, but he continued to assist in his local parish church at Woodhouse Eaves.
He is survived by his wife.

The Harrisburg Patriot, April 12, 1997, Page B2

Charles M. Wonderlick

Charles M. Wonderlick, 83, of 4740 Tuscarora St., Susquehanna Twp., died Wednesday in the Susquehanna Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation. He retired from the Steelton plant of Bethlehem Steel Corp. He was the widower of Myrtle Wonderlick and Mary Jane Wonderlick. Surviving are eight grandchildren, including Louise A. MORT , with whom he lived; and 27 great-grandchildren. Services will be held at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday in Wiedeman Funeral Home, Steelton. Burial will be in Blue Ridge Memorial Gardens, Lower Paxton Twp. Viewing will be from 1 to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday in the funeral home.

The Evening News Harrisburg. April 1, 1993 page B2

Dorothy F. Schroth

Dorothy F. Schroth, 81, of Mountaindale, Cambria County, formerly of Harrisburg, died Tuesday at home. She was the widow of Edward M. Schroth. Surviving are eight daughters, Esther Poorman, Edna Gray, Iva Walters and Theresa Rager, all of Altoona, Donna Jenkins of Blandburg, Ruth Eutez of Harrisburg and Deborah Bekelja and Beverly Yeator, both of Steelton; a son, Louis of Huntingdon; a sister, Catherine Adams of Altoona; five brothers, George MORT and Charles MORT , both of Altoona, Robert MORT of Tyrone, William MORT of Harrisburg and Frances MORT ; 27 grandchildren; and 33 great-grandchildren. Services are scheduled today in Roseland Christian Fellowship Church, Coalport RD. Burial will be tomorrow in Blue Ridge Memorial Gardens, Lower Paxton Twp. Arrangements are being handled by McQuown Funeral Home, Glasgow.

The Harrisburg Patriot, July 8, 1995:, page B2

Edna M. Dively

SHREWSBURY Edna M. Marsden Dively, 85, formerly of Shrewsbury and Mechanicsburg, died Wednesday in Artman Lutheran Home, Ambler. She was a member of Grace United Methodist Church. She was the widow of John M. Dively. Surviving are a son, John M. Jr. of Norristown; a daughter, S. Jean Watkins of Shrewsbury; two sisters, Rhoda MORT of Hampton, Va., and Marie Beegle of Colorado; seven grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren. Graveside services will be held at 11 a.m. Monday in New Freedom Cemetery. There will be no viewing or visitation. Hartenstein Mortuary, New Freedom, is handling arrangements. Memorial contributions may be made to any charity.

The Evening News Harrisburg, Feb. 8, 1994; Page B2

Ernest L. Brown Jr.

Ernest L. Brown Jr., 47, of 20 Butternut Lane, Silver Spring Twp., died Sunday in Holy Spirit Hospital. He was employed by South Middleton School District; drove a school bus for Carlisle Area School District; and was a member of Carlisle Fraternal Order of Eagles and Mechanicsburg American Legion Post. Surviving are a son, James A., with whom he lived; a daughter, Lori A. of Mechanicsburg; four brothers, Harry L., John H., Robert A. and Gerald L., all of Carlisle; five sisters, Janet Ritter and Mary Swartz, both of Carlisle, Ruth MORT of St. Petersburg, Fla., Doris Jean Salisbury of Newville and Julia Craig of Hagerstown, Md.; and a grandchild. Services will be held at 10:30 a.m. Thursday in Hoffman-Roth Funeral Home, Carlisle. Burial will be in Cumberland Valley Memorial Gardens, West Pennsboro Twp. Viewing will be from 7 to 9 p.m. tomorrow at the funeral home. Memorial contributions may be made to the Ronald McDonald House, 745 W. Governor Road, Hershey 17033.

The Sunday Patriot-News Harrisburg, jULY 21, 1994 page B2

James D. MORT

James D. MORT , 55, of 4311 Englewood Ave., Lower Paxton Twp., died Saturday at home. He was employed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission; was a graduate of the Ross Leffler School of Conservation; was Worshipful Master of the William S. Snyder Lodge 756; was a member of the Ridgeway Community Church of the Brethren, Harrisburg Consistory, the Zembo Temple and Tall Cedars; was a PIAA football and baseball official and a member of the Capital Area Chapter of the PIAA Football Hall of Fame; and was former eastern regional director of the All American Soap Box Derby. Surviving are his wife, Catherine Jean; two sons, Michael of Greensboro, S.C., and Thomas of Stroudsburg; a daughter, Sandra of Harrisburg; his mother, Bertha MORT of Martinsburg; and two sisters, Betty Campbell of Riva, Md., and Alberta Hudacik of Pittsburgh. A memorial service will be held at 7 p.m. Monday at Ridgeway Community Church of the Brethren, Harrisburg. Private Masonic services will be held at 6:30 p.m. Monday. Graveside services will be at 2 p.m. Tuesday at St. Luke's Cemetery, Saxton. The Cremation Society of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, is handling the arrangements. Memorial contributions may be made to Central Pennsylvania Hospice, P.O. Box 266, Enola, 17025, or Ridgeway Community Church of the Brethren, 525 N. Progress Ave., Harrisburg 17109.

The Evening News Harrisburg, March 17, 1993, page B2

Mabel H. Sheffield

MERCERSBURG Mabel H. Sheffield, 86, of Mercersburg died Saturday in Chambersburg Hospital. She was a member of First United Methodist Church. She was the widow of William H. Sheffield. Surviving are two daughters, Vesta Milakovic of York Haven and Donna MORT of Fannettsburg; four sons, Jack W. of Torrance, Calif., Max D. of Carlisle, Larry D. of Mercersburg and Clair H. of Fallon, Nev.; a sister, Marjorie Klem of Johnstown; a brother, Max Snyder of McConnellsburg; 28 grandchildren; 41 great-grandchildren; and five great-great-grandchildren. Services will be held at 2 p.m. Friday in her church. Burial will be in Fairview Cemetery. Viewing will be from 7 to 9 p.m. tomorrow at Lininger-Fries Funeral Home. Memorial contributions may be made to her church, 11 N. Fayette St., Mercersburg 17236.

The Evening News Harrisburg, Aug 1, 1990, page B2

William R. "Chief" Garver, 70, of 25 S. Fourth St. died yesterday in Community General Osteopathic Hospital. He was a retired driver for Penn Harris Taxi Co., a World War II veteran and a member of American Legion Post 945 and the Friendship Fire Company and Home Association. Surviving are two daughters, Barbara Gontz of Middletown and Toni McCall of South Carolina; two sons, Jan Garver and Michael Bogue, both of Harrisburg; four sisters, Faye MORT and Virginia Garver, both of Elizabethtown, Janet Crumlik of Highspire and Ella Burns of California; eight grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. Services will be held at 10 a.m. Friday in Coble-Reber Funeral Home, Middletown. Burial will be in Indiantown Gap National Cemetery. Viewing will be from 7 to 9 p.m. tomorrow at the funeral home. Memorial contributions may be made to Hospice of Central Pennsylvania, 98 S. Enola Drive, Enola 17025.

The Evening News Harrisburg, Dec. 27, 1991, page B2

William B. MORT , 97, of 385 Round Top Road, Middletown died Wednesday in Lebanon Veterans Administration Hospital. He was retired from the former Olmsted Air Force Base, Lower Swatara Twp., an Army veteran of World War I and a member of Lawnton American Legion Post 998 and Highspire and Middletown senior citizen groups. Surviving are two sons, Robert of Falmouth and James of Iowa; a daughter, Helen Hammaker of Lawnton; a sister, Venus Thompson of Chambersburg; 14 grandchildren; and 11 great-grandchildren. Services will be held at 2 p.m. tomorrow in Knight Funeral Home, Highspire. Burial will be in Woodlawn Memorial Gardens, Lower Paxton Twp. Viewing will be from 1 to 2 p.m. tomorrow at the funeral home.

The Harrisburg Patriot, Jan 4, 1992 page b2

Beatrice Rich Sanchez, 71, of 1015 Second Ave., Oberlin Gardens, died yesterday in Harrisburg Hospital. She was a member of Assembly of God Church, Lower Paxton Twp. She was the widow of Pete Sanchez. Surviving are five sons, Pete R. of West Fairview, Frank B. of York, Charles M. of Enhaut, Ralph W. of Hummelstown, and Walter E. of Steelton; three daughters, Virginia M. Alvarado of Oberlin, Sandra L. Klotz of Steelton, and Louise A. MORT of Harrisburg; a brother, Ralph Rich of Elizabethtown; 23 grandchildren, and 31 great-grandchildren. Services will be held at 2 p.m. Monday at Wiedeman Funeral Home, Steelton. Burial will be in Blue Ridge Memorial Gardens, Lower Paxton Twp. Viewing will be from 7 to 9 p.m. tomorrow at the funeral home.

The Evening News Harrisburg, March 21, 1990, Page B2

SHIPPENSBURG - Harry E. Parks, 27, of 2015 Orrstown Road died Saturday of injuries suffered in an industrial accident at Forrester Lumber Co., Southampton Twp., where he was employed. Surviving are his father, William S. of Shippensburg; nine sisters, Mabel I. Long and Thelma A. Ash, both of Atlanta, Helen L. MORT of Gettysburg, Mary I. Starr of Orrstown, Hazel C. Shields and Debra A. Varner, both of Shippensburg, Juniata E. Swan of Ranson, W.Va., and Emma J. Seville and Barbara L. Crouse, both of McConnellsburg; and several nieces and nephews. Services will be held at 2 p.m. tomorrow in Fogelsanger-Bricker Funeral Home here. Burial will be in Upper Path Valley Cemetery, Dry Run. Visitation will be from 1 to 2 p.m. tomorrow at the funeral home.

The Evening News Harrisburg, Sept 7, 1995 page B2

William K. MORT

William K. MORT , 58, of 111 Vine St. died Friday at home. He was a mover for Mayflower Moving Co. and attended Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church, Lower Paxton Twp. Surviving are a companion, Irene M. Bock, and four brothers, George and Charles, both of Altoona, Robert of Tyrone and Francis of Clappertown. Services and burial will be held at the convenience of the family. Neumyer Funeral Home is handling arrangements.

Lancaster New Era Lancaster, PA, June 21, 1996, Page B3

Charles MORT , in machine repair

Charles Edward MORT , 79, of 6 Keener Road, Brickerville, died Thursday morning at the United Zion Community, Lexington, after a three-month illness. His wife, Dorothy Jean Irvin MORT , died in 1993. Born in McVeytown, Mifflin County, he was the son of the late William J. and Dora A. Vaughn MORT . He had lived in Elizabeth Township since 1957, where he owned and operated a machine repair shop next to his home from 1970 to 1991. For 22 years, until 1978, he had been employed at the Wilbur Chocolate Co., in the repair and maintenance department. He served in the U.S. Army as a staff sergeant in the Quartermaster Corps of the Graves Registration Branch during World War II. He was a member and elder of Coleman Memorial Chapel at Brickerville. Surviving are two sisters, Thelma Dickson of Thompsontown and Bettyrose, wife of Carl Kane of New Alexandria; and two brothers, Donald B. MORT of Lewistown and James M. MORT of McClure.

Lancaster New Era Lancaster, PA, April 20, 1995, page B3

Clyde O. MORT, 84, 33 years in Air Force

Clyde O. MORT , 84, of Hampton, Va., formerly of Lancaster, died Wednesday at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Hampton after a brief illness. He was the husband of the late Elsie Capps MORT and a son of the late John F. and Emma MORT . MORT was a 33-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He had joined what was then the U.S. Army Air Corps in 1925, at the age of 15. He retired in 1958. Following his retirement he worked as an equipment inspector at various military bases. A combat veteran of World War II, he saw action in Europe and Asia. Surviving are two sons, Clyde O. Jr. of Jacksonville, Fla., and John H. of Hampton; two brothers, Arthur L. of Silver Spring and Marion A. of Lancaster; and a sister, Hazel M. Frey of Manheim.

Intelligencer Journal Lancaster, PA, april 20, 1995 page B3

Clyde O. MORT, 84, Air Force veteran

Clyde O. MORT , 84, of Hampton, Va., formerly of Lancaster, died Wednesday in Hampton following a brief illness. He was the husband of the late Elsie Capps MORT and a son of the late John F. and Emma MORT . MORT was a 33-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, joining what was then the U.S. Army Air Corps in 1925, at the age of 15. He retired in 1958. Following his retirement he worked as an equipment inspector at various military bases. A combat veteran of World War II, he saw action in Europe and Asia. Surviving are two sons, Clyde O. Jr. of Jacksonville, Fla., and John H. of Hampton; two brothers, Arthur L. of Silver Springs and Marion A. of Lancaster; and a sister, Hazel M. Frey of Manheim

Intelligencer Journal Lancaster, PA, April 9, 1993 page B3

Dorothy J. MORT, 68, Lititz resident

Dorothy Jean MORT , 68, of 6 Keener Road, Lititz, died at 7:15 a.m. Thursday at the Hershey Medical Center after a two-month illness. She and her husband, Charles Edward MORT , were married 47 years on Feb. 23. Born in Brunnerville, she was the daughter of the late Morris and Nora Hilton Irvin. Formerly of Mifflin County, Mrs. MORT lived in Elizabeth Township since 1959. She was a member of Coleman Memorial Chapel in Brickerville and its Women's Circle. She enjoyed making quilts and crocheting. Surviving besides her husband are four sisters, Esther Boyer of Clayton, N.C., Evelyn, wife of Howard Neidiegh, of Lititz, and Kathryn, wife of James Shreiner, and Lois, wife of Isaac Bomberger, both of Penryn; and two brothers, Paul Irvin of Lititz, and Clarence Irvin of Brickerville.

Intelligencer Journal Lancaster, PA, June 8, 1996, page B3

Elsie Rosenberry Yuninger, housekeeper

Elsie C. "Sis" Rosenberry Yuninger, 66, of Lewistown R5, formerly of Pequea, died of natural causes Thursday at Lewistown Hospital. Retired on disability, she was a former housekeeper at the Holiday Inn in Burnham. Born in Mifflin County, she was a daughter of the late Samuel and Florence M. Krepps Rosenberry. Surviving are a son, Jeffrey L. of Lewistown R5; six brothers, James and William Rosenberry, both of Lewistown R3, Harry Rosenberry of McClure R1, George Rosenberry of Yeagertown, Robert R. Rosenberry of Lewistown R4 and Donald Rosenberry of Wilmington, Del.; and two sisters, Betty, wife of Irvin Arnold of Wilmington, Del., and Peggy, wife of James MORT of Lewistown R3.

Lancaster New Era Lancaster, PA, June 8, 1996, page: A12

Elsie Rosenberry Yuninger, retired housekeeper, former countian

Elsie C. "Sis" Rosenberry Yuninger, 66, of Lewistown R5, formerly of Pequea, died of natural causes Thursday at Lewistown Hospital. Retired on disability, she was a former housekeeper at the Holiday Inn in Burnham. Born in Mifflin County, she was a daughter of the late Samuel and Florence M. Krepps Rosenberry. Surviving are a son, Jeffrey L. of Lewistown R5, and six brothers, James and William Rosenberry, both of Lewistown R3, Harry Rosenberry of McClure R1, George Rosenberry of Yeagertown, Robert R. Rosenberry of Lewistown R4 and Donald Rosenberry of Wilmington, Del. Also surviving are two sisters, Betty, wife of Irvin Arnold of Wilmington, Del., and Peggy, wife of James MORT of Lewistown R3.

Intelligencer Journal Lancaster, PA, april 17, 1992, page B3

Elva Kupres, 62, Manheim resident

Elva Irene Kupres, 62, of 1072 Mount Joy Road, Manheim, died Thursday afternoon at Lancaster General Hospital after a lengthy illness. She was the wife of Valentine J. Kupres. They observed their 45th wedding anniversary last June 28. Born in Brunnerville, she was the daughter the late Morris L. and Nora S. Hilton Irvin. A homemaker, she had been a resident of Manheim since 1951. She was a member of St. Richard's Catholic Church in Manheim, where she was active in the Women's Workshop. Surviving besides her husband are two sons, Anthony B. and Donald J., both of Manheim; two daughters, Mary Kupres Brown of Glassboro, N.J., and Rose Marie, wife of Timothy Hershey, Manheim; seven grandchildren; five sisters, Esther M. Boyer of North Carolina, Evelyn, wife of Howard Kneidigh, and Dorothy J., wife of Charles MORT , both of Lititz, Cathryn H., wife of James Shreiner, and Lois, wife of Issac Bomberger, both of Pennryn; and two brothers, Clarence H. and Paul M. Irvin, both of Lititz.

Intelligencer Journal Lancaster, PA, Feb 28, 1997, page B3

Helen M. Ellis, 71, of East Petersburg

Helen M. Ellis, 71, of 6350 Carpenter St., East Petersburg, died Wednesday at The Glen at Willow Valley, Lancaster, after a brief illness. A homemaker, she was married to Raymond R. Ellis, who died in 1990. Born in Lancaster, she was the daughter of the late August and Mary Ellen Lehn Polaski. She was a graduate of McCaskey High School. Surviving are a daughter, V. Gene MORT of Lancaster; one grandson; and one brother, William Polaski of Wilmington, Del.

Intelligencer Journal Lancaster, PA, May 28, 1997, page B3

Sara Conroy, 97, of Kensington, Md.

Sara D. Conroy, 97, of 10231 Carroll Place, Kensington, Md., died of natural causes Monday at the Circle Manor Nursing Home in Kensington. Born in Oxford, she was the daughter of the late John Warren and Bertha Strickland Duborow. Her husband, Philip James Conroy, died in 1976. A homemaker, she was a member of St. Michael's Catholic Church in Sarasota, Fla. She was also a member of the Farm Women's Ladies Auxiliary, Quarryville. She is survived by one daughter, Lorraine Toohey of Silver Spring, Md.; four grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by a daughter, Virginia Lonergan, and a sister, Dorothy MORT .

The Pantagraph Bloomington, IL, Sep 6, 1998

COLFAX - John L. Finney Sr, 34, of Colfax, formerly of Streator, died at 1:06 a.m. Saturday (Sept. 5, 1998) from injuries received in a motorcycle accident on the Colfax Weston Blacktop. His funeral will be 11 a.m. Wednesday at the Winterrowd-Hagi Funeral Home, Streator, the Rev. Jim MORT officiating. Burial will be in Hillcrest Memorial Park, Streator. Visitation will be from 4 to 8 p.m. Tuesday at the funeral home, with an Eagles Ritual at 7:30 p.m. Memorials may be made to the Disabled and Paralyzed American Veterans or to a charity of the donor's choice. He was born March 22, 1964, in Streator, the son of Larry and Annabel Eggers Finney Sr. Survivors include his parents of Streator; three daughters, Brandy Finney and Shelly Finney, both of Flanagan; and Nicole Finney, Streator; three sons, Sam Krasnican and John Finney Jr., both of Streator; and Dustin Finney, Flanagan; two brothers, Larry (Donna) Finney Jr., Streator; and Terry (Sue) Finney, Streator; and three sisters, Susan (Daniel) Oller, Cathy (Shane) Spellious, and Mary Ellen (Jesse) Granados, all of Streator. He was preceded in death by his paternal grandparents, Layton and Eleanor Finney; maternal grandparents, Marz and Adelle Eggers; one brother, Richard; and one nephew. He was employed at Pontiac Correctional Center.

Peoria (Illinois) Journal Star, December 1, 1992, page D6

COLCHESTER -- Mary O. Day, 68, of rural Colchester died at 7:20 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 29, 1992, at Memorial Hospital in Carthage. Born June 30, 1924, in Colchester to Wilburn and Mae Gillenwater MORT , she married Arlin F. Day on Feb. 3, 1940, in Kahoka, Mo. He died July 15, 1980. She also was preceded in death by one son, James Day, and an infant sister. Surviving are one son, Lewis of rural Colchester; two grandchildren; one great-grandson; and one sister, Mrs. Helen Myers of Colchester. A lifetime resident of Hancock County, she attended Hillsgrove United Methodist Church in rural Colchester and was a member of the Majorville Society Club. Services will be at 10:30 a.m. Thursday at Jones MORT uary in Colchester. The Rev. Jill Johnson-Scott will officiate. There will be no family visitation. Calling hours will be after 9 a.m. today until the time of services at the MORT uary. Burial will be in Majorville Cemetery. Memorials may be made to Hillsgrove United Methodist Church.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Oct 17, 1998

FRANK, Robert K. MORT , died Oct. 15. Ralph Schugar Chapel, Shadyside. (DN)

The Record, Northern New Jersey, Feb 28, 1990 page E8

HARRY L. TAYLOR, 68, of Palisades Park, formerly of Jersey City, died Monday. Before retiring, he was a bus driver with New Jersey Transit Corp. in Union City for 36 years. He was an usher of St. Michael R.C. Church, Palisades Park, and a member of its Holy Name Society. He was an Army veteran of World War II and a member of the Disabled American Veterans, American Legion Post 46, Union City, and Knights of Columbus Council 3550, Palisades Park. Surviving are his wife, Edith Palermo Taylor; two daughters, Elizabeth Labruna of Little Ferry and Patricia MORT of North Babylon, N.Y.; a sister, Madelyn Erdley of Spring Hills, Fla.; a brother, Marvin Taylor of Union City, and two grandchildren. Mass will be said Thursday at 10 a.m. at St. Michael Church, with burial in George Washington Memorial Park, Paramus. Visiting is today from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. at Volk Funeral Home, Palisades Park, with an American Legion service at 8.

The Record, Northern New Jersey, June 22, 1991, page A4

HARRY SYDNEY NEEDHAM of Verona, formerly of Passaic and Rutherford, died Thursday. He was born in England. Before retiring in 1966, he was a combustion and development engineer for the Hyatt division of General Motors, Clark. A graduate of New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, he earned a master's degree from Pratt Institute, New York City. He was a member of the Professional Society of Engineers of New Jersey. Surviving is his wife, Doris Edwards MORT Needham. A son, Sydney, died in 1988. Services will be Monday at 2 p.m. at Shook Funeral Home, Cedar Grove, with burial in Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Paterson. Visiting will be Monday from 1 to 2 p.m. Donations to the Copsa Institute for Alzheimer's Disease, 667 Hoes Lane, P.O. Box 1392, Piscataway, N.J. 08855, would be appreciated.

Rocky Mountain News, Dec 15, 1994: page 85a

VELMA MARIE MEINEKE, 65, of Aurora died Nov. 27 in Brighton. Services were Nov . 30 at Highland Chapel, with burial at Highland Cemetery. Mrs. Meineke was born Dec. 10, 1928, in Crook. She married Melvin Meineke on Sept. 28, 1947, in Padro ni. She was a cook and worked as a rod wrapper for Wright McGill before her reti rement in 1983. She was a member of St. Andrew Lutheran Church. Survivors includ e a daughter, Roberta Voss of Brighton; two sisters, Mildred MORT of Sterling an d Shirley Benton of Denver; five grandchildren; and three stepgrandchildren. Con tributions: Hospice of Metro Denver.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer , Feb 28, 1992, Page E2

MORT : Victor K., 91, of Seattle, Feb. 18.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Sept 29, 1992, page B2

MORT : George E., 66, of Seattle, Sept. 15.

St. Petersburg Times, May 7, 1999

MORT , LOTUS T., 89, of Indian Rocks Beach, died Tuesday (May 4, 1999) at St. Joseph's Hospital, Tampa. She was born in Ottawa, Ohio, and came here in 1954 from Norfolk, Va. She retired as a chief warrant officer third class after 22 years with the Marine Corps and was the first woman warrant officer and the first female instructor at the Marine Corps Recruiter's School. She was a veteran of the Korean and the Vietnam wars. She was a member and past president of Florida Gulf Coast Chapter of the Women Marines Association and a past national secretary of the National Women Marines Association. Moss-Feaster Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Serenity Gardens Chapel, Largo.

The State Journal-Register Springfield, IL, Dec 16, 1998

Births at Memorial
Shannon Childers and Paul MORT , Springfield, a daughter Monday.

The State Journal-Register Springfield, IL, Feb 14, 1999:

Aldene L. Todd SPRINGFIELD -- Aldene L. "Dene" Todd, 63, of Springfield died Friday, Feb. 12, 1999, at her residence. She was born Feb. 28, 1935, in Decatur, the daughter of William L. and Edna G. Sprinkle Yonker. She married George E. "Gene" Todd in 1955 in Springfield. She was preceded in death by two sons, Kevin Lee and Danny LeRoy Todd. Mrs. Todd was owner and operator of Gene and Dene's Mouse House Novelty Shop. She was a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church, the Humane Society and Waggin' Tails. Survivors: husband, George E. "Gene"; a son, George E. (wife, Kimberly) Todd Jr. of Springfield; two daughters, Tammy L. (husband, Kevin) MORT of Springfield and Donna M. Todd of Carpentersville; three grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews. Services: 1 p.m. Tuesday, Bisch and Son Funeral Home, the Rev. Kreston Lipscomb officiating. Burial: Oak Ridge Cemetery.

The Harrisburg Patriot, June 25, 1990, page: B2, Court Sentencings

Robert D. MORT of the 4700 block of Tuscarora Street, Susquehanna Twp., 3 months probation and a $150 fine, disorderly conduct.

York Daily Record, April 3, 1999

LITTLESTOWN - Elizabeth M. "Lib" MORT , 69, of 689 Baschoar School Road, Littlestown, died Thursday morning at York Hospital. She was the wife of John S.E. MORT , to whom she was married for 48 years. The service will be 10 a.m. Tuesday at Littles Funeral Home in Littlestown. Burial will be in Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery in Taneytown, Md. Viewings will be 2 to 5 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Monday at the funeral home. Mrs. MORT was born May 21, 1929, in Adams County. She was the daughter of the late Rev. J. Norman and Vergie (Bowers) Utz. She worked at Cambridge Rubber Co. in Taneytown and at A&P stores in Littlestown and Hanover. She was a member of Piney Creek Church of the Brethren in Taneytown, where she was an active choir member, Women's Fellowship member and frequent organist. She was a 1947 graduate of Littlestown High School and a member of Hanover Organ Club and Littlestown High School Alumna. Mrs. MORT also is survived by two daughters, Deborah M. Waltz and Diana F. Holloway, both of Hanover; and two grandchildren. Mrs. MORT was preceded in death by a son, James E. MORT . Officiating at the service will be her pastor, the Rev. Wayne A. Hall. Memorial contributions may be made to Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery Fund, 38 W. Baltimore St., Taneytown, Md. 21787; or to Piney Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery Fund, 4699 Teeter Road, Taneytown, Md. 21787.

York PA Daily Record, Dec 1, 1998

EAST BERLIN - Teena I. (Dern) MORT , 41, of 103 W. King St., East Berlin, died Sunday at Hanover Hospital. She was the companion of Paul Highlands. A graveside service will be 10 a.m. Saturday in East Berlin Union Cemetery. There will be no viewing. The Feiser Funeral Home Inc., 306 Harrisburg St., East Berlin, is in charge of ar rangements. Ms. MORT was born Jan. 19, 1957, in York. She was the daughter of Josephine C. (Stump) Golden of New Oxford, and the late Donald L. Dern. Ms. MORT also is survived by a son, Michael A. MORT II of East Berlin; two daughters, Jessica MORT of York and Jamie MORT of Windsor; three grandchildren; three brothers, Paul L. Dern of East Berlin, Donald S. Dern of Dover and Joey A. Dern of York; and two sisters, G. Kay Zeigler of East Berlin and Angela S. Stump of Wrightsville. Officiating at the service will be Elder Harry B. Nell. Memorial contributions may be made to Teena I. MORT Burial Fund, in care of Adams County National Bank, 1677 Abbottstown Pike, East Berlin 17316.

The Tucson Citizen, September 9, 1998:

Robert G. Shouse 66, of Tucson, AZ, passed away September 6, 1998. He is survived by wife, Ginny; children, Randy, Steve (Catherine), Kelli (Eric) Penny, Laura Courtney and their mother, Barbara (Earl) MORT ; stepsons, Curtis (JoAnn) and Phillip (Zina) Berry; grandchildren, Bill, Bobby, Heather,Abe, Andy, Anne, Garrett, Beth, Stevie, Karin, Kristine and Jessica; mother and stepfather, Grace (Fred) Cole and sister, Betty Schindelbeck all of Richmond, VA and brother, Ollie

Worcester Telegram & Gazette Worcester, MA page B6

MENDON - Anne (O'Donnell) Chase Ries, 73, of Hastings St., died Tuesday in her home. Her husband, Harold E. Ries, died in 1986. She leaves two sons, Stephen W. Chase of Westboro, and Peter W. Chase of Mendon; a brother, Paul O'Donnell of Webster; five sisters, Judith MORT of Spencer, Rosemary Rogers of Harwich, Marie T. Haberstreit of Worcester, Marie G. Coolidge of Coral Gables, Fla., and Jane Sharp of West Harwich; 13 grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; nephews and nieces. She was born in Northboro, a daughter of Charles and Marie (Paquette) O'Donnell, and previously lived in Uxbridge before moving to Mendon in 1957. She lived in Worcester from July 1925 to Aug. 1937. She graduated from South High School in Worcester. Mrs. Ries retired in 1975 after 21 years as a reporter for the Telegram & Gazette. She was originally hired as a part-time reporter in Uxbridge in 1954, and became a full-time reporter in 1957. Mrs. Ries contributed many articles to the Sunday Telegram Feature Parade and House & Home section. She worked in Uxbridge five years, in Whitinsville two years, Milford nine months and returned to Whitinsville for the remainder of her career. She worked for the Whitinsville News Tribune and was private secretary to the publisher of the Milford Daily News before joining the Telegram & Gazette. She also worked for the Blackstone Valley Tribune in the Whitinsville office. Funeral services will be at 11 a.m. tomorrow in Buma-Sargeant Funeral Home, 42 Congress St., Milford, with the Rev. Cynthia Frado Chetwynd officiating. Burial will be in Swan Dale Cemetery. There are no calling hours. The family requests flowers be omitted. Memorial contributions may be made to the Hospice of Greater Milford, 391 South Main St., P.O. Box 122, Hopedale, 01747.

Worcester MA Telegram & Gazette December 23, 1993 page B5

AUBURN - Barbara (Willar) Dagnese, 74, of 3600 South Ocean Shore Blvd., Flagler Beach, Fla., formerly of Auburn, died Saturday in her home after a long struggle with brain cancer. She leaves her husband, Vincent J. Dagnese; a son, Gerald Dagnese of Worcester; three daughters, Barbara Courville MORT and Linda Jean Catino, both of Millbury, and M. Lainey Durgin of Northbridge; a brother, Augustus Willar of Worcester; five sisters, Gladys Lewis of New York City, Helen Lachance of Auburn, and Madeline Whitney, Dorothy Royal and Virginia Chase, all in Florida; seven grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; nephews and nieces. She was born in Auburn, daughter of Augustus and Mary (Santom) Willar, and lived in Auburn most of her life, moving to Florida nine years ago. Mrs. Dagnese was a waitress at the former Dante's Inferno before her retirement in 1984. She previously worked for the former M.J. Whittall Co. in Worcester for many years. Following cremation, burial will be held at the convenience of the family in Worcester County Memorial Park, Paxton. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Hospice of Volusia/Flagler, 655 North Clyde Morris Blvd., Daytona Beach, Fla. 32114. Volusia Cremation Society, 1425 Bellevue Ave., Daytona Beach, directed arrangements.

Worcester MA Telegram & Gazette Novebmer 10, 1990 page 6

MILFORD - Frank A. Niro Jr., 63, of 14 Water St., and Florida, died yesterday in Glover Memorial Hospital, Needham, after an illness. He leaves two sons, Frank Niro III of Milford and Raymond Niro of Brookline; a stepson, Steven Easter of St. Petersburg, Fla.; two daughters, Evelyn MORT of Foxboro and Jeanette McNeil of Twin Mountain, N.H.; a stepdaughter, Margaret Dore of Foxboro; two brothers, John Niro of West Palm Beach, Fla., and Daniel Niro of Milford; four sisters, Claire Bouchard and Jennie Dore, both of Milford, Frances Doneley of Woonsocket, R.I. and Marie Caudry of Lake Mary, Fla.; nine grandchildren; nephews and nieces. He was born in Milford, son of Frank A. Sr. and Rosalinda (Tomasini) Niro, and lived here most of his life. He lived in Florida for the past six years, maintaining a home here. Mr. Niro was a plant wholesaler, dealing in cactus and aloe plants. The funeral will be held Tuesday from Ruggerio Memorial Funeral Home, 46 Water St., with a Mass at 10 a.m. in St. Mary's Church, Winter Street. Burial will be in St. Mary's Cemetery. Calling hours at the funeral home are 7 to 9 p.m. tomorrow and 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Monday.

Worcester MA Telegram & Gazette Nov. 16, 1992, page B5

Judith R. MORT , 75

SPENCER - Judith R. (O'Donnell) MORT , 75, of Howe Village, formerly of Worcester, died yesterday in Harrington Memorial Hospital, Southbridge after an illness. Her husband, Leonard C. MORT , died in 1964. She leaves a son, Leonard F. MORT of Millbury; a daughter, Elizabeth J. Cabana of Spencer; a brother, Paul O'Donnell of Webster; four sisters, Jane Sharp of West Harwich, Rosemary Rogers of East Harwich, Theresa Hebenstreit of Worcester and Gertrude Coolidge of Coral Gables, Fla.; seven grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; nephews and nieces. She was born in Northboro, daughter of Charles C. and Marie C. (Paquette) O'Donnell, and lived many years in Worcester before moving to Spencer in 1979. Mrs. MORT was a member of Our Lady of the Rosary Church and a former member of St. George's Church in Worcester. The funeral will be held Wednesday from J. Henri Morin & Son Funeral Home, 23 Maple Terrace, with a Mass at 11 a.m. in Our Lady of the Rosary Church, 10 Church St. Burial will be in Howard Street Cemetery, Northboro. Calling hours at the funeral home are 7 to 9 p.m. tomorrow. Flowers may be sent, or memorial contributions made to the American Heart Association, 23 Midstate Drive, Auburn, 01501; or the Leukemia Society of America, 340 Main St., Worcester, 01608.

Worcester MA Telegram & Gazette page B5

FRANKLIN - Marie D. "Del" (Parenteau) Nasuti, 65, of Seminole, Fla., formerly of James Street, died Wednesday at home after a short illness. Her husband, Anthony "Sam" Nasuti, died last December. She leaves three daughters, Lorraine M. MORT of Rhinebeck, N.Y., Pamela A. Hadley of Fort Mohave, Ariz., and Brenda G. DeLucia of Bellingham; eight grandchildren; and a great-grandchild. She was born in Worcester, daughter of Louis J. and Antoinette B. (Jandron) Parenteau, and lived here many years before moving to Florida in 1987. She graduated from a Worcester high school. A memorial Mass will be held at 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 7, in St. Mary's Church, 1 Church Square. Burial will be in St. Mary's Cemetery. There are no calling hours. Charles F. Oteri Funeral Home, 33 Cottage St., is directing arrangements.

Worcester Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA), Sept. 22, 1994 page B7

BROOKLYN, Conn. - Robert T. Bougie Sr., 57, of Ventura Drive, a retired truck driver, died Monday in Columbia, Conn., where he was stricken ill. He leaves his wife of 19 years, Rosalie (Ojala) Bougie; a son, Robert Bougie Jr. of New Port Richey, Fla.; two daughters, Lauren Matthias and Tami Pepin, both of Putnam; three stepsons, Steven Bartlett of New Port Richey, Michael Marois of Sterling, Conn., and Robert Marois of Putnam; three stepdaughters, Karen Bartlett of Putnam, Susan Chapdelaine of Pomfret and Lisa Navan of Sterling, Conn.; a sister, Theresa Nakanishi of Little Rock, Ark.; two half brothers, Ronald Rickey of Blue Hills and Stanley J. Praczakowski of Jewett City; two half sisters, Debra MORT of Danielson and Brenda Suprenant of North Grosvenordale; three grandchildren; four step-grandchildren; nieces, nephews and cousins. A sister, Joan Vandale of Killingly, died in 1992. He was born in Norwich, son of Nazaire and Susan (Grimshaw) Bougie. Mr. Bougie was a truck driver for many years, most recently for S & N Trucking of Killingly and previously for Guardian Industries of Webster, Mass. A graveside service will be at noon today in Westfield Cemetery, Danielson. Tillinghast Funeral Home, 433 Main St., Danielson, is directing arrangements.

York PA Daily Record, Feb 27, 1999 Births
York Hospital:

Mort, Christine, and Sweitzer, Jeremiah, North Codorus Township,Feb. 25, a daughter

York Daily Record, May 27, 1999, Births

Mort, Robin and Clubb, George Jr., Lower Windsor Township, May 19, a daughter

Date:     Thu, 23 Sep 1999 14:28:51 EDT

This is all I have for the Mort Family.  You are welcome to use it all and if
you need more on the Bushong family, I will be happy to send that.

Descendants of Abraham Mort
Generation No. 1
1.  Abraham1 Mort  He married Catherine 'Ann'.  
    Children of Abraham Mort and Catherine 'Ann' are:
    i.   Fannie2 Mort, d. August 21, 1903; m. Frederick Cline; d. Aft. 1903.
    ii.  Henry Mort.
    iii. David Mort.
    iv.  Sophia Mort, m. Hickerson.
    v.   Elizabeth Virginia Mort, b. August 01, 1836, Canterburg, Shenandoah
         County, Virginia; d. May 05, 1909; m. William D. Hockman, October 07, 1857;
         d. Aft. 1909.  Notes for Elizabeth Virginia Mort: 
                        SOURCE: Bushong Bulletin, Vol 14, Spring 1998, page 15.
         Notes for William D. Hockman: 
         SOURCE: Bushong Bulletin, Vol 14, Spring 1998, page 15.
2.  vi.  Sarah Ann Mort, b. March 1839, Washington County, MD; d. April 01, 1910.
    vii. Mary Ellen Mort, b. 1843, Shenandoah County, Virginia; d. Aft.
         1920; m. John Henry 'James' Bushong, October 12, 1865, Shenandoah County,
         Virginia; b. 1843, Shenandoah County, Virginia; d. June 15, 1920, Shenandoah
         County, Virginia.  Notes for Mary Ellen Mort:
         SOURCE: Bushong Bulletin, Spring 1998, Vol.14, pg 15
         Notes for John Henry 'James' Bushong: Buried at Harrisville.
         SOURCE: Bushong Bulletin, Spring 1998, Vol.14, pg 15.

Generation No. 2
2.  Sarah Ann2 Mort (Abraham1) was born March 1839 in Washington County,
Maryland, and died April 01, 1910.  She married Isaac Bushong December 18,
1861 in Shenandoah County, Virginia, son of Andreas Bushong and Elizabeth
Carrier.  He was born November 08, 1820 in Clearbrook, Shenandoah County,
Virginia, and died March 28, 1903 in Clearbrook, Shenandoah County, Virginia.
From Civil War records on VA website: Unit: Co E 136th VA Milita

Children of Sarah Mort and Isaac Bushong are:
    i.    Charles A. Bushong, Rev., m. Drusilla Ramesburg.
    ii.   William E. Bushong, b. Abt. 1866; m. Mary Belle Bowers.
    iii.  Cecelia Bushong, m. Cuffley.   Not sure if she belongs to these parents.
    iv.   Sophia Bushong, m. Clark.
    v.    Elizabeth 'Bessie' Bushong. Unmarried.
    vi.   Thomas J. Bushong, m. Bertie Abel.
    vii.  John H. Bushong, m. Edith Dulaney.
    viii. Clinton Bushong.

Naturalization Indexes Albany Co NY August 1860 to February 1884 ID Last First Book Nation Residence Date 1517 Mortitz August 22 Germany Albany 21 Oct 1879
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 08:26:03 -0500 From: "Lonnie" To: "Donald E. Gradeless" <> Hello. I do not have much on the Mort family except as follows: I have a Avarella Mort that was married to Augustine William Doyle. Augustine was born about July 19, 1857. He died February 27, 1878. He is buried in the old cemetery located close to Shade Valley's St. Marys Catholic Church in Shade Gap. I do not have any dates or anymore info on Avarella. Augustine and Avarella had a daughter named Gussie Doyle. She was born about September 27, 1877 and died December 12, 1878. She is buried beside her father in Shade Gap. I have both their headstones recorded down. This is all I have. Do you reconize this Avarella Mort? Please leave me know. Thanks!!! Lonnie Doyle

Subject:  Mort Family Query
   Date:  Tue, 19 Oct 1999 19:11:43 -0700
     To:  "Donald Gradeless" <>

I am the Richard Mort (adopted) whose # is 1160 and my sister Nancy
Belle Mort (also adopted) seems to be # 1161 on your index.  My full
name is Richard Allen Mort and my adopted parents were Ralph H. ( I had
heard a name other than Henry but my dad did not like it so may have
used Henry) and Berniece Lee Mort.  I would sure be interested in what
you have. I had no idea it was on the internet. I have been to Winona
Lake and Warsaw Indiana and I know the Huffers and John and Loretta Mort
were my grandparents. My email address is

Best regards, Dick Mort
              Portland, Oregon

Subject: MORT family Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 00:25:41 -0700 From: "Mariece M. Stephens" To: Found you on the net. The site is awesome! Just beginning to search the MORT line. Wonder if I missed seeing thes>: 1) William MORT 1882-1956 (ENG>CO) 2) Lorenzo Alfred MORT 1913-1942 (CO>CA) 3) Laraine MORT 1937 living (UT>CA) Other lines: WEBB-CALDWELL-GOETHE Would appreciate ANY help available. THANKS!! Suzie, granddaughter of Lorenzo MORT. -------------------------- Hi, again! My info. is: MORT William b.2 Aug 1882 ENG d. 18 dec 1956 CA Mother died at birth of William. She was a BARLOW I have 2 stories: 1) Abandoned on church steps with brothers (# unknown) taken by whom unknown. 2) Was King's (unknown) Bastard son. 3) Raised by Maternal grandparents until age 5 then "Old Maid Betsy MORT" took over. She owned a Bake Shop in Manchester In Manchester at age 5. William sang in Manchester Cathedral Choir as soloist to earn money for education. Became a Finish Carpenter. Immigrated to US. 1912 to Grand Junction, CO Married Florence Isobell WEBB 10 Oct 1912 in Episcopal Church. Two children: Lorenzo Alfred MORT b.10 Oct 1913 d.10 Aug 1942 CA Sybil Betsy MORT b.31 Mar 1922 d.30 Sep 1989.CA Have searched 1881 British Census for WEBB and MORT and MORTS with no success. Can you suggest what to do next? Anxiously waiting for your reply. Thank you in advance for your help. Suzie
[I just found this email today. DEG] 10/22/1999 Subject: Re: Mort Family Updates Needed. Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 22:42:02 -0400 From: (Duane I Beardsley) To: Finally getting back to you. It sounds like you've done a lot of work on Mort history. My cousin, David Mort, had done the most that I'd been aware of. If you've not been in contact with him I can give you what I have from him. Interesting that you mention the Morts here in Michigan. I know there are some Morts in the Benton Harbor-St. Joseph area, as I see trucks occasionally in town "R.A.Mort Supply" and have always wondered if we were related. One day when I was leaving my dentist's office I heard the hygenist talking to a Mr. Mort, so I said something to him and was astonished how much he talked like a Mort, particularly my cousin, Jim, Russell's son. I don't have any real connections to Berrien Springs other than met my husband here in college and we said we'd never live in Berrien Springs. Never say never--it's where jobs landed us and we've been here for 21 years! Apparently you have the same Mort reunion picture I do. I haven't seen the homepage since we only have e-mail and not internet, but it sounds like the same one. I also have a family portrait of all the Mort siblings as adults with their parents, Joseph & Elizabeth. It's on my living room wall. Yes, there seemed to be lots of Mort small businesses. For awhile my grandfather, Jacob, operated a hay business in North Manchester before they moved to the Sidney area farm/orchard. The hay barn burned and they threw the desk from the office out the window to save it, and my mother years later refinished it and used it in their hatchery business and now I use it in my color consulting business. I enjoy the family antiques. You mentioned a Mort book. I hadn't heard about it. Could you give me some more information. A Priser one is in process, so this sounds interesting. Through that one I learned were my dad's ancestors came from in Germany and located the town just about 3 weeks ago when my daughter and I were over there. I know the Morts were originally from Germany; do you know where? I'd definitely appreciate any info you have. I'll update you on my family here as best I can: LOUISE born in North Manchester, Indiana rather than Kosciusko County. Date is correct. She and Louis were twins. You probably already have that. CLARENCE Father was James Fisher Priser, rather than James Leroy KELVIN LEROY Born at Warsaw, Indiana September 13, 1936 Married January, 1965 at Woodstock, IL He is currently residing in a nursing home in Sun Prairie, WI, due to complications of multiple sclerosis Farm manager various SDA boarding academies GLEN ARDEN Born at Warsaw, Indiana July 11, 1940 Died in car accident Glenallen, Alaska July 13, 1969. No wife or children. He was a high school biology and chemistry teacher. Had just completed his MS at Purdue, never saw his diploma ELOISE ARMINTA Correct spelling omits the "u" Born at Warsaw, Indiana October 28, 1944 Married at Warsaw, Indiana June 11, 1967 Number of children: 3: Kenneth, Cheryle, Mark Retired college teacher ALLAN LEROY PRISER Born September 10, 1965 at Columbus, WI Living at Wilson, MI Married to Cyndie Pierce on August 16, 1992 in Escanaba, MI 1 child: Morgan Sales rep for Eli Lily Corp. SETH THOMAS PRISER Born June 9, 1967 at Columbus, WI Living at St. Charles, IL Married to Dena l child: Delainey Self-employed electrician SANDEE IONE PRISER Born March 13, 1971 at Grand Island, Nebraska Living at Chicago, IL Moving to Milwaukee in a few weeks Unmarried Systems analyst for Ernst Young, LLP KENNETH DUANE BEARDSLEY Born to Duane and Eloise Beardsley October 10, 1971 at Kalamazoo, MI Died October 11, 1971 at Kalamazoo, MI CHERYLE LUANE BEARDSLEY LEVOY Born July 1, 1972 at Kalamazoo, MI Sex: F Living at Madison, Tennessee Married to Jason Hunter Levoy December 17, 1995 in Berrien Springs, Michigan Is an intensive care nurse at Tennessee Christian Med. Center. MARK LaVERN BEARDSLEY Born May 12, 1973 at Kalamazoo, MI Sex: M Living at Indianapolis, IN Married Annie Maria Zappia July 13, 1997 in Berrien Springs, MI Is a physical therapist at Kendrick Medical Center You may have already contacted Duane Huffer in Warsaw, who is also related. He's now a judge in Warsaw. He related some family history I didn't know. He wrote that Nancy Mort's son, Justin Zimmer, was the founder of Zimmer orthopedic equipment. You probably already knew all that. I hope this info is helpful and I'll be most happy to share with you anything else I might have that you don't. But it sounds like you've done far more on this than anyone else, so I'd be really interested to learn from you. When my son was a junior in high school he did the family tree thing for his American history project and pulled together more than we ever had before, so anything we can add to it is a delight. Brent Beardsley is my husband's brother's son, a computer programmer in California, who has gotten interested in geneology in the past several years and has also found quite a bit of info on the Beardsley side. I didn't know he had anything out there on the Morts. Glad he did, or I would never have heard from you likely. Thanks so much for contacting me. Hope to hear from you soon! Eloise Priser Beardsley 2552 Ridgewood Trail Berrien Springs, MI 49103 616-471-5053 fax:616-473-4350 e-mail:
Illinois Marriage Records
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 23:05:30 -0400 From: "Dee Weston" Looking for information on a great-great grandmother - her name was said to be Lavina Jane Mort and she married my great-great grandfather Benjamin Mansberger. Appreciate any information. Thanks! Dee Weston
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 08:18:27 -0700 From: "Suzie Stephens" Just beginning to search the MORT line. Wonder if I missed seeing these: 1) William MORT 1882-1956 (ENG>CO) 2) Lorenzo Alfred MORT 1913-1942 (CO>CA) 3) Laraine MORT 1937 living (UT>CA) Would appreciate ANY help available. THANKS!! Suzie, granddaughter of Lorenzo MORT.
Thank you for sending me the Ingwerson info from your Mort line. Here is additional info on the Ingwerson line. This is the parents & siblings of Frederick F. Ingwerson. I can supply several more generations back on this line if you are interested. Devorah email Descendants of Frank William Ingwersen 1 Frank William Ingwersen b: November 05, 1866 in Nehawka, Cass Co,Nebraska d: August 26, 1950 in Hastings, Nebraska Number of children: 8 +Barbara Margaret Maggie Hardknock b: July 27, 1873 in Alvo, Nebraska m: September 14, 1889 in Weeping Water, Nebraska d: October 02, 1955 in Scottsbluff, Nebraska Number of children: 8 2 Harley Henry Ingwersen b: February 05, 1890 d: June 08, 1964 Number of children: 10 +Henrietta Etta Stowell Number of children: 10 3 Harry Ingwersen b: January 05, 1916 d: 1917 . 3 Lee Ingwersen b: September 03, 1917 d: February 10, 1991 3 Naomi Ingwersen b: May 29, 1918 +James Bradsby 3 Wayne Ingwersen b: January 07, 1921 3 Robert Ingwersen b: January 15, 1922 in Anaconda, Montana d: April 13, 1992 in Anaconda, Montana . 3 Donald W. Ingwersen b: November 1923 Number of children: 8 +Dorothy Ann Jares Number of children: 8 . 4 Harley Joseph Ingwersen d: March 1961 4 Phyllis Anne Ingwersen +Brown 4 Donald Wesley Ingwersen 4 David Lee Ingwersen 4 Richard Lynn Ingwersen 4 Patricia Marie Ingwersen +Gaskill 4 Jeanine Therese Ingwersen 4 Jeanette Kaye Ingwersen 3 Lloyd Ingwersen b: July 03, 1926 +Julia 3 Lucille Ingwersen b: March 04, 1927 +Sparks 3 Leonard Dale Ingwersen b: September 19, 1929 3 Erma Jean Ingwersen b: February 26, 1934 2 Sarah Melvina Millie Ingwersen b: October 27, 1891 d: May 02, 1969 Number of children: 3 +James Martin Wood b: May 13, 1885 in Beamen, Colorado m: July 15, 1914 d: May 02, 1969 in California Number of children: 3 3 Ralph Erwin Wood b: December 07, 1921 +Virginia 3 Floyd Mahlow Wood b: February 21, 1916 +Julia Armstrong 3 Merle Martin Wood b: July 28, 1920 2 Edna Agnes Ingwersen b: February 08, 1894 in Davy, Lancaster Co, Nebraska Number of children: 4 +Frank Edward Fees b: October 09, 1891 m: February 28, 1914 d: September 07, 1963 Number of children: 4 3 Opal Edna Fees b: April 27, 1913 Number of children: 6 +Eugene Edward Kenzy b: March 30, 1911 m: November 11, 1933 d: March 18, 1972 Number of children: 6 4 Ronald Duane Kenzy Number of children: 2 +Rosalie Zarana *2nd Wife of Ronald Duane Kenzy: +Rosalie Zarzana Number of children: 2 4 Ruth Ellen Kenzy +Charles Raymond Lynch 4 Frank Edward Kenzy +Ann Elizabeth Tucker *2nd Wife of Frank Edward Kenzy: +Marge Smith 4 John Quentin Kenzy Number of children: 4 +Carol Ann Young Number of children: 4 4 Dennis LeRoy Kenzy +Nancy Jane Brisick 4 Audrey Jean Kenzy b: June 19, 1934 Number of children: 3 +Robert Lee Burhdorf b: April 26, 1928 m: November 07, 1954 Number of children: 3 3 Ardis Fees b: February 02, 1915 Number of children: 3 +Donald Rongon Number of children: 2 4 Paul Rongon +[1] Mary Linda Duke 4 [2] Sharon Rose Long Rongon b: August 09, 1945 +[3] Larry Stubbs m: September 14, 1974 *2nd Husband of Ardis Fees: +Donald Long m: March 03, 1942 Number of children: 2 4 Paul Long b: December 16, 1943 +[1] Mary Linda Duke m: April 29, 1966 4 [2] Sharon Rose Long Rongon b: August 09, 1945 +[3] Larry Stubbs m: September 14, 1974 3 Laverne Bud Fees b: February 22, 1919 d: August 05 Number of children: 2 +Florence Kessler m: April 01, 1960 Number of children: 2 4 [4] Kathy Lee Fees *2nd Wife of Laverne Bud Fees: +Ruby Roundy Number of children: 2 4 [4] Kathy Lee Fees 3 Gene Fees b: October 03, 1927 Number of children: 1 +Elsie Jean Klemp m: March 04, 1951 Number of children: 1 4 Michael David Fees b: March 01, 1952 2 Pearl Naomi Ingwersen b: November 27, 1896 d: November 30, 1940 Number of children: 7 +Amos Mowery m: April 1915 d: 1955 Number of children: 7 3 Faye Mowery b: July 31, 1916 Number of children: 1 +Robert Long Number of children: 1 4 Long b: December 02 d: December 02 3 Mowery b: December 02, 1917 d: December 02, 1917 3 Glenn Mowery b: June 22, 1920 +Mary *2nd Wife of Glenn Mowery: +Mary *3rd Wife of Glenn Mowery: . +Mary 3 Velma Mowery b: April 17, 1922 +Rolland Smith 3 Lois Mowery b: May 15, 1934 +Kenneth Gall 3 Jay Mowery b: June 06, 1935 3 Delbert Mowery b: December 24, 1918 2 Jessie Clayton Ingwersen b: June 21, 1903 in Agnew, Nebraska d: November 02, 1977 in Nebraska Number of children: 3 +Ruth Irene Conklin b: July 30, 1907 m: December 20, 1924 Number of children: 3 3 Richard Clayten Ingwersen b: February 02, 1926 Number of children: 2 +Lois Klese Number of children: 4 4 [5] Rickie Lou Ingwerson b: October 21, 1950 +[6] Lonnie Rein m: June 20, 1971 4 [7] Clayton James Ingwerson b: February 01, 1954 *2nd Wife of Richard Clayten Ingwersen: +Kathleen Kay Smith m: July 1967 Number of children: 2 4 [5] Rickie Lou Ingwerson b: October 21, 1950 +[6] Lonnie Rein m: June 20, 1971 4 [7] Clayton James Ingwerson b: February 01, 1954 3 Darrell Louis Ingwersen b: April 13, 1928 Number of children: 3 +Bonnie Lee Ewing m: December 27, 1950 Number of children: 5 4 Valerie Ann Ingwersen b: August 17, 1954 4 Sheryl Fay Ingwerson b: July 22, 1956 4 Diane Gail Ingwerson b: June 23, 1959 3 Carol Joyce Ingwersen b: September 13, 1931 Number of children: 3 +Dan L. Phinney Number of children: 3 4 Danielle Scott Phinney b: October 13, 1951 Number of children: 4 +Bruce Gahagan Number of children: 1 *2nd Husband of Danielle Scott Phinney: +Bruce Cahagan Number of children: 3 4 Gail Phinney b: July 08, 1954 4 Leanne Carol Phinney b: April 13, 1959 2 Clarence Emile Ingwersen b: August 28, 1906 in Agnew, Nebraska d: December 25, 1923 2 Ralph Franklin Ingwersen b: January 09, 1908 in Eagle, Nebraska Number of children: 1 . +Ruth Elizabeth Mort b: April 02, 1912 in Tate, Nebraska m: July 17, 1928 in Torrington, Wyoming Number of children: 1 3 Gerald R. Ingwerson b: May 10, 1932 in Pawnee City, Nebraska Number of children: 1 +Arlene Taylor b: 1936 m: August 14, 1967 Number of children: 1 4 Matthew Ingwerson b: August 08, 1970 in Riverside, California 2 Dale Albert Ingwersen b: October 01, 1910 d: January 30, 1988 Number of children: 2 +Lucille Wilcox m: May 15, 1932 Number of children: 2 3 [8] Joan Kathleen Ingwersen +[9] Warren Dariis *2nd Wife of Dale Albert Ingwersen: +Lucille Wilcox m: May 15, 1932 Number of children: 2 3 [8] Joan Kathleen Ingwersen +[9] Warren Dariis *3rd Wife of Dale Albert Ingwersen: +Lucille Wilcox m: May 15, 1932 Number of children: 2 ----------------------------- The info on the grandparents of Ralph F. Ingwerson are: Descendants of Frederick Andrew Fredrich Andreas Ingwersen 1 Frederick Andrew Fredrich Andreas Ingwersen b: 1824 in Flensburg, Germany d: September 02, 1882 in Nehawka, Nebraska; buried St. John's Cemetery Number of children: 12 +Emma Emily Heath b: March 02, 1844 in London, Middlesex, England m: September 14, 1859 in Dewitt, Clinton Co, Iowa d: March 11, 1913 in Nehawka, Cass Co, Nebraska; buried St. John's Cemetery Number of children: 12 Father: Anson Richard Heath,Jr Mother: Sophia Heady Greenleaf 2 James B. Ingwersen b: June 10, 1858 in Dewitt, Clinton Co, Iowa d: March 25, 1925 in Sioux City, Iowa Number of children: 5 +Amelia Hooper b: March 31, 1864 in Wells, Somersetshire, England m: March 21, 1883 in one mile west of Moville, Iowa d: June 06, 1932 in Sioux City, Iowa Number of children: 5 Father: John Hooper Mother: Elizabeth Cathell Cattle Wells 2 Charley Emerald Ingwersen b: September 13, 1860 in Dewitt, Clinton Co, Iowa; buried Alvo, Nebraska d: July 03, 1936 in Pawnee City, Nebraska Number of children: 7 +Susan Sudie Ann Mick b: April 05, 1866 in Greenwood, Nebraska m: January 20, 1897 in Lancaster, Nebraska d: February 25, 1906 in Lincoln, Nebraska Number of children: 7 2 Albert Nelson Ingwersen b: February 24, 1862 in Dewitt, Clinton Co, Iowa d: December 06, 1943 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co, Nebraska; buried Elmwood, Cass Co, Nebraska Number of children: 8 +Martha Ann Deles Dernier b: July 09, 1868 in Nehawka, Cass Co., Nebraska m: August 20, 1884 in Cass Co, Nebraska d: February 24, 1918 in Prairie Home, Nebraska Number of children: 8 2 William Frederick Ingwersen b: May 1864 in Dewitt, Clinton Co, Iowa d: December 22, 1892 2 Mary Elizabeth Ingwersen b: February 14, 1865 in Nehawka, Cass Co, Nebraska d: May 07, 1940 in Oconto, Nebraska Number of children: 9 +William Stockman b: May 07, 1857 m: May 30, 1886 in Weeping Water, Cass Co, Nebraska d: March 01, 1936 Number of children: 9 2 Frank William Ingwersen b: November 05, 1866 in Nehawka, Cass Co, Nebraska d: August 26, 1950 in Hastings, Nebraska Number of children: 8 +Barbara Margaret Maggie Hardknock b: July 27, 1873 in Alvo, Nebraska m: September 14, 1889 in Weeping Water, Nebraska d: October 02, 1955 in Scottsbluff, Nebraska Number of children: 8 2 Ida Jane Ingwersen b: April 28, 1868 in Nehawka, Cass Co, Nebraska d: January 1959 in Nehawka, Cass Co, Nebraska Number of children: 3 +Henry Lopp Number of children: 3 . 2 Richard Henry Ingwersen b: November 18, 1869 in Nehawka, Cass Co, Nebraska d: May 04, 1959 in Nehawka, Cass Co, Nebraska; buried Weeping Water, Nebraska Number of children: 4 +Ingard Linnea K. Nelson b: October 30, 1880 in Jonkoping, Sweden m: 1905 d: February 06, 1933 Number of children: 4 2 Lucy Anna Ingwersen b: August 18, 1871 in Nehawka, Cass Co, Nebraska d: May 08, 1955 in Nehawka, Cass Co, Nebraska Number of children: 5 +Charles Day St. John b: August 06, 1867 m: October 12, 1893 d: December 17, 1947 in Nehawka, Nebraska Number of children: 5 2 Ellen Christina Ingwersen b: March 14, 1873 in Nehawka, Cass Co., Nebraska d: November 04, 1967 in Tonkawa, Kay Co., Oklahoma Number of children: 4 +Jacob Barton Mast b: September 07, 1871 in Pacific Jct., Mills Co., Iowa m: April 09, 1895 in Plattsmouth, Cass Co., Nebraska d: June 13, 1942 in Tonkawa, Oklahoma Number of children: 4 2 Emil Ingwersen b: 1877 in Nehawka, Cass Co, Nebraska d: 1877 in Nehawka, Nebraska 2 Laura Emily Irene Ingwersen b: November 07, 1880 in Nehawka, Cass Co, Nebraska d: June 15, 1966 in San Diego, California; buried El Cajon, California Number of children: 3 +Ebenezer Verley George Wilson m: December 25, 1906 in Los Angeles, California Number of children: 3

Date:  Sat, 11 Dec 1999 18:00:30 -0500
From:  "Nancy Bridges"

I am related to three Mort's that are listed on your SSDI page.

    Marjorie Mort (008-24-8164) was the wife of William Mort (009-09-0328)
        They were my Granduncle and Grandaunt

    William Mort (009-22-5894) was the son of Marjorie and William
        He was my 1st cousin once removed

    William Francis Mort (not listed on SSDI) was my great grandfather
        He married Josephine Fisher in 1892 in upstate NY.

This is as far as I have gotten on my Mort line.

Again, please pass post the news about the GenForum Mort site;

The forum will be removed if the webmaster does not see that the site is
being used.

Thank you.

Nancy Bridges

Date:  Sun, 12 Dec 1999 15:33:05 -0500
From:  "Nancy Bridges"

Please include my email address as my point of contact.
The information I have about my William Francis Mort is as follows;
       b: New York, NY    24 Jul 1866  (I'm trying to get a copy of his birth certificate)
Family oral history says that William and his sister (name and age unknown) were placed
in an orphanage in NY.  William ran away from the orphanage and it is unknown 
what became of his sister.
I have found a John Mort in the 1900 NY City Directory.  He was living at 455 W. Broadway and
was listed as a mosaic worker.  John is the only Mort that I have been able to find in NYC
during this time period.
    m: Josephine Fisher   12 Dec 1892 Lansingburgh NY  (have requested a copy)
    d: Bennington VT   19 Oct. 1940
William and Josephine had 4 children;
    Willford     b 26 Sep 1893  d 17 Jul 1894
    Helen (my grandmother)   b 12 Jun 1895  d 5 Nov 1972
    Florence     b 19 Sep 1897  d 17 Jul 1970
    William      b  7 Aug 1902  d 17 Feb 1971  

This particular Mort line has continued through William. 

Morts in the Austrailian National Libary:  Mort

MS 8557 Papers of the Mort Family:  Box 1
Document, 1 Mar. 1919 certifying that T./Lt. S.F. Mort of the Royal Engineers was mentioned in a despatch on 7 Apr. 1918
Australian Women's Art in the National Library's Collections
   Eirene Mort (1879-1977)
     Bookmark c.1920
     Bookplate for Eirene Mort 1928

Eirene Mort (1879-1977)

Sydney in the early twenties The Heads 1922
Sydney in the early twenties The City skyline 1922
two watercolours
pages II and III in her: Tracks part 1, Sydney and the South Coast
Eirene Mort established a professional Australian art and design studio with Nora Weston in 1906 in Sydney.

Training and experience in London had convinced both women that they were indeed Australians and they returned with a mission to promote Australian products, the use of Australian subject matter and the development of Australian design. (Margaret Mort, 'Eirene Mort, a biographical memoir', Old Canberra: a sketchbook of the 1920s , 1987)
National Libary of Australia: Immigrant Diaries (1822-1895) Held in the Manuscript Collection 

Diarist:  Mort, Thomas 
Departure: 19 September 1837
Port: Liverpool
Destination: Hobart/Sydney
Ship: Superb
Class: 1mc
National Library of Australia Call No.: M 3308
Notes: see entry in Australian Dictionary of Biography 

Found this interesting Street that everyone should visit when you are next in Canberra:

Department of Employment, Education and Training National Office
16-18  Mort Street , GPO Box 9880
Canberra ACT 2601

Check out the Art works of Greg Mort at the Somerville Manning gallery
Please tour the entire Greg Mort Gallery.

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